Lalamove Driver App : Apply Online for Job, Login & More Details

Here we are Going to talk about Lalamove Driver App, A App that provides you to Apply for the Lalamove bike delivery jobs. This post will answer your most Asked question about Lalamove India, Customer care numbers for drivers, and How to fill up the Application to Apply online.

What is Lalamove India

Lalamove Driver App

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery service company that provides service for both business and personal needs.

Before coming to India this company already had millions of users in Latin America and a few other parts of Asia.

Here the customer can hire a Motorbike, Mini-Truck, Tempos, or any other available vehicles according to their needs.

Lalamove is pretty new in India and that’s why they are hiring the drivers for the delivery job.

If you are a driver and up for the delivery job then this post will guide you not only, How to download the Lalamove Driver app but also how to use it to Apply for Job online.

So without let’s get started.

What is the Lalamove delivery job?

Lalamove delivery job is for the Bike, Mini-truck drivers who are seeking to make more revenue from their vehicles.

There are lots of careers that are available in the company right now.

The type of delivery job will vary depending on the type of driving vehicle you have, also your qualification.

Remember, that Lalamove India is an on-demand delivery service so they not only provide on-demand delivery to the retail consumer but also the business like Food/Consumers good/Courier company.

Once your vehicles will be attached to the company you will start getting the daily cash-outs.

The earning will be distributed on the same day except for Sunday. Sunday’s earning will distributed to the next day’s vehicle owner/driver.

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Details about Lalamove bike delivery jobs

Apart from offering jobs to 4-wheeler owners/Drivers, they are also offering Bike delivery jobs to anyone who owns the Bike/Motorcycle.

If you have the bike then you can Apply for the Lalamove bike delivery jobs.

You’ll be offered the Delivery jobs for the good which can be delivered and ideal to deliver by the bikes in the same city.

The bike drivers have to move small but valuable goods like Documents, Food items, Groceries, Gift items, Fragile Packages that are not ideal to deliver in 4 wheeler along with other packages.

Payment for your work will be provided to you on the daily basis on the day end. Except for Sunday or holidays of course, In the case of Sunday, your earning will be transferred to the next working day.

Download Lalamove Driver App

Lalamove currently published 2 mobile applications. First is the Lalamove mobile app that is for the consumers only and the second one is the Lalamove Driver App.

If you are working for the company of course you are seeking to Download the Driver App for your mobile phone.

This Application is available to install on both Android and iOS devices.

So if you want to Download App then you have to follow the process below as per your phone’s OS.

Download Lalamove driver app apk for Android

Use this Download button to Download the Lalamove driver app apk for Android from the Google Play store.

Go to Play store

The Size of this mobile Application is 28 MB only at the time of Updating this Article.

You can install it on an Android device that is working on Android 5.0 and up.

The application provides you options to Track the deliveries that you have to make and also shares the real-time locations of yours and the Location of the customer.

To make the GPS system work, You have to make sure that you provide location permission to App and also location should be turned on.

Download Lalamove driver app for iOS

If you are using Apple’s iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod you can download this from the Apple App store on your mobile phone.

Use this Download Lalamove driver App for iOS Button to install from the App Store.

Go to Apple App Store

This Application is compatible with iOS devices that are working on iOS 11.0 or later.

It includes the iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch which is working with the latest OS.

Due to location access, Your battery will dry more frequently will using this Application.

So make sure to keep the charger with you and have access to charge your phone accordingly.

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Lalamove driver app for PC

You can Download the Lalamove driver app for PC, Your windows 7/8/10 Laptop using Android App players but it will not be recommended.

The whole purpose of this mobile application is to track deliveries and provide locations.

Due to OS restrictions, Windows and other Operating system is not ideal for that purpose.

And it is not available for Desktop operating systems, So that’ that.

How to become a Lalamove India driver?

So you have Tempo, Mini-Truck, Pickup, Champion, Piaggio Ape, or Bikes in that case you can Apply to become Lalamove India driver online.

There is also a procedure to Apply and select to become a driver there.

Currently, their services are not available to all Indian cities but few major ones only.

So if you are living in any of the cities where they provide the services then you can apply for it online.

How to fill up Lalamove driver application form

If you have the driving vehicles you can Follow up this Step-by-Step process to Apply online:

  1. First head over to the Official Lalamove site Www.Lalamove.Com.
  2. Click on the Hamburger menu and after that tap on the Drive option.
  3. Under the heading Drive with Lalamove, You will see a form.
  4. You have to fill in your name, Mobile number, Choose the city from the dropdown.
  5. If you own a vehicle Choose yes in Do you own a Vehicle dropdown menu.
  6. Now from the drop-down menu, you have to choose the vehicle type.
  7. Available vehicle types are – Motorcycle, Three-Wheeled delivery tempo, MUV, Delivery Van, Mini truck, and Light truck.
  8. Choose the type which defines your vehicles best.
  9. Now you have to Enter the Vehicle Registration Plate number.
  10. Enter the registration number there.

Once you submit this form successfully the Agents of the company will call you within a few days.

Lalamove driver login

If your Vehicles are registered with the company you will be are able to Lalamove Driver login to the website.

To log in simply:

  1. Head over to the Website – Www.Lalamove.Com.
  2. Click on the Hamburger icon and Choose Login. If you are using Desktop on the right side of the Menu bar click Login.
  3. Enter your login credentials there.
  4. Now click on the login button.
  5. You will be transferred to your Dashboard

Lalamove customer care number for Drivers

There is no separate Customer care number for drivers. However, once you registered with them, You will provide a number which you can contacts when needed.

You can find more information about the Customer Care numbers, Office address, Official email address on their contact pages of the official site.

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What is Lalamove India

Lalamove is a product delivery company that provides services to Deliver the item to both retail and the business customer.

They just started their business in India in the Year 2019 and become popular in a very short amount of time.

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