Payday 3 Not Working?- Login, Party, and Matchmaking issues

Being currently in the beta stage Payday 3 not working properly for the majority of its current player base. In the last few weeks issues such as – Matchmaking not working error, Failure to fetch game config data during login from Nebula, and inability to level up party is not working have surfaced widely as reported by those players who are actively immersed in the game.

How to Fix Payday 3 not working issues

Fix Payday 3 Not working issues

Payday is one of the most anticipated games of the year 2023. It is the sequel to the previously released Payday 2: a co-op shooter game that comes with a high-octane FPS experience.

Just before its official release date (which is 21st September 2023), they made the beta version available on Steam.

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Players who have signed up for the beta access are able to play the game before its official release.

However, in the beta version, not everything is working smoothly.

Yeah, we know that developers do release beta or early access versions of their games, just because they identify and fix issues with their game before they push the final product to their customers.

But there are issues such as a Matchmaking error, Failure to fetch game config data during login, Trouble in leveling up in the game and the party not functioning properly.

Due to these issues Payday 3 not working properly and in this in-depth troubleshooting guide, we are going to explore each of these issues and share more information on how to fix these errors.

Payday 3 Party Not working

Right now there is no permanent fix for the “Payday 3 Party not working” problem but considering the root of this problem here are few workaround troubleshooting steps that you can try –

Ask them to join you without Creating a lobby

When in the game just find an online lobby, join it, and ask your friends to join you.

You have to do it without creating a lobby.

Use the empty lobby

Another possible workaround that worked for some users is to keep going from one lobby to another until you find a lobby that is empty.

Once you find it, just ask your party to join it with you.

Restart the game from scratch

Not everyone wants to try this fix, but if you have no problem to starting the game from scratch again, this might solve the party creation issues for you.

Payday 3 matchmaking not working

Payday always was an online multiplayer co-op game. When you are not playing with your friends you can play it other people online.

That’s when matchmaking features come into play. However, some players have reported that Payday 3 matchmaking is simply not working for them.

This issue could be due to one of the two following reasons –

  • They had intentionally disabled Matchmaking temporarily due to stress on their gaming servers.
  • Due to heavy stress on their gaming servers the matchmaking not working for you.

One simple solution for it is to find a solo lobby in the game.

To do this you have to keep joining the lobbies till you find the empty one, once you do just ask your friend to join you there.

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PAYDAY 3 beta Failed to Fetch game Config data

There is one issue that stopped players from even starting this game and this is “The Nebula data error. Failed to fetch game config data.”

This error do appear for the players and there are few possible solutions for it –

  • Try to log in with your Nebula account without linking your Steam account. After that, just restart your game.
  • If you really need to link your Steam account, just do it after you successfully log in to your Nebula account. This might not work for everyone.

Nebula Login or Sign up Error

On the official Twitter page developers did mention that there is ongoing issues where the Nebula sign-up page might prevent your account from being created.

So developers did acknowledge this issue which means that possibly in the next update they will address this problem.

You might be able to log in or create an account from the Nebula page once developers fix this problem in their upcoming updates.

Payday 3 Level Up not working

Another issue that most of the players have come across is the inability to level up.

While some players don’t exactly know how to level up in this game, for some leveling up is just bugged to the point that they can’t level up further.

If you have played Payday 2 in the past you might have remembered that you will get experience points by completing objects and performing some actions during missions.

Payday 3 leveling up is also similar which is tied to events, unfortunately you can’t look up those events in beta

The max level cap in the closed beta is 22 so for now you can’t go beyond level 22.

However for some players Leveling up is simply bugged, and they are not able to progress further.

This might change in future updates.

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Is Payday 3 Beta not working for you as well? Bugs, glitches, and some random issues are expected when the game is in the testing phase.

This is the sole reason why the beta is limited to a few players only.

Some of these errors could be fixed easily by yourself and for some, you have to report it to the developer.

Usually when a Game is in the beta stage developers prioritize the user’s feedback about any areas of the game that need more work.

It is highly likely that the problem most of the players are facing could be fixed in the next update.

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