HEB App Not working? – 2024 Guide to Fix H-E-B Errors & Issues

The H-E-B Curbside app which can also called the HEB app, is not working properly for some users recently.

They are having trouble accessing app content while ordering a product online from this online shopping app.

If you are having any such an issue and HEB App not working for you, following the troubleshooting guide on this page might help fix the errors.

HEB App not working issues

H-E-B is one of the most popular grocery shopping apps available in App stores.

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Here is the list of features that the H-E-B app offers you-

  • You can order groceries for Curbside pickup or get them delivered right to your door.
  • Feature to reorder from your past orders.
  • You can save lots of money using digital coupons and shop at very low prices.
  • Customers can pay using the SNAP EBT card for the groceries they ordered.
  • If you are unsure you can scan the QR codes of the product to find it in this app online.

Besides offering you grocery products, they also have separate mobile applications for pharmacies and another for Partners.

However, here we are going to talk about the Grocery app and what you can do to fix HEB App not working error and other similar issues.

How to Fix Common HEB Curbside App not working?

If the HEB Curbside app is not working for you and you are having some issues during its execution of it, here is the process you can follow to troubleshoot some of the usual issues-

Fix 1 – Force close and Restart

Close the app, and press the recent app buttons to see all recently opened apps.

Clear all recent apps and reboot your phone.

See if that fixes the problem.

Fix 2 – Update HEB mobile app

Some of the features in the older version broke sometime when the newer version launched.

Make sure that you update to the latest version available.

Fix 3 – Check HEB Server Status

Most of the errors like slow loading of pages, something going wrong, and blank pages occur due to some kind of server problem.

If the H-E-B server is down right now, you are not the only one who is having issues right now.

Fix 4 – App Cache & Reinstalling

Tap on the H-E-B app icon and choose app settings > Storage > Clear cache and Clear app data.

Uninstall the app, reboot your phone and install the app again.

Fix 5 – Contact support

If nothing in this troubleshooting guide fixes the issue for you, you have to contact HEB app support.

For any issue related to the mobile application, you can contact the support team via email at – heb.customercare@heb.com.

HEB not letting me Add a Card

They addressed this on their Twitter page a few years ago when users were unable to add a new card to this app.

However, the problem was resolved shortly after that time.

If you are having trouble adding the card, the issue might not be with the app but with your Credit or Debit card.

Also, another thing to note is that H-E-B supports a wide range of payment methods but not all cards are supported.

Trying using another card or payment method if you come across such an issue.

If you are having trouble adding any card or payment method you can contact the support team at – heb.customercare@heb.com.

Is H-E-B Website down today?

H-E-B’s official website – heb.com can be used instead of the mobile application if you are a Desktop or Laptop user.

Sure you can access the site on your mobile phone browser, but considering UI, it’s better to use an android or iOS app on your Smartphone.

IF HEB Website is down, the app also does not work, since they are both connected.

If you want to know that Is H-E-B website is down right now, you can ask about their Twitter page – @HEB, or any other way like email or phone number.

Coupons not working on H-E-B

In any shopping store, whether it’s online or just a traditional retail store, Coupons are a way to save some money.

Of course, HEB also offers coupons to customers, which you can use on the mobile app or the website.

There are many ways a customer can obtain an H-E-B coupon, but we are not going to into detail on that topic.

We here going to talk about that, how to identify and troubleshoot an error when the HEB Coupon code is not working for you.

Here is some of the reason why the HEB coupon is not working and how you can fix them-

  • Expired Coupons – The coupon that you are trying to use could be past its expiry date.
  • Not applicable for Customer – Some of the coupons are geared toward specific customers only, like new users.
  • Bug or Glitch – It might be not working for you due to some kind of temporary bug or glitch. Close the app and try again.

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HEB Customer Service

If you have any general query or complaint you can contact the Customer relation via your phone.

They have toll free number which you can call anytime between 8 am to 5 pm CST.

Here is the Toll-free customer care number and other contact information to contact the support team.

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