Nationwide App Not Working Fix: Fingerprint, Accounts, is Down & Support

Is Nationwide App Not Working on Your Smartphone? and you want to know that Is Nationwide is Down. Don’t worry, whether you are facing a server down the error, Not available in your Country while want to Download, This Application not showing your Account, The fingerprint not working for you and you want the customer care number, Email address to get support.

Here we listed fix, solutions for all of your problems related to this mobile Application.

Nationwide App Not Working

Nationwide App Not Working Fix

The Nationwide Building Society is a banking and financial services institution that provides its services in Swindon, England, and United Kingdom.

This financial institution offers its services directly and via 700 different branches.

The major services that are offered by them are Mortgage loans and savings accounts in the UK.

Apart from that they also offer various different Banking Services which include Credit cards, Saving Bank accounts, Loans, and Insurance.

Nationwide Banking App is the official Banking mobile application introduced to manage your Everdays banking needs online, Directly from your Android/iOS Smartphones.

Here are the All of the functionalities that are offered by this Online banking application-

  • Customers can View their Saving Accounts, Mortgages, Credit card Details, and Current bank account online.
  • Have Direct access to the Personal financial offers offered by the bank.
  • In case of Credit/Debit card lost or stolen, the Customer can report the card to freeze before further hard can done by a thief.
  • Update your personal details without visiting the branch, directly from your phone.
  • Set up bill payment so the bills could be paid automatically.
  • You can set up your own personalized saving goal and track it easily.

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Is Nationwide App Down?

The first step toward fixing the problem is identifying what the problem is.

This thing is easier said than done. If you are a customer then most of the time you just receive error codes and sometimes not even that.

The problem is customers are not made aware that how is that problem is accrued for them let alone fixing that issue.

However, for that, we are Here.

If you are seeing some error mentioning technical error, Server issue, Maintainance or simply pages of this Application is not loading for you then is the case it may be Nationwide Server Down.

To Check the server is down or not Currently You can head over to the official service status page By Using this link.

Using that service status page, you will not only be able to acknowledge current server status but also upcoming server maintenance and avoid further hurdles.

Nationwide App not available in your country

If the App is not Downloading and you are Facing Nationwide App not available in your country error then it simply means it is not available to install in the current where you are.

This financial institution offers its services in Swindon, England, and United Kingdom.

It is not designed for residents of other countries.

However, if you are in the countries mentioned then you have to follow this-

  • In your Phone’s App store – For Android, it’s Google Play store, For iOS, it’s Apple iTunes App store Choose settings.
  • In storage options Clear app cache.
  • Also, Make sure that your Home Country is set properly.
  • Head over to the Download page again and try to download this Online Banking App again.

Hopefully, this little troubleshooting will fix this issue.

App not showing your account

Most users are Complaining that this App is not showing their account under the Account section.

It can be a common glitch where only you would be facing this problem while most of the other Users unaffected by this.

If you are account is also not showing there in the App after login then you have to-

  1. Update the app if the Update is available.
  2. Click on the App icon and Choose Storage.
  3. Clear the Cache, Cookies.
  4. Open the App and Try login in again.
  5. If the issue persists then try login in on the Web browser using your net banking ID.

If the problem is not fixed then you may have to Customer Support. There may be some problems relating to your account.

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Nationwide App Fingerprint Not Working

This Mobile Application for login has the option for Fingerprint login instead of Passcode.

But for some reason, if the Fingerprint Not Working for you, On your phone then you can reset the Fingerprint login easily.

Some reason reported that this issue appeared that after the Update to the Latest OS Update. For some due to other reasons.

However, in most cases, you can use this Fix to solve this issue-

  1. First head over to the setting in your phone.
  2. In the Fingerprint and Lockscreen setting Turn off all of your lock screen and Fingerprints.
  3. Set up your Fingerprint and other Lockscreen again.
  4. Uninstall the App.
  5. Reinstall the App and login in Again.

This process hopefully removed all your Fingerprint issues with Nationwide App.

Help, Support, and Customer Care Numbers

If you have an issue which we are not listed here or you have any complain, regarding which you need immediate help you can Contact Nationwide support.

Here is Customer Care numbers, Help and support information-

Using this link you will find yourself on the Contact page where you can find the customer care number according to your issue.

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