Groww App Review : Invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Gold, & IPOs

Here in this article, we are talking about Groww App Review, How to use this App to open a Demat trading account online. The easy steps that you can follow to invest and to the intraday trading, You can buy IPO, Invest in Mutual funds by SIP or Lumpsum, few common questions regarding this stock trading app.

Groww App Review: How to use Groww App

Groww App Review - Invest in stocks

Groww App is a simple-to-use Mobile Trading App that is perfectly suited for Beginner investors who are seeking to invest their money in either the stock market or mutual funds.

It is like Robinhood App but for Indian traders.

We all know that to build wealth investing in proper channels is necessary so our money multiplies on its own.

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This simple stock trading App offers you a way to trade online right from your mobile phone in the simplest manner possible.

Even you can open a Demat account without paying any charges completely free.

There are no charges that this Application charges you for mutual funds and for the stocks charges apply only when you are selling a stock.

You don’t have to pay fees apart from Stock costs while buying a stock.

Users can even set Automatic orders to sell/buy the stock when a particular price limit hits.

Recently they added an option to trade in the most popular commodity (Which is Gold). You can buy, hold, sell gold virtually for investment purposes.

If you want to start investing in gold you can start as low as rupees 10 only

App Overview

Developed byGroww – Stock Trading, Demat, Mutual Funds, SIP
Rating4.4 Stars
DownloadsOver 10,000,000+

With Groww you can open your open Demat Trading account to start investing in not only all the available Indian stocks on NSE and BSE but 5000 Plus Direct mutual funds right from your mobile phone.

At the time of writing this post, they do not have any account opening charges.

It is a free Demat and Zero AMC account where you don’t have to pay any commission on direct funds.

You can even invest in 24k Gold online.

Features that will like-

  • The process of account opening is completely online. The full KYC will be done right from your phone with nothing but your Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, and active bank account.
  • This stock trading app uses 128-bit SSL Encryption which is used by banks to safeguard transactions.
  • Serve also has Stock Tracking App. This is available so you can track the prices of your favorite stocks and buy them later when the price will drop.
  • You can invest in mutual funds for free without any fees or hidden charges.
  • Able to track the external funds that you bought from another account.
  • Company history, Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash flow, All important ratios, Charts, and Graphs to make the right decision for investing.
  • Buy a stock that is listed on the National Stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange. You can even apply directly for the IPOs Easily.

How to Open a Groww Demat+Trading Account?

Once you Download Trading App on your phone the next is to Open a Demat Trading account, Which is quite easy enough.

To open the account you need to finish the KYC Process which will be done right from your mobile phone, So you don’t have to go anywhere.

However, for the Account opening, you need your Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Bank Account Information ready at hand.

You have to Follow this Process to Open a Groww Demat Trading account

  1. Open the App for the first time to sign up enter an email or Use Google Account for authentication purposes.
  2. Under the Stocks, tab hit the “Complete Setup” Button.
  3. Check the I Agree to checkbox and to Continue Click on the Open stocks account option.
  4. Enter your Occupation Sector, Select your income group, Enter your mother’s name, Your Father’s name, and hit the next.
  5. On the next screen, you have to choose your trading experience from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose “No Experience” if you are a beginner or accordingly.
  7. Get a Complete Blank Plain white paper and Sign on it. Make sure your signature is completely visible.
  8. Using the CAMERA button in the app screen upload your signature.
  9. The next step is Aadhaar Based e-sign. Make sure your mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar otherwise you can open the account online.
  10. Follow the Aadhaar-Based E-Verification.

Once the Verification is done you have to wait.

You have to wait for your Documents to be processed, Once they are processed you can start investing.

Usually, it will take at least 24 hours.

How to invest in Groww App

Any individual can invest in Groww App if they are 18 years or above and have all the proper documentation to open a Demat account online.

Currently, the investment app offers you 3 different way to grow your money-

  • Invest in Mutual Funds.
  • Invest in Stocks.
  • Invest in Gold.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

You can use groww to buy mutual funds and invest in Mutual funds without filling up the KYC process.

KYC is Required only for the Buying and selling of stocks. However, you need to create an account.

To invest in stocks in the app’s main screen hit the Mutual fund tab.

There you search or choose in which Mutual funds you want to invest.

You can either invest lumpsum money or in SIP. Users can set up automation so, the amount will be added to their mutual funds from the bank account automatically.

How to Invest in Stocks?

To Trade and invest in stocks, you need a completely approved Account.

Once your Trading account gets approved which would take 24 hours at the minimum you will be able to start investing right away.

You have to add money to your Groww account of course for buying shares from stock exchanges.

Once you add enough money to your wallet you can use them to buy shares and build your perfect portfolio.

How to Invest in Gold?

You can invest in Gold for as low as 10 Rupees.

This App offers you a way to invest in gold without actually buying gold physically.

Here you will trade in gold.

The Simple rule of thumb is you have to buy gold when the price is low and when the price increase you can sell this gold as per your expected profit.

To invest in gold simply head over to the Gold tab, Tap on Augmont Digital Gold, and Click on invest button.

There you have to enter the Price of how much you want to invest. Instead of price, you can also choose how many grams you want.

The GST and other taxes will be levied on both buying and selling gold.

How to do intraday trading in Groww App

This App is primarily geared toward the beginner investor who wants to invest in the simple way possible.

The interphase allows anyone can easily invest money online without any trouble.

It doesn’t mean that this will ignore the Traders who do the trade on daily basis to earn money from Intraday trading.

Yes, you can do intraday trading in the App.

If you want to buy or short-sell any share for the day then you have to choose Intraday in the Type dropdown on the Share buy Screen.

The same thing can be done for short selling using the sale button.

However, if you are an intraday trader, it is more practical for you to use the Web version instead of the mobile app.

How to buy IPO in Groww App

IPO is one of the easiest ways to make money in the stock market in the short term if you know how to do it.

You can also apply for the IPO and do the bidding right from the mobile application.

To Apply for IPO in Groww App-

  1. Open the App, In the stocks section, Scroll Down until you find the IPOs heading.
  2. There Tap on Initial Public Offering Card.
  3. There you can see all of the Current, Upcoming, and Recently Closed IPOs on one screen.
  4. Under the Heading Open Now, All of the IPO are listed to which you can Apply.
  5. Click on Apply button on the right side of your desired IPO.
  6. Choose the Bidding price, share, and other parameters and Apply.
  7. Choose the Bank account, or add money to your wallet.
  8. The Amount will be blocked in your account until the share will be issued to you.

If the share is issued to you you will be able to see it in the dashboard section.

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Common Questions

Here is a few of the most asked common question regarding this stock market app that you will find helpful.

Who is the Groww App founder?

Lalit Keshre is the co-founder and chief executive of Groww.

is Groww App registered with Sebi?

Yes, Groww is a SEBI-registered Stockbroker. This app is registered under the name of NextBillion Technology Private Limited.
If you have an account in this app then you may know when you will receive emails about transactions from NextBillion Technology Private Limited.

Is Groww App safe?

As mentioned earlier at the start of this article that it uses 128-bit encryption which makes this application safe as a Bank application.
You can invest your money without any worry. It is also registered with SEBI, and we all know SEBI is very strict regarding rules.

What are Groww App brokerage charges?

The brokerage charges are 0.05% or rs 20 per order whichever is lower at the time per order.
0.05% is a very low amount that you won’t even notice.

What is the Groww App customer care number?

91-08800604 is the Groww Customer Care number you can also check other support information on the How to Contact Groww Support Page.

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