Huntington Bank App Not Working? – Fix Deposit and Transfers

Is the Huntington Bank app not working on your phone? Are servers down? Is the mobile deposit not working? and do you want to check if there is a problem with Huntington online banking right now?

From login errors to unexpected crashes, there are several reasons why this can happen.

I’ll help you identify the problem and guide you through troubleshooting techniques to get your app up and running again in no time.

About Huntington mobile app

The Huntington Bank App is a mobile banking application designed for Huntington Bank customers who require a convenient tool for paying, transferring, and depositing money while on the move using their smartphones.

It is readily available for download on both Android and iOS smartphones from their respective app stores.

With this net banking application, customers can effortlessly log into their accounts, receive real-time banking alerts, perform Quick Balance checks, transfer money, make check deposits, pay bills, and locate bank or ATM locations using just their mobile phones.

However, in this post, our focus is not on reviewing this app but rather on guiding you on what steps to take when the Huntington Bank app is not working.

Why my Huntington App isn’t working?

Huntington bank app not working

There may be multiple reasons that Huntington App is not working.

for example-

There are several potential reasons why your Huntington app isn’t working:

  • Server problems: These issues generally resolve themselves within a few hours. But when these happen large number customers usually unable to use banking services.
  • Technical Glitches: Technical glitches present in most of the mobile application and our dear banking app Huntington isn’t exception to that list.
  • Network connectivity: Your Wi-Fi or cellular data might be major culprit. Perhaps there is no internet connection or connection isn’t too strong right now.
  • Scheduled maintenance: The bank may notify you of maintenance in advance. Every bank go thru maintenance, they usually do in off banking hours where most of their users are not using banking app. Same is true with Huntington bank

How to Fix Huntington App working Issue

So when your Huntington app not working, due to any factor mentioned in this article, Here’s how can troubleshoot it and get back to banking quickly:

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

If the problem is related to a mobile application (Not related to the server, or Services), Most of the time you can fix it by following this basic troubleshooting guide –

  1. Tap and hold the app icon till you see the app setting.
  2. Choose the storage setting option.
  3. Clear Data and cache there.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Login in Huntington App again.
  6. Check if the problem is fixed.

But there are some other issues which requires specific troubleshooting in order to fix the problem permanently.

Advace Troubleshooting (Specifiec issues)

  • Mobile Deposits issue: Mobile deposite errors largely contributed to camera or app permissions problem. Check your Camera and provide file and Camera persmission to app.
  • Errro Transfering funds: If you are unable to tranfer funds, it could be due to server glitch. But likely course of action would be contacting customer support when payment is involved.
  • App is no Loading or Crashing: Reinstalling might fix the problem. Furthermore issue could be due to incompatible OS. If you have update app recently or using on the Brand new phone. This might happen.

Further Guides

Here are few more information about ongoing issues:

How to Check if the Huntington bank is down

All of your banking data is stored and retrieved from servers. Same is with your Huntington mobile banking app.

So when there is an issue with a banking server, chances are the majority of customers will be affected by it.

Most of the time, server-related issues are fixed shortly when they come to light.

The bigger the issue, the sooner it is expected to be solved. If a Huntington bank server is down, you may check online through their official Twitter page.

You can also check the historical downtime data on sites like SiteDown.Co,, etc.

Fix Huntington bank mobile deposit not working

Customers can deposit money in their bank account using the issued check to them.

To make an online deposit by using your phone you just have to scan the check with this app.

After successful confirmation, the money will be deposited in your bank account.

Here are the Mobile Check deposit instructions that you have to follow to make a deposit using the app-

  1. First Open Huntington App and choose the Deposit option.
  2. Keep your check handy, Make sure it is endorsed.
  3. and in-app select the account where you are going to make a deposit.
  4. Enter the amount, Take a Photo scan of the front check and its back.
  5. Review the confirmation history.
  6. Once the amount is credited to your bank account you can destroy that check.

If by some chance you are facing an error while making a deposit, you can wait for some time till the problem is fixed.

You can also contact customer support for more information.

Customers can also make deposits the same way from their nearest ATM.

Is there a problem with Huntington Online banking?

If you are wondering Is there a problem with Huntington Online banking? you can call Huntington customer care straight away.

The customer service executives know what’s going on at the bank and if there is some kind of problem they will inform you.

Furthermore, if you are having a problem with doing online transactions, making deposits, or accessing any of the internet banking services offered to you you can ask them for more detail.

If you want to know their Customer Service Numbers you can head over to

There you will find Call centre numbers for General Customer service, Business Banking, and Credit Cards related queries.

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