Dunzo App Download, Review, Partner & Business [Ultimate Guide]

Here in this post, I am Going to talk about the Dunzo App. Dunzo Mobile App is the Android Application that Facilitates to provide you not Only the Grocery, Food, Medicine but everything on Just a single tap.

Now there is no need to Walk to the Nearest shop for Purchasing Food products like Meat/Fish/Egg Pet Supplies or Anything like that. You now Don’t have to wait in the long line in front of the Fancy restaurant to Dine there.

Just Download Dunzo App for your Android or iOS Smartphone and start ordering things. The items you order will be delivered to You within 45 Minutes 24 hours all 7 days of the Week.

Dunzo App

Want to know more thing about this App. Want to Get full information about the dunzo partner app, How can any Living individual dunzo partner app download. If you are not Interested in Ordering things but selling them then you wanna know about dunzo for business. Maybe you want to know about dunzo careers and How to Login in Dunzo Merchant account and from where you can get the dunzo partner app link.

Whatever your Query is, Here in this Article I Am Going to Answer them all. So without wasting any time, Let’s get started.

Dunzo App Download

Dunzo is an App that is used to order Almost any time that you may Require to Perform your Day to Day task.

While it literally not offer everything here as a Customer you can buy Food from the nearest restaurants, Medicines from the nearest Chemists, Book a Ride to travel through your City, Groceries from the nearest grocery store.

You can even send the package to anyone and use this Platform as the curious service. All of the things that you will order will be delivered to you within 45 minutes.

This App has a tagline “Dunzo the Only delivery App that you ever need.”

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Here are the few to Choose Features of the App –

  • You are able to order food from the nearest Restaurants in your City. You can order Food 24/7, So now you will get Food whenever you want, Not when the restaurants will open.
  • Requires medicines? no problem This App got you covered. You can now order medicine online without walking to the Chemist shop. This is very helpful for those who are truly sick and won’t be able to Go to the chemist to collect medicines. Depending on the Medicines that you order you may still require Doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Want to Go Somewhere? you can also book the bike ride to drop you at the Place you have to Go. We all know bike rides are Way cooler than the Cabs isn’t it.
  • App users are Also able to Use this Delivery App to deliver packages to someone. The packages will be received from you and Delivered to the Person quickly as compare to the traditional currier services.
  • Time by Time App offers you a big Discount which we all know that Possible in the Local stores. Currently, they are offering a 50% Discount off Food, Groceries product (While Writing this post)
  • Don’t have the Cash in your wallet? no problem you can pay for your Order using Paytm, Amazon Pay, Simpl, Lazy Pay, and Much more Virtual wallets & payment services.
  • There is no need to go big if you don’t want it. You can order the Small Things you want they will deliver to you.
  • You can order Items/ Book rides/Send-receive Packages from anywhere in the city.

Download Dunzo App

Dunzo Currently offers its Services in Banglore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Jaipur.

If you are Living in any other City then don’t Worry, Soon they will reach your city and when they do you will find the update here.

In case you are living in any of the mentioned city then you can Download Dunzo Apk App for your Android phone or iOS smartphone.

If you are not then you can’t service till it will be available in your City.

Below is the Download links for Both Major mobile operating system.

Download for Android

You can Download Dunzo for Android by simply Clicking on the Download button below.

Download for Android

This will refer you to the Google Play store Download page. From there you can Download App.

Download for iOS

You can Download Dunzo: 24×7 delivery for the iOS devices which is working on iOS 11.0 or later.

It is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here is the download link for it.

Download for iOS

How to Use Dunzo App

This App is pretty simple to use and there is no need to Explain How to use Dunzo App, But there is a few Circumantance where it really necessary to explain things.

Like you may already know that After Downloading How to order something, How to Search for items. If you Lookout at the Option you Easily recognize which option to choose to Order Food/Medicine/ Book a Bike ride.

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But what if you want to know that How to Join Dunzo Partner App and Become the Merchant yourself, How to Use Dunzo Driver App (if you are an employee there), How to Get the Dunzo App referral Code for free cashback.

In cases like these, the Explanations are necessary.

Dunzo App Referral Code

You may be wondering What is the referral code for the new user in Dunzo? while you Login into the App for the first time.

However, if you enter any Certain referral code then you will get the Bonus after signup. You can also create your own code and share it with your friends who haven’t signup.

