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Here in this post, we are going to talk about Ceridian dayforce app download for Android, iPhone, or Windows-based computer. This getting started guide will not only guide you on how to download this Application on various different platforms but also how to use this mobile application for accomplishing the various tasks. We also shared the Contact support for official customer care in case if you are in need of any kind of assistance.

Dayforce App Review

Dayforce App

Dayforce App for your Android or iOS mobile phone can provide seamlessly convenient access to your works life at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Its simple but engaging, impressive mobile interface allows users to easily manage their task regardless of your role ie team manager or team member.

As mentioned this mobile application is useful for the employees of a particular company.

However, the employer needed to signup for the Dayforce plan before the employees will be able to use this on their phone.

So in simple words, all of the features that it offers are available only to the employees whose employer is the customer of Dayforce.

If you are an employee of the client of this workforce management app then you will be able to log in.

If your organization not deployed this system then this application will be of no use to you.

Dayforce mobile app instructions

here is the list of features that is available in the mobile application-

  • This is the mobile version of Ceridian’s website for the employees to ease of access.
  • Both the team members and team manager will find this app useful.
  • The normal employees will have the features such as accomplishing tasks quickly, checking work schedules, requesting pay online, setting up performance goals, etc.
  • The managers will be able to support their team by various tasks like respond to employees’ requests, approve shifts or time off, review the work time and ensure the functionality/effectiveness of employees.
  • As compared to the web version features are limited on the Mobile app version but it is considered easy to use.

Ceridian dayforce app download

Ceridian Dayforce App Download option is available for both major mobile operating systems around the world – Android and iOS.

You can follow the instructions mentioned below to Download on your mobile phone.

Please note that due to screen limitations, a few of the features that are available on the official web version can’t be accessed from the mobile app.

So they can’t be used. If you want a fully functional interface then it’s better to switch to the web version.

The web version www Ceridian com login is available to use by any of the web browsers.

Dayforce App Android Download

Developed byDayforce
Rating4.1 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

To Download for Android you have to –

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone – Here is a direct link.
  2. There tap on the install button to download on your Android phone.
  3. Once Download successfully opens the app and log in using the username and password provided to you.

Dayforce App for iPhone

Developed byDayforce Corporation
Rating4.7 Stars
Available foriOS 12.0 or later

To Download for Apple iOS-based iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you have to-

  1. Visit the Official Apple iTunes app store app – Direct Link.
  2. Click on the install button to install.
  3. Wait till installation is finished.
  4. Open the app using your User id or password.

This application is available to download on iOS and iPadOS 12.0 or later on iPhone and iPad respectively.

It also works on iPod touch which based on iOS 12.0 or later.

Dayforce App for Windows

Since the official web version is already available as the web application you do not require to download any additional software on your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 based PC/Laptop/Computer/Desktop.

Simply head over to the official website and Login to start using the web application on your desktop.

Dayforce App not working fix

Dayforce App not working errors will appear for some users who are using this application on their mobile phone.

If you are also facing not working problem on your mobile phone as well then you can follow the troubleshooting process-

  1. First, you have to make sure that your employer has registered on the Ceridian platform.
  2. Make sure your user id and password are correct. You can also reset your password if you forget your password.
  3. You need an active internet connection to use this application on your phone. So if your internet is not constant this will not work properly for you.
  4. If you face difficulty in navigating, loading, submitting then most probably it’s a server-side issue.

In case of server-side issues, you can do nothing but contact customer care for support.

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Dayforce Help, support & Customer care

In case if you are facing any kind of issue you can contact customer care online for help and support.

Here is how to contact for support

Support for Employees

Employee support is available via cc care email address.

Here is the official Customer care email for employees-

  • Customer care Email for Employees –

Customer Support for Employer

Employers who are also a client of Ceridian can contact Dayforce support using the following

  • For North America – 855-432-9367
  • United Kingdom – 855-432-9367
  • Australia – 1800-295-610

How to use Dayforce App

Are you wondering that How to use Dayforce App?

Don’t worry, this short guide will also answer your few of the most asked questions about this application which falls in the criteria that how to use this application.

Dayforce getting started

If you are an employee, to getting started first you need the User name and password which is provided by your employer.

Since only the employees whose company is the Ceridian client will be able to use this system, You have to make sure that your employer has signed up with them.

Once you have your user name and password the next step is obviously to download the app on your mobile phone.

You can, if you won’t use the web version as well which as compared to the mobile version has a wide range of features.

How to request time off

Here is How you can request time off in this workforce management app-

  1. The Time off can be requested in two ways- Either clicking on the calendar icon or by creating a Time off request.
  2. Once you access the Time Away list page you will find the Plus icon which says “Request new Time off”.
  3. Fill out the necessary information which is required for your time off request to be accepted.
  4. Hit the submit button.

Once your Time off request is submitted then you have to wait till your request is accepted.

If your Time request is accepted you will get the notification alert.

How to clock in on Dayforce App

Using the Time clocks you will never miss a beat with a range of Time clock devices.

Using this functionality clients can Track working time their way by choosing from a variety of time clock solutions, Save time and effort with the smarter technology.

For example, the Client can choose to use Touch (Device solely designed as punching clock), Mobile App clock, or the Web Clock (Available for web version).

On the mobile phone device using the App employees is able to Record time using a punch in, Punch out, offer a shift, and able to view punch history.

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How to set up direct deposit on Dayforce App

If you want to set up direct deposit using this mobile application then you proceed to follow-

  1. Choose the forms Option on the App’s main screen.
  2. There, under the “Personal” section you will find the option “Direct Deposit”.
  3. Click on “+Add” for adding a new account.
  4. A form will pop for you.
  5. You have to fill up that Direct deposit form as instructed.
  6. Click on the Ok Button once you filled up the form.

Dayforce hcm password reset

If you forget your password, You can reset your password using Dayforce hcm password reset.

Here is How to reset your password-

  • Head over to the Login page – Use this link.
  • Enter your Company name in the first field.
  • Just below the login button, you will see a link labeled “Can’t access your account?”.
  • Click on that link to reset your password.

Follow the instructions properly to reset your account password or username.

Does Dayforce App track location

On the Google play store and the Apple App Store in the list of permission that this app asked you can see and of the permission that is needed to run this properly.

Apart from Device & App history, Storage, Calendar, Contacts, microphones, Wi-Fi connections, Identity, photos media files, and other miscellaneous permission it will also require location access.

Thus The Dayforce App tracks location using.

It tracks the user’s approximate location by data network and precise location by GPS.

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