How to Find Hidden Spy Apps: Unhide, Uninstall, Best Spyware Detection

Do you suspect that on your phone some hidden spy apps installed but you don’t know how to identify, unhide and uninstall them? And looking for the best Spyware detection app to remove those tracking apps from your Android phone? then this post is for you.

What are hidden spy Apps on Android?

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps

Hidden spy apps are the apps that are installed on your mobile but are not visible in your phone’s app drawer.

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Those kinds of apps are generally designed to spy on users and collect their data.

Those apps collect your data like browsing history, messages, calls, contact, and credit card information and sell them on some shady sites.

Apart from that hidden spyware, there are lots of other kinds of Malware and virus-infected application which makes your phone insecure.

However, hackers aren’t the only one who is interested in your phone.

There are some legal tracking apps that are available on the Play store for parents.

Those tracking apps can be installed on children’s phones so parents can track what their child using the phone for.

The thing about those tracking apps is they are generally not shown on your phone’s app gallery or home screen.

The icon of those apps will be hidden from the phone users.

However, if those apps are invisible you can remove them.

And here in this guide, I am going to show you how.

How to check if any spy app is installed on my phone?

Before uninstalling, removing, or unhiding those tracking apps in your Android smartphone you have to check that these are installed on your phone.

You can’t remove something that isn’t there.

Luckily you can check all of the installed applications on your phone easily.

How to find hidden Spy apps on Android

Here is the step-by-step guide to check if any spy app is installed on your phone-

  1. First, open the Settings app on your android phone.
  2. You have to look at options that are labeled as Apps or manage apps.
  3. There you’ll see a list of all available apps on your phone.
  4. By taping on system three dots and then Show system you can see the system apps as well.

Check each individual app and look for the application that you didn’t install on your phone.

How to uninstall hidden spy phone App on Android

Once you Find Hidden Spy Apps and any kind of spyware or tracking application is installed on your phone, the next step should be getting rid of them.

And you can do that by uninstalling those apps.

That can be a little tedious, depending on the nature of the tracking app installed on your phone.

If the tracking app is installed on your phone by your parents or guardian.

You can leave them be, of course, they installed them because they are worried about you.

You can talk to them about it or you can uninstall them manually.

How to remove hidden Spy apps

If you want, once you unhide spy phone apps you can follow this process to uninstall hidden spy phone App on Android-

  1. Go to Setting > App management > App List.
  2. Tap on the app that you want to uninstall or remove.
  3. Not just below the app icon, you’ll see uninstall button.
  4. Tap on Uninstall option.
  5. The App will be installed on your Android phone.

Best Android Spyware detection App?

You can find most tracking apps, in the same way, I mentioned above.

But if the app is planted on your phone with malicious intent not by your parent but by a hacker then it can be a little tough to find and remove them.

But don’t worry about this task there are dozens of Android spyware detection apps available on the Google play store.

Here are some of the Best Spyware detection apps for Android-

Spyware Detector – Anti Spy Privacy Scanner

Spyware detector does not only allow you to view Hidden spyware on your phone but also allows you to secure your conversations other data stored on your phone.

Using this app you can secure yourself not only from Commercial spyware but also from parental monitoring.

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It provides you with information about the apps that are-

  • Listening to your audio calls.
  • Apps that have access to your email, and SMS.
  • Apps that track your location, and your web browsing history.
  • Installed mobile applications that have access to your videos, and photos.
  • secure your banking, and credit information from prying eyes.

Anti Spy (Spyware Removal)

This Spyware detection and removal tool would detect all of the apps potentially spying on you.

This will not come with advanced features.

But it is simple to use with easy UI.

Anti Spy Mobile Free

With more than 5,000,000+ installs Anti spy mobile free is one of the most downloaded Spyware detection apps available for Android.

What this does is allows you to scan all of the installed applications on your phone.

Once the scan is complete, it’ll provide your information if spyware is installed on your phone.

and then you can remove them from your device.

So that’s everything about how can you find hidden spy apps on Android devices.

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