Fix: Google Fiber Port Forwarding not Working On 2Gig routers

Some Google Fiber customers, especially those who are using the 2 gig plan are experiencing issues with port forwarding on their routers. In this guide, we will address the problem of Google Fiber port forwarding not working and provide actionable steps to fix it with 2 different solutions. Furthermore, We will also uncover why this issue is occurring in the first place.

Google Fiber Port Forwarding not Working Issue

How to Fix Google Fiber Port Forwarding not Working

You are no doubt aware of Google Fiber which is part of Alphabet Inc. and provides you Fiber cable network along with Broadband Internet and IPTV services.

They offer high-speed Internet connection which started in Kansas in the year 2010 and is now available in many different locations including Kansas City, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, and Provo.

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They are also working toward expanding this service to other cities as well.

Even tho the number of locations where Google Fiber availability is limited they provide exceptional service.

For now, they offer two different packages one is 1 Gig which at $70 per month, and the second one is 2Gig which will cost you $100 per month.

Whether you are working from Home, In distance learning, or just need a strong reliable internet connection for online gaming Gigabit internet is the perfect solution.

Even tho amazing as it sounds, recently there is ongoing issues where Google Fiber Port forwarding is not working on some 1GIG or 2GIG routers.

The Port forwarding issue on Google Fiber seems to appear more and more for customers who have a 2Gig plan.

Most of the customers who actually need to use the port forwarding feature are unable to do so.

Here are some of the recent complaints from customers that have been reported so far –

  • One user complain that he upgraded his connection from 1Gig to 2Gig and after that, all of their port forwardings just stopped working. They tried to reset everything but nothing seems to work.
  • Few other users who are trying to host home servers using Google Fiber are unable to do.
  • There are a few applications, and games that do require port forwarding and none of them would work properly if you do not have port forwarding set up correctly.

In this post, we are going to talk about the exact reasons why port forwarding not working for you and the troubleshooting steps you can take to fix this problem.

Why is Google Fiber Port Forwarding not working?

This question was answered almost 2 years ago by the Google Fiber team on their support forum. According to them, The Multi-Gig Router (which is used on a 2gig plan) does not support DDNS.

Due to this issue, the customers who were using a 2G connection were unable to use this functionality.

Here is a snippet from that answer –

Google Support Fiber issues

So in short this problem is just because your 2G router doesn’t support port forwarding.

How to Fix Port Forwarding not working on Google Fiber

While keeping in mind that these issues happened due to a 2 gig router not supporting port forwarding you can fix this problem by using either a workaround solution or downgrading your broadband plan.

Here is How to fix the port forwarding issue in more detail –

Solution 1: Use Workaround for this Issue

This Workaround seems to work for those customers who have Techicolor GFRG300.

If you have any other router this might not work for you, however in any case you can still try following the troubleshooting steps –

  1. First using your computer or other connected devices just login into your account and hit Network.
  2. Select your router, and navigate to the Admin section. Make changes to enable port forwarding and hit apply.
  3. Once you have saved changes you have to restart Gateway.

You might have to wait for some time after following this process.

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Once the appropriate changes have been made you can try port forwarding.

However, when this fix doesn’t work for you, the only solution left for you to try is solution number 2.

Solution 2: Downgrade your Broadband Plan

The problem seems to appear only on the routers in the 2gig plan, for the customer who has a 1G plan this seems to be not an issue.

Even there are cases where the customer who upgrades from a 1 gig plan is unable to use port forwarding.

So when Google Fiber Port forwarding is not working on a 2 Gig plan but you still need a feature you can downgrade to a 1 Gig plan.

I know downgrade sounds bad but for now, it’s the only known solution that seems to work.

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