Hotstar App not Working in 2024? – Fix Buffering, Crashing issues

Is Hotstar App not working for you? It doesn’t matter whether you are having issues like Buffering, Crashing, or not loading. If you have any issues with the Hotstar Disney plus app, then following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this post helps you to fix these issues in no time.

Hotstar app not working in Year 2024

Hotstar App not Working

Hotstar app, which is now also known as Disney plus Hotstar is one of the most popular video-on-demand and entertainment streaming platforms in India.

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This app not only available as a mobile application but users can also access the content on the official website Hotstar.Com.

They have a wide range of Movies, and TV shows in English, Hindi, and other Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and so on.

It is also a must-have app for sports lovers since they can easily stream live cricket matches online directly on their phones.

Here is the list of a few features that this app offers-

  • Stream live cricket tournaments on your phone.
  • All-star network channels as well as tv shows in one place.
  • Bollywood, Hollywood, and south Indian movies.
  • Stream all of the available Disney movies and tv shows.

However, some users have faced issues with life buffering, connection, Server, loading, Crashing, or not working.

If you are one of those users then this post is for you.

Here in this post, I am going to show you How to fix the Hotstar app not working in error on your Android, iOS, Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, or any other device available.

Why Hotstar app is not working?

Here is some of the most knows issues users face and the reason behind them-

  • Unable to connect to server: The server may be going under heavy traffic or your internet connection might be slow.
  • Buffering Issue: Long buffering is also caused by poor internet speed.
  • App Crashing: This issue is used generally for users who download applications from another source than official app stores. Uninstall the app and install them again. Another reason might be an unsupported update.
  • Not working after update: If the update is the problem, there is nothing you can do about it, but wait till they drop another latest update with bug fixes.
  • Can’t log in to my account: Check your username, the password is correct. If you are not sure, use forget password link to reset your password.
  • Other Weird issues or Bugs: Follow the general troubleshooting mentioned in this post. Also, Take note of the error text, You can contact for further support.

How to fix not working on Android & iPhone

If The Disney+ Hotstart app not working properly for you on your Android, iOS iPhone then you can follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix the issue-

If you installed Apk

First, Hotstar doesn’t take kindly to the users who download apk from unauthorized sources.

If you did, Clear the app cache and uninstall it from your phone. Uninstall it and install the application from the Google play store or the iOS app store.

Long loading time

Sometimes videos take too much time to load. This kind of issue appears generally when lots of people use this app.

Another and the more common reason behind long buffering is the Network issue.

Check your internet connection. You can easily check your data speed online on websites like Speed Test or Oakla.

Having issues after the update

Some of the Hotstar users have hanging and loading issues after updates.

In this case, you can write customer support or try clearing out the cache and app data.

Not working on Firestick

If Hotstar is not working on Firestick, this could be due to one of these issues-

  • Network Issue.
  • There is a new update and the older version is no longer supported.
  • Server-related problem.

To avoid update-related problems you can enable the auto-update, so you can always have the latest version on your Firestick installed.

The Hotstar app not working on my Smart Tv

Hotstar is an entertainment application, so it is expected to work on your Smart Tv and generally, it does.

Unless your Smart TV has a very older version of Android, it might not work.

Another thing you have to check is that your Smart TV has enough storage for this app.

Issue on Roku

Hotstar app is available on the popular media streaming device Roku.

You can add the channel directly and login into your account.

However, if for some reason this Hotstar not working on Roku you can perform a system restart.

To do this first press * on your Roku remote and choose to remove the channel.

Once you removed it then restart it by Setting>System>System restart.

Now You can add Hotstar again.

Hotstar not working in your Browser

The official website Hotstar.Com works on any browser as long as JavaScript is enabled and cookies are enabled.

By default, they are all the time, And if they are not perhaps you may be disabled in your browser’s privacy setting.

Also, make sure that you are not using any VPN or proxy.

The website will not work properly with a VPN.

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Hotstar not working on WiFi Connection

According to Hotstar itself, this issue can if your internet service provider uses an anonymous proxy.

If it is working with your phone data but not with WiFi, it’s most likely the same issue.

If this happens to you you can try refreshing your IP by rebooting your WiFI router.

Solve Loading, Crashing, and Buffering problems

If the Hotstar app is crashing, unable to load, or buffering very long time without any known reason, You can reset this app.

Here is How you can do it-

  1. First, close all instances of Hotstar.
  2. Head on the Home page, Long taps on the Disney+ Hotstar icon till you see the setting pop-up.
  3. Navigate to storage and clear the app cache and data.
  4. Open your file manager, navigate to Android > Data folder, and there look for IN.STARTV.HOTSTAR.
  5. Delete IN.STARTV.HOTSTAR folder.
  6. Now open the app, and you will see the setup screen and login options.

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Hopefully, this will fix the loading issue if it is caused by corrupted data or cache.

What will not do is fix the bugs, and server issues that may be already in the application itself.

Those kinds of things can be fixed by the developer only.

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