My Hyundai App not working: Car finder, Blue Link, Remote, & Key

Facing My Hyundai app not working issue on your myhyundai bluelink app, website, autolink, or digital key app? This post answers how to fix issues like the Car finder not working, the Blue link not activating, and issue where users can’t to start their Hyundai vehicle with the remote feature.

My Hyundai app not working in 2023

My Hyundai app not working

MyHyundai with Bluelink, better known as the My Hyundai app is designed to get information about your vehicle.

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Using this app you can get access to owner resources, and service schedules, and connect your vehicle right from your phone.

The Remote feature that it offers, allows you to send commands conveniently from your phone.

Here are a few of the other things you can your MyHyundai app for-

  • Remotely start, unlock or lock the door of your vehicle.
  • View and manage your vehicle charging status, charging schedule, and settings.
  • Connect to customer support, make appointments with care service, and search points of interest.
  • Find your car from your phone.

Along with your Smartphone, this app is also available to install on your Android or Apple Smartwatches.

Hyundai Car finder not working

Hyundai app offers you a Car finder feature that allows you to find your car from your phone.

Using Bluelink car finder you can locate your car quickly.

If you are wondering how to use this feature to find your car, this YouTube video might help-

If this feature is not working it could be due to one of the following reasons-

  • The network connection might be slow or unstable.
  • Location access might be turned off.

The Hyundai website not working

Www.Hyundai.Com is the official website of Hyundai.

There are other websites as well for example if you are a Car owner you may want to visit if you are living in the USA.

The website works fine almost 99.99% of the time.

Sometimes it may not work due to scheduled maintenance, server-related issue, or any other reason.

If the site is under maintenance or there is a server issue going on there is nothing you could do.

But if the problem is only in your device here is what you can do to fix the problem-

  • Check if browser cookies are enabled. If it is disabled in your browser you can log in into your account.
  • Try changing your browser, sometimes the problem is related to the browser itself.

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Once you sign up for the Blue link you can activate your Bluelink services in your car.

If you are not sure How to activate the blue link this video might help-

But in case the blue link is not activating you have to contact the Bluelink customer support center by calling 855-2-BLUELINK or 855-225-8354.

Hyundai remote start not working

Using the Hyundai bluelink app you can control your car remotely.

But sometimes the remote start may not work.

If you can’t control your car remotely here is the fix you can try-

  1. Make sure you are using Hyundai blue link app. Hyundai has lots of apps and sometimes you can differentiate because they all looks almsot the same
  2. Make sure your Car’s blue link is not offline. If are you can try Try a hard reset of the infotainment system by holding down the tiny button next to the Tune knob.
  3. If it still does not work contact customer support.

The Hyundai autolink app analyzes your driving and assists you in monitoring your vehicle.

Here is a few reasons why autolink app might not work on your phone-

  • This application supports only a number of selected vehicles. You can ask your dealer if your vehicle supports it or not.
  • Check the location is enabled. It needs a location to pair with the car.
  • The network might be unstable, check that your network isn’t the culprit.
  • There might be a bug in the app itself. You can check Google Play or iOS app store reviews to confirm if other users are having the same issue.

Hyundai Digital key app not working

Hyundai Digital key app allows car owners to quickly control digital key-equipped vehicles from phones.

With NFC you can lock, unlock and start your Hyundai from your mobile phone.

This app uses Bluetooth to connect with your car.

Using Bluetooth you can easily access your car.

You can also allow others to access your vehicle by creating sending the digital key to them.

If your Hyundai digital key not working, here are a few possible reasons why-

  • It works only if you are in range of Blutooth connection of your car.
  • This app requires Blutooth (BLE) 4.0 or higher and Near Field communication (NFC) feature.
  • You must pair your smartphone with vehicle for this app to work.

If you want to know how this app works you can check out more information on Owner.HyundaiUSA.Com.

Hyundai Care app not working

While My Hyundai app is especially to manage your car, the Hyundai car app is to connect to support.

Using the Hyundai care app you can Find a Car, book a car, book a service, locate a car dealer, get roadside assistance, request a test drive, EV charging information, and check your service history and yearly maintenance expenses.

However, users are facing some technical errors like-

  • Not able to add their car.
  • Getting errors like Entered mobile number doesn’t match with VIN, Connection time out, SQL exception error, Notification not working and Crashing randomely.
  • Not able to login in the account. OTP registration are not working.

This error appears in-app itself.

There are some issues you can fix but if the bug in the app itself you can do nothing but wait till they address the issue in the upcoming version.

Hope developers fix those issues in upcoming updates.

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How do I reset the Hyundai blue link pin?

If you want to set a new pin you can use the option “update my pin”. In case you forget your pin you have to contact Blue Link customer support

How do I reset my Blue link account?

In case you forget your bluelink password you can head over to enter your register email. You will get details to reset your password via email.

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