Insignia TV Remote Not working? – Fix Update, Reset & Pair errors

Is Insignia TV Remote not working? This post answers how you get to make this remote work again when it’s stopped working after an update, dust, sensor issue, or any other reason. Furthermore, we will discuss how can one control the tv without a remote using smartphone.

How to fix when Insignia TV Remote is not Working

Every Television set comes with its own remote control.

Insignia TV is no exception.

Using the remote control you can control your TV and stream your favorite movies, tv shows, sports streaming, and other content.

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But what if your TV remote stopped working and you have no idea why suddenly it stopped responding?

If you are using this remote control and wondering how can you fix Insignia TV remote not working error, this post is for you.

Why is my Insignia TV remote not working?

Here are some of the reasons, why the Insignia TV remote is not working properly –

  • You might need to replace the batteries of the remote.
  • The Remote might be not in the range of your TV set.
  • Un-optimized software or firmware update might be the reason if the problem starts after the latest update.
  • The Remote might be out of sync that needs to pair with your TV again.
  • There might be dust residing beneath the keys of your remote which causes some keys to not function properly.
  • There might be some hardware defect on your TV remote.
  • Water, Sudden dropping from height could also cause the issue for you.

While you can fix some of these issues, some problems can’t be fixed on your own, and sometimes you need to replace your TV remote.

How do I Get my Insignia remote to work again?

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to make your TV remote work again-

Try Pairing it with your TV again

Sometimes TV remote could go on out of sync.

To fix this you have to pair it again with your TV.

For enhanced remote – there is a reset button just below the battery compartment.

You can also reset it by pressing the home button for about 30 seconds.

Try replacing the Remote Battery

Check those batteries are inserted properly.

Also, there is no harm in trying another set of batteries.

Check for the sensor

Check that remote sensors are working properly.

You can do it by opening the camera app on your phone, pointing the remote (sensor) directly at the camera, and seeing if it’s flashing light.

Also, check that there is nothing that is blocking TV Sensors from receiving remote signals.

When Dust is the reason

You can try clearing out dust by patting the remote against the palm of your hand and massing all buttons by your palm.

If you are confident enough to open the remote without breaking anything in it, do it.

Clear out all the dust with a clean and dry cloth, and close it again.

See if that fixes the problem.

If it stopped working after a recent update

Sometimes an update can cause more issues than it fixes.

Lucky for us, we can always reset our TV to factory default.

Reset your TV and see if it has stopped the issue.

The insignia TV remote not working except power button

If the Insignia TV remote not working except for the power button you need to Pair your remote again with your TV.

Here are the steps that you have to follow-

  1. Make sure that the TV is turned on and you are on Home Page.
  2. Turn your TV remote over, slide down the back cover and check if there is a button there.
  3. If you see a button. You need to press it to repair it.
  4. If there is no button there you can try another method. Press and hold the home button for about 30 seconds.
  5. If that also does not work try pressing and holding home + Back + Navigation left at the same time for 30 seconds.

Hope that works, if not factory reset TV might be the only option left.

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How to pair the Insignia remote to the TV

Note: This process is for Fire TV. It might differ if you are using different models.

You can easily sync or pair it with your Insignia Fire TV.

Most of the latest TV set comes with enhanced remote controls.

If you have one you can check for the reset/pair button just below the battery compartment after you slide the back cover.

Make sure that your TV is on and press that button.

Another method is you can try pressing the “Home” button on your remote for about 30 seconds to force a sync with the TV.

If nothing works you can try – pressing and holding the Back, Left navigation, and menu button at the same time for 30 seconds till your TV detect the remote.

Insignia TV remote not working after update

Is your Insignia TV remote stop working after the last update?

It happens often enough.

The reason behind this is when there is the latest update your TV also updates the firmware for your remote control as well.

So that is the reason after the update your TV asks for a shutdown or most of the time reboot automatically.

It is necessary to sync the remote again.

If it does not happen automatically you can always pair it manually by following the process explained above.

If you can’t pair your remote, no matter what you try, the only thing you can do is reset the TV to factory default.

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But the problem is if the remote isn’t working how can you reset your TV to factory default?

You can try using your phone as a remote with the app and navigate to the reset option under settings.

Insignia TV remote sensor not working?

If the TV remote sensor is not working it indicates one of the following things-

  • You need new batteries for your remote.
  • Batteries are disconnected or inserted incorrectly.
  • The Remote is broken.

Check for your remote batteries, and if it’s inserted properly.

Try replacing them.

Also, confirm that the issue is not caused by dust.

You can try clearing out dust by patting the remote against the palm of your hand and massing all buttons by your palm.

How to control Insignia TV without remote

There are tons of mobile applications available on the Google play store or iOS app store which you can use to control your TV.

You can download the Insignia Smart TV Remote App which allows you to control your TV from your phone and works well with almost all of Insignia Smart TVs.

If you are using the Insignia Fire TV edition you can download Amazon Fire TV App.

This is easily the best remote control option available for Fire TVs.

Order a replacement remote if nothing works

If nothing works, you always have the option to purchase a replacement for the current remote.

Sometimes electronic devices fail and we could do nothing about it.

The best thing we could do is get a replacement for the current device.

You can easily place a replacement order online for the current remote.

In case you want to order an Insignia TV Remote replacement online, Here is the process-

  1. Using your Computer or Mobile browser head over to the Amazon Page.
  2. On that page, you will see a list of the best available options for remotes.
  3. Choose the one that works with your Smart TV/Fire TV/Roku device.
  4. Place an order and they will be sent to you directly to your home address.


Why is my brand-new Insignia remote not working?

Make sure that you inserted supported batteries and pair them to your TV. Also do not forget to check its sensors. If it still does not work, this indicates a manufacturing defect. In the case of a brand-new remote, it would be under warranty so you can easily place a replacement order.

How to fix the Insignia fire TV remote not working?

Follow the troubleshooting guide steps by step to fix your TV remote.

Why is Insignia Roku smart TV remote not working?

There are many reasons, like battery down, range issues, manufacturing defects, failure to pair, dust beneath remote keys, and so on. Follow the troubleshooting guide accordingly to fix the problem by yourself.

How to Reset Insignia Remote control?

There is a Reset/Pair button below the battery compartment. You can use it or press the home button for about 30 seconds to Reset the Insignia remote control.

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