How to Stop automatic opening of Unwanted Websites or Tabs in Browser

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Opening of Unwanted Tab or Website? Let’s face it now, Most of the time when we visit any particular website (Mostly spam) we face this kind of issue.

Whenever we click on links some other unwanted websites will automatically open in another tab or In other windows.

Sometimes it happens because malware, Unwanted software is installed in your System, or sometimes it’s an issue of a particular website only.

Whatever the reason here in this article I’ll guide and Answer How to stop the automatic opening of websites in google chrome. Here you will also learn how to stop chrome from opening new tabs when clicking a link.

It’s a very common problem among internet users this problem especially pops out when you try to visit a Spam, Movie download, or Free software download website.

Most of the time this kind of website adds some codes which automatically redirect visitors to advertisers’ sites without Visitors’ permission.

Automatic opening of websites in google chrome is not severe if this happens about only a particular site but if it happens to every website which you try to Visit then it may be a serious issue.

It may appear because of any malware application which causes unwanted ads, pop-ups, & malware.

Good news is this problem can be easily solved. We can easily remove these kinds of Adware from Google chrome.

According to Google, if you are one of them whose Google chrome browser opens new tabs automatically, there are chances it is Some kind of Virus-like Malware, Adware installed on your computer.

In this condition, you also have to install a Better Antivirus application on Your mobile phone, Laptop, or Desktop computer.

How to stop the automatic opening of websites in Google chrome

Here Pages will be Automatically opened in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox if the only website serves the code and it happens only when you access a particular website. In the second Scenario, it pops up for every website even for a safe one.

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Here I show you how to stop unwanted new tabs in chrome.

According to the details that we know so far here is Two Types of problem.

  1. Tab open Automatically only when trying to access a Website.
  2. The unwanted tab opens Automatically when you use Browser.

Unwanted sites open automatically in google chrome

If this issue is site-related then the solution is very simple to Follow. Just remember the things that I mention below and secure yourself.

  1. Simply leave the website, Here we can’t have to do anything. It’s a web developer who ads this kind of code of their website Script.
  2. To stop chrome from opening new tabs when clicking a link we simply have to ignore the free download website. There are lots of sites that offer paid Apps, Music, Movies & Copyright content for Free. You can download those kinds of things, But these free software also include Virus-like malware and Trojan horse which puts your security at risk.
  3. Once you found this kind of behavior on any site then simply ignore it next time to be safe to stop websites from opening automatically in the browser.

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How to stop unwanted new tabs in chrome

If the problem still persists after leaving the Site. If the issue is not related to a particular website & Some unwanted pages will automatically open without your action then it’s such a serious issue. We have to clean up our Entire system from unwanted Files, Extensions, and Software.

Follow the Process for Malware removal from Google chrome.

  1. First, point the cursor to 3 dots on the right-hand side Navigate to the setting and then Extensions.
  2. Clear unwanted Extension that you not install. If developer mode is on then turn it off.
  3.  Download MalwareBytes Anti Malware Application from the official website. This is my favorite application, You can try others too but this one works like charm, and After scanning it will show Every virus with the location.
  4. Once the scanning is done then Clean all viruses.
  5. Log out from the Chrome browser and restart your computer.
  6. Remember it’s necessary to Delete unwanted Extensions, Logout from Browser & Restart the computer just after the Cleanup process otherwise the Problem will appear again.

Hope this article will help you and answer your Question about How to stop the automatic opening of websites in Google chrome, stop unwanted new tabs in chrome, and stop websites from opening automatically in the browser.

If you face any difficulty in any step then You can point it out in the Comment section. I and my team will try our best to helps you.

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