Fix: Pixel Bedtime mode not enabling or Schedule not working?

Google Pixel Bedtime mode not enabling for some of the users after the latest update. Recently there is a rise of multiple different issues linked to Bedtime mode not working where they are unable to use Bed Time mode while the phone is on charging or their set schedule & routine is turning on this mode on time.

This post answers the How to Fix the Pixel Bedtime mode not working issue, which errors users are facing right now, and why Bedtime mode just suddenly stopped working on your Pixel smartphone or watch.

How to Fix Bedtime mode not enabling on Google Pixel Smartphones?

Google Pixel Bedtime mode not enabling or working on charging

Bedtime mode on your android phone is one of the most important features for those who want to sleep peacefully rather than scrolling through their phone late at night.

Depending on your smartphone model the Bedtime mode has been called many different things and allows you to customise various different behaviours of your phone when it’s time for you to sleep.

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For example, as do no disturb, screen display options, and more which make it easier for you to use your phone at night.

Both Google Pixel Smartphones and Pixel watches have this feature available which allows you to not only enable it but also customize & schedule this mode as per your need.

But there is an issue going on where Google Pixel smartphone (and some pixel smartwatch users) users are facing an issue where Bedtime mode is not working on their phone.

Common Pixel Bedtime errors

This is not device specific issue that happens only for you but rather happened after the latest update for Google Pixel devices.

Here are some common errors that users are having right now –

  • The bedtime routine is not working or it is not turning on while your phone on charging.
  • Scheduled bedtime mode is not turning on just after the latest patch/update is dropped.
  • Unable to enable Pixel Bedtime mode. 
  • Some have reported that they can enable it if the phone is on charging. Few other reported the exact opposite that it doesn’t turn on while the phone is on charging.

But worry not dear readers if Google Pixel Bedtime mode not working for you, since in this article we are going to discuss the exact reasons and how to fix these errors or bugs to resolve the problem on your own.

Why Google Pixel Bedtime mode is not enabling?

This issue (for most of the users) is linked to the last update on your smartphone.

It was working just fine before the last update was dropped and those who update their phone, for example, Pixel 7 Pro to the latest version have noticed that their Bedtime routine is broken.

They are unable to turn on the Bedtime routine while the phone is on charging, for some routine they have scheduled is simply not working.

So we can say from absolute certainty that other than interference from other apps/feature this issue is caused by the latest update on your Google Pixel smartphone.

Steps to Fix Pixel Bedtime mode not working issue

Depending on your Bedtime not working error, here is the list of solutions that you can try –

Fix 1: Fix the bug when it is because of an update

Bugs which has been appearing directly after the update are the trickiest to handle.

Sure, there is a workaround for it to solve the problem temporarily for you but you can’t fix the problem permanently.

For Google Pixel Bedtime mode not enabling error all you need to do is make sure your phone is not charging when it’s time for the routine to run on schedule.

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If you are enabling it manually just remove the charge and turn it on.

For a more permanent fix, you have to wait till developers drop another update addressing this issue.

Fix 2: Check battery optimization off for the Bedtime routine

Smart battery optimization is a feature that allows your phone to stop background apps to conserve battery for a longer time.

But some apps need to run in the background in order to function properly, especially the one which runs on schedule.

Check that the Battery optimization for the Bedtime feature is turned off. 

This will work only when the glitch is not caused by a recent patch or pixel update.

Fix 3: Try an alternative third-party app

On the Android app store, there is an app for almost anything.

There is tons of alternative Bedtime app are also available. 

When Built-in Pixel Bedtime mode is not functioning correctly you can try other application which fits your needs.

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