How to Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription Instantly in 2024

Want to Stop Auto Deduction and Looking for the Way on How to cancel Amazon Prime? Here I’ll show you How to Cancel your Amazon Prime Account. Even if you are in the Free trial period and do not want to take the Risk for Automatic Charges and cancel the amazon prime Free trial then worry no more.

Because here in this post, I am going to Show How to do that Exactly, Step by step.

Amazon Prime Subscription is the prime service that is offered by the largest eCommerce shopping platform Amazon. Under this service then offers faster deliveries, Exclusive discounts, and Prime music and & Prime music for the customers who activate it.

Once customers activate it and choose to pay via Their Credit card or International debit card then the money will be deducted from the customer’s account on a Regular Basis for the Charge of Amazon Prime.

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How to cancel Amazon prime Subscription

In case if you are no longer Interested to keep continuing this service then you are in the right place. Just Follow the Steps along to know how to cancel Amazon prime subscription.

After deactivating Amazon prime service money will be no longer deducted from your bank account.

You just have to Follow up this step-by-step procedure to Stop Amazon prime permanently.

how to cancel amazon prime
  1. First of all, you have to go to Amazon.Com (Url may be different based on your location) and proceed to login in to your Amazon account.
  2. You will see “Account & List” option you have to click on “Arrow” Icon near it.
  3. In the list Your Account click on the “Your Prime subscription”.
  4. The new page will be open on that Page, in the end, you will find “End Membership and Benefits” Just click on it.
  5. On the new page, Amazon will ask you “Are You sure” . Yup Amazon doesn’t want to end your Membership. don’t get tricked by Amazon just Click on “End My benefits”.
  6. Again it will open a new page to and ask you Switch the Annual payment to Save money. Depend on your plan maybe it will not appear. Here you have to “Continue to cancel my Membership”.
  7. On the Next page (And this is last I Promise) You have to choose a refund or Let it run out on its own. It shows you the date when your Prime plan ends and you also have the option to ends now.
  8. If you end now then Your Amazon prime plan stopped and you will get a refund. If you clicked on the date then it will end on the date and it will not renew and your money won’t be deducted. It will end Automatically.

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So once you Follow up the Process then the Prime will be deactivated on your Amazon account. The Charges will be not Debited from your Credit card or whichever the Payment method that you choose.

However the Prime maybe not Deactivate instantly on your Account, It will run until the expiry period of your Membership. Still, there will no Charges will be deducted from your account unless you want to activate the Service again.

So that’s how to cancel Amazon prime subscription instantly.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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