Kia Access App not working: UVO Activation, Unlock, Login & More

Is your Kia Access app not working? Here in this post, you will learn How to get your Kia UVO work again. How can you enable its activation, and Unlock/Reactivate your account if you are unable to login and fix other not working issues.

Kia access App not working 2022

Kia access is the official mobile application for Kia owners to get information about their vehicle easily just from their smartphones.

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Kia Access app not only offers you vehicle information but also provides you Owner’s manual, Quick guide videos, Vehicle payment details, and warranty all in one place.

If your vehicle is equipped with Via to connect you will be able to have the following features-

  • Vehicle health reports live on your phone.
  • Easily send location to your vehicle navigation system from your phone.
  • You can Lock and unlock your car doors, control light, horns and remotely control cabin temperature directly from your phone.
  • Easily locate charging stations near your area and also shedule charging time.
  • Battery information along with estimated driving range available on the Kia Access app.

However due to some reasons if the Kia access App is not working for you, then this post is for.

Here you will know how to troubleshoot various issues related to Kia UVO.

KIA UVO not activating

After installing UVO in your vehicle, you have to connect and activate it.

With the help of UVO eServices and Bluetooth connection, you can connect it to your smartphone.

Of course, for the successful link, you also need the Kia access app installed on your device.

Here is the activation process that you have to follow:

How do I activate my kia UVO?

  1. On your UVO press Mod/Information button.
  2. Choose Setup > UVO eServices > UVO eServices Activation and press activate button.
  3. Turn on your Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  4. Connect to the Bluetooth connection of UVO.
  5. Congrats you succefully connected UVO to your phone.

If you are having issues connecting you can try resetting Bluetooth on your Android/iOS Smartphone and try again after rebooting.

Kia UVO Account Locked: How to unlock & Login

The problem in login can be easily fixed by resetting your password.

However, sometimes the issue is not straightforward as it seems.

If you are having login related issue you can try the following first:

  1. First open the app and hit the forgot password link.
  2. Enter your Login credintials and choose new password.
  3. Try login with new password and your username.

Also, another thing that you have to note is If you have an old account that is not linked with the UVO link then you first have to link it.

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As of time on Writing this post UVO no longer has its own account, it is merged.

If an issue with your account you would see the message “an account transition period”.

To get out of the account transition period you simply have to link your old UVO account to a new global Kia account.

Kia UVO Helpline

If you are having any of the issues mentioned above, you can easily follow this troubleshooting guide to fix it.

However, if this does not work or if you are having any other problem altogether you can contact the official Kia customer supports.

Here is how you can contact our Kia UVO helpline:

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Further FAQs

What to do when Kia UVO Not connecting?

You can connect UVO to your Smartphone by Bluetooth. If there is an issue with your Bluetooth connection, you can try resetting it.

How do I reset my Kia UVO?

If you are having issues with your UVO then you can follow this video to reset and fix the problem –

How do I unlock my Kia Access account?

If you have an old account your account may be in the account transition period. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by linking your old account to Kia global account.

How do I turn off Valet Alerts?

Using the Kia Access app navigate to the remote security screen and tap on the icon of a man wearing a hat. If “!” shows grey it means that you successfully turned valet alerts off.

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