How to Unlock Chrome’s inbuilt Malware Scanner to Remove Viruses

In today’s time no one is Secure Specially computers and Electronic devices which is Connected to Internet. We heard, We read on the news daily that how Malware’s and Virus is affecting websites and Computers all around the Globe and Stilling private private information like Credit cards and So on. To fight against these we always need to use the Strongest Antivirus in Our mobile phone and Computers so we will not become one those Victom’s of malware attacks. Most of the PC users are Using Google chrome all around the Globe but to do You know that Google Chrome browser have Inbuilt Malware Scanner? Yes it is True.

Unlock Chrome's inbuilt Malware Scanner

In this Post I am Going to show you How to Unlock Chrome’s Inbuilt Malware Scanner, How to Activate Inbuilt Malware Scanner of Google Chrome.

To do so, Here is the Step by step procedure that you to Follow to accomplish this Goal.

How to Unlock Google Crome’s Inbuilt Malware Scanner

  1. First you have to Click on Top Right corner on the Three dots.
  2. Now you have to Click on setting
  3. Scroll Down until You found Advance, Tap to Advanced to show the all Setting.
  4. Continue Looking untill you found out “Rest and Clean up Header ” This will be Situated on the Bottom of the list.
  5. Clean up the Computer, Find and Remove harmful Software, Infected Crome’s Extension and So one.
  6. If anything harmful Program, Malware, Virus found on your Device then it will Notify you. You have to Remove it.

So that’s How to Unlock Chrome’s inbuilt Malware Scanner.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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