Spypoint App not Working: Fix Login Issue, Link-Micro & Support

Is your Spypoint app not working with Cameras like LINK-MICRO-LTE or other devices? and constantly having errors like being unable to log in, the camera not reporting photos, app not showing pictures you are on the right page.

How to fix Spypoint app not working Errors

SPYPOINT App not working

SPYPOINT app is there to get pictures from your LINK series cellular trail cameras to your phone.

Using this app you can set up your camera to send detected photos from the trail camera to your phone at regular intervals.

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Along with viewing and storing photos on your phone, you can also use this app to monitor camera signal strength, battery level, and SD card storage space.

However, here we are not going to review this app but discuss what to do when SPYPOINT App not working.

If you are a new user you also must read the How to use SPYPOINT App article.

Why is my Spypoint app not working

An app stopped working or having an issue while using due to Bugs/Network/Server/ or a few other reasons.

While you can fix the issue which happened due to one setting or another you can’t really fix in-game bugs or glitches.

And some of these known issues are –

  • Sometimes camera stopped sending photos to your phone.
  • Camera/Device information is lost after updating the app.
  • Have to log in every time when the app is forced to close.

One of the most common problems is the camera stopped sending photos to your phone.

This problem along with some other issues can be fixed by the user by resetting the camera and adding the app again.

Steps to fix Spypoint app not working

If you are having trouble using this app, you can follow this troubleshooting guide to fix some of the most common issues.

Follow the error code

Every error you face is different.

That’s the reason why you can’t apply the fix for one issue to another problem.

However, most of the time error code itself contains a resolution of the problem.

Check for network problem

For often than not when you are on trial it’s a network issue.

For example, you set up to receive photos on your phone but you are not getting it.

If there is no network on your phone your camera might save photos to an SD card but it will not send them to your phone.

Check for ongoing server issue

Sometimes the issue is related to the SPYPOINT server.

If the servers are down right now or there is an ongoing issue, the app might not work properly.

Reconnect the devices

The problem might be with your trail cameras or some kind of communication disruption between devices.

Removing devices from the app and reconnecting might help.

Contact customer support

In the end when nothing works, and you are still facing the same problem you need to contact SPYPOINT customer support.

You can mail them via live chat at – https://www.spypoint.com/en/chat

Spypoint Login issues

Login or Signup (For new users) is a straightforward process, which doesn’t require any explanation.

Once you download the app you have to create a new account or log in to the existing account to use the app.

login issues are common, such as-

  • Unable to login into your account.
  • The login page says an invalid password or username.
  • Log in page is not loading properly.
  • On the login page, the loading wheel keeps spinning indefinitely.
  • You are stuck on connecting stage.

Here is what you can do if you face the same type of problem while trying to sign in to your account-

  1. Make sure your login credentials are correct.
  2. If you forgot your password you can use forgot password option there.
  3. You can also try logging in on the web app. The web application works on any supported mobile or web browser.
  4. Visit – https://www.spypoint.com and hit the log-in option to log into your account.
  5. If you are not able to log in there, Either it is a server issue or your login credentials are wrong.
  6. If you are able to log in to the web but not in the app, Try clearing out the app cache and data. Reboot the phone and re-login again.

Spypoint link-micro LTE Problem

Link-Micro LTE is one of the trail cameras that you can use with the SPYPOINT mobile app.

This device capture 10MP photos with a .5-second trigger speed and 80-foot detection & flash range.

If you are having link-micro LTE Problems you can follow the common troubleshooting guide to fix issues.

Since adding this camera is no different than adding any other supported trail camera, most of the time you will not face any major issues with it.

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Spypoint camera not reporting to app

Once you set up all your trail cameras successfully, you are ready to receive captured photos on your phone.

The photos, which are transmitted from an added camera can be viewed from the photos tap in this app.

But sometimes the camera failed to send photos to your phone.

It can be due to some weird bug, or the camera might be not connected to the app properly.

In either case, by following the steps below you can fix when you are not getting pictures –

  1. First, check the camera status by login into the app > Cameras tab > Status and looking for the last communication.
  2. When you will get the picture depends on the transfer frequency that you set.
  3. If you see the “This camera has not reported yet” message there in the status, it simply means that the transfer hasn’t been triggered, yet.
  4. Check that information displayed on the page is show “live” when it’s active.
  5. If it missed 4 consecutive missed communications it means that something is wrong. In that case, you can try resetting the camera and app.

The spypoint app not showing pictures

You can see photos send by your camera on the photos tab in this app.

You can also check photos in the DCIM folder in the file manager on your phone.

But in case the app is not showing photos and you are also not able to find these pictures in the DCIM folder as well, it could mean one of these things-

  • The transfer hasn’t been triggered, yet.
  • The camera didn’t detect anything.
  • There is a communication error between the camera and your phone.
  • The device communicated but still hasn’t sent photos.
  • The device isn’t live.

You can fix this problem by identifying the root cause of why it hasn’t shown pictures.

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Spypoint customer service

If you tried everything but are still stuck at some SPYPOINT App not working issue or have any Query/Complain related to the app you can contact customer support.

Going through the support page you can search in the documentation for fixing the problem by yourself.

You can also connect to the customer support executive from the official website.

So if you want to connect to SPYPOINT support via call, email, or live chat you can head over to – https://www.spypoint.com/en/support.

There on that official support page, you can also find contact information to connect with the support team.


Why isn’t my SPYPOINT sending pictures to my phone?

If for some reason your device stops communicating with your phone, it will stop sending pictures. You have to check and fix the problem to start receiving photos again.

How do I reactivate my SPYPOINT Camera?

Once you removed the camera, You can add it again using the + icon in the app. The process is the same, you might need to reboot your camera to resync with the app.

Does SPYPOINT work with WiFi?

If we are talking about the mobile app, Yes it will work. But the thing is trail camera is usually placed in the area where Wi-Fi is readily available.

How to connect with SPYPOINT customer service live chat

Using the contact page on the official website you can get in touch with customer support.

What is the difference between cellular and Wi-Fi trail cameras?

Just as the name suggests, a Cellular camera uses a 4G cellular network and a Wireless camera connects with Wi-Fi Signal to transmit images to you.

Why is the Spypoint app not sending notifications?

Probably because any action hasn’t been triggered yet. Check in the status tab about the last communication. If it happens, the problem could be related to the network.

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