Once you signup using your code you and the other person both receive the bonus.

I didn’t create a referral code and please don’t ask why. However, if you wish you ca Use Referral Code “GL4LXP” while signing up for the first time.

This code is shared by Aryan Kumar on the Blog SpyCoupon you can Check out his blog post Using this link. He explains really well that How to Use this Referral code if you are a new user.

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How to join Dunzo Partner App

There is no Separe App for becoming Dunzo Partner but you Join and Become merchant/Delivery Agent/Bike cab driver yourself by Following the Steps below-

Dunzo Partner App

First of all, you have to Head over the This official Joining Page. Using the appropriate links below –

If you wish to Join Cab Services/Delivery boy

If you are Merchant and wish to Join Dunzo for Bussiness

  • The pages I refer you are the official Page of Www.Dunzo.Com website.
  • If you love the ride and Save the Day, then you can join them by simply clicking on the signup button.
  • You will Scroll to the bottom of the page and See a Form that needs to be Submit.
  • Enter your Name, City, Number in the appropriate fields.
  • Make sure that the Information you enter is Correct, The mobile number you enter is Working. They will contact you on the Same number later.
  • Now Hit that green Submit Button.

If you are living in the City where they are Offering their services you will receive the confirmation call very soon.

The benefit of Joining Dunzo for Bussiness

Here are a few Main points that Joining Dunzo for Bussiness is beneficial to your Bussiness.

Dunzo Partner App
  • You can Spread the roots of your Bussiness Online. if you are a Local shop owner then you may know the pain caused by the Online sellers. You may notice the Huge difference in the Profits and Customers. So if you can’t beat them why not join them and make a much larger Profit and wider customer base than before?
  • In Local shops/restaurants you may sell only those customers who know that your Shop exists and the Passerby but Online you can do so much more. There is no limit, You can sell your services/product to anyone in the city.
  • So if your business needs on-demand, hyperlocal deliveries? You can join them. They handle the Delivery, Pickups, Payments, and almost everything other. You just need to Handle them Good while they come and Keep refreshing your bank account statement as the Profit Grow.
  • You will Get Express Support, They will answer all your Queries.
  • See the Live Tracking, On-demand Delivery without any platform fees to pay upfront. All they charge is commission on Per order basis. They will earn only if you earn.
  • You will Get the Profit, Customers will get the products, and Company will get the commission on the Product that you actually sell. This is simply a win-win for all.

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App Review

This is a Good App both for the customers because they can but all of the Thing in one App and for Merchant because they can sell to more customers by it.

But it’s not perfect, However, in Reality, perfect Apps not Exist. There is always a few things that annoy users, They hate them or at least not like that.

It may be Bugs, Problem, User interface, or could be anything and it’s my job to make you aware of you.

Things you would Like

  • It is very User-Friendly, They designed this mobile Application by keeping their users in mind. They Know what Customers want and how they will easily get that.
  • The refer system is amazing. You can refer your Freinds/Family members to them and Earn reward, Doing nothing but sharing links on WhatsApp, Facebook or Other Social media platforms like this.
  • This is one Plateform for everything. While not littery everything but they do a Good job by merging Pharmacy App, Grocery App, Cab booking App, Food Delivery App, Currier Delivery App into the One.

Things That you may not Like

Yup, it has cons and the Thing that you may not like here is some of those –

  • This is not available in all of the Cities. Most of the Other Competitors if we include Cab Booking, Pharmacy Apps, Grocery Service, Currier App, Grocery App they all had the Coverage in almost all of the City in the nation.
  • It offers Customer support but it’s not up to notch. Sometimes customer issues not resolved. I hope they improve their Customer support in the future.
  • There are known bugs that some users may face depending on their Mobile phone model.
  • Delivery Tracking is not very Good if you Compare it to the other Apps. It may sometimes show you the Wrong locations of Delivery, Sometimes show you the wrong time to reach.
  • Constant ads are Annoying, While I understand the necessity of them you can’t constantly annoy your Users with them.

Why Should you Download it?

If you do not want to install Multiple apps for Cab Booking, Pharmacy Apps, Grocery Service, Currier App, Grocery App, and really want to Save Storage of your Phone and time of yours then you Should Download Dunzo App.

If you want a Cab booking App then you have considered your options. However Overall this all one Delivery App.

Your opinions matter, So if you have any Questions/Feedback or Review then you mention in the Comment section.

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