Hotmail Junk Filter not working: Filter Setting, Folder, & Auto Delete

Is Hotmail Junk Filter not working as expected? Here is what to do when Junk mail goes to your Hotmail inbox, the Junk folder is not updating, and you are getting too much spam mail.

Hotmail Junk Filter not working

A junk mail filter or Spam filter is one of the most necessary things if you get emails in larger quantities.

Fortunately for us, all of the main email providers offer free Junk filters and in most cases, you don’t have to enable them.

But sometimes Junk filter may not work as expected.

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It might not filter out the junk emails at all and those spam messages find their way into our primary inbox.

It’s usually not a problem (for some) who don’t usually get lots of emails.

But when Promotional emails, Spam emails, and Emails from sites like Quora start appearing in larger and larger numbers that are quite annoying.

and if you are using Hotmail you might be facing the same problem.

To put it simply if the Hotmail junk filter is not working properly, this post is for you.

Why is Junk mail going to my Hotmail inbox?

Sometimes for some users, Hotmail is set to no Automatic filtering.

This is the most common reason why you are getting junk or spam mail in larger quantities.

You can either start marking each of these emails as spam or you can set up automatic filtering.

you can set up filtering any item you want by heading over to Settings > Junk Email.

There you can block the individual mailing address, build up a safe list or trigger a rule to get mails only from the address which is saved in your contact list.

Hotmail Junk mail setting for iPhone, Android, or Web

By default Hotmail and Outlook Automatically filter out junk mail on their own.

These mail that Microsoft marked as spam reside in the junk folder.

You can see these emails in the Junk folder before they are deleted automatically.

But by some chance, if Junk or spam mail from specific email addresses starts appearing in your inbox you can also filter those out individually.

Setup Hotmail Junk mail Filter for Android

On your, Android open your Hotmail mailbox.

Under the setting option, you will see an option for Junk email.

There you can set up the filters to block out certain mailing addresses or domains.

Setup Hotmail Junk mail filter for iPhone

If you want to block a particular domain, email address, or simply all emails but the ones in your contact list you can set it as a filter.

To do it on the iOS app tap on Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add New and then type or paste in the sender’s email address to block all emails from that address

Setup Hotmail Junk filter on Web

Head over the

On the top right side, you will see three dots, hover your mouse over them.

There hover on rules and click on manage rules.

Under the mail section click on ‘Junk email’.

There you can block senders and domains.

Also, you can build up your safe senders and domains.

If you want to receive emails from only the safe senders you can tick the option under the filters section there.

Once you made some changes hit the save button.

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Why is the Hotmail junk folder not updating?

Conflicts with the mail folder are possibly the reason why it is no longer updating. Check if you have made any recent changes prior to this issue and if possible undone them.

I can’t find the junk folder in Hotmail, where it is?

You will find the junk folder on the left side of the app/web interface. This is simply labeled as ‘Junk’.

Why is the Hotmail spam filter so bad?

This is a Question most Hotmail users ask on a daily basis. You can try setting up a custom spam filter and other settings to fix the problem.

Why is my Junk mail filter not working?

Perhaps it is set on Automatic or low or you haven’t set up filters as you want. You can change these settings in Home > Junk > Junk E-mail Options.

Why does Hotmail get so much spam?

Hotmail users get the same number of spam messages as Gmail or any other email provider. The problem is Hotmail Junk filter is not quite as proficient.

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