Marvel Snap Not Working? – Fix Crashing, Server & Black Screen

Marvel Snap is a relatively new game and just like any other new game this also has a few issues, such as – crashing during gameplay or tutorial, login errors, server problems, or even a persistent black screen and these might cause Marvel Snap not working error.

If you are having any of these issues as well with the MCU card game, you will find this guide helpful to not only identify and fix these problems by yourself.

How to Fix Marvel Snap not working Issues

Marvel Snap is a cross-platform online card game that is available for Android, iOS, and PC.

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This is must have game for marvel fans where they can assemble their dream team from a roster of all the Marvel heroes and villains.

Here every game last about three minutes and every match feels different due to 50+ locations from the Marvel universe.

Can’t log in because of Version Issue

If you see an error message on the login screen of this screen –

Can’t log in because of version issue

Don’t worry, this is just a warning message indicating that there is a new version of the game is available.

If you are using an older version, you will no longer be able to login into the game, unless you update it to the latest available version.

Just update the game to the latest version and this error will go away on its own.

How to fix Marvel Snap Black Screen issue?

Some players have encountered this kind of error where they get a random black screen while playing Snap.

Usually when this error happens screen gets blurry and then fades to black.

While there is not a lot of information available on this topic, due to the large number of users facing this Marvel Snap not working problem, this simply seems a bug.

However, following these steps will fix the issue temporarily-

  1. Force close the game. Also using the recent apps button close all the apps.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. Now start the game again. 

Hopefully restarting the game fix the Marvel Snap Black screen issue for most of the users.

Google Payment error in Marvel Snap Game

This game has the option to purchase in-game items using real-world money.

If you are interested in purchasing any item that you like from its store you can buy it using Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit card, or other available payment methods.

However, recently developers acknowledged a new issue – Google payment not received, where users are not getting the item they purchased.

Developers acknowledged this issue they have assured us that they are working toward a fix.

If you still have not received the item you have purchased, you contact the support team via email at –

Marvel Snap Crashing, Stuck or Freezing Unexpectedly

This is one of the oldest bugs in the Android and iOS versions of this game.

Some of the players, once they start the game and while they are playing the tutorial game crash unexpectedly.

Crashing, Freezing also happen in during other gameplay too, but in the tutorial are the most common.

Here is what you can do to fix crashing during the tutorial-

  1. When the game freezes, clear the game cache and data by apps settings > storage > clear data and cache.
  2. Login in a snap using the same account using another phone and complete the tutorial.

If you haven’t another mobile phone you can use Bluestack or another Android app emulator to finish the game tutorial.

Crashing or freezing at any other stage can be avoided by force closing the app and rebooting your phone.

Login Servers Errors due to Server down

Some users are recently unable to login into the steam and mobile version of this game due to server errors.

Most of the time login errors can be the result of a bigger server error or simple ongoing server maintenance.

Sometimes it can happen due to your internet connection.

Here are a few things you can try to solve this problem-

  • Check your Internet connection – This game requires a constant internet connection. If the net is slow it will not work properly.
  • Check for ongoing server issues – confirm that Marvel snap servers are not down right now. If it is waiting till the server is up before trying to log in again.

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Something went wrong error

This problem seems to appear largely on Android and iOS devices.

Error message: Invalid Deck, something went wrong is showing for some users after they upgrade their card and try to play the game.

Along with this message another error “Something went wrong, please try again later” also showing while trying to open cards.

If you are getting this error you can try one of the following this workaround-

Fix 1 – Switch between decks

First, create a copy of your deck. Next time when you get this message, simply switch to another deck.

Fix 2 – Clear app cache and Data

For Android and iOS versions clearing the app cache and data might help fix this issue.

If you are using Android – tap and hold Marvel snap app icon > app info > storage > clear data and clear cache. 

For iOS users – Open setting app > apps > Marvel Snap > enable clear cache on next start and clear temp data on next start.

Reboot your phone, and login into the game again. 

Marvel Snap Technical Support information

Marvel Snap has a dedicated support page where you can not only browse through the frequently asked question, known bugs, and their solution but also get in touch with the support team for help if you are having any issues while playing this game.

To access the official support directory you simply have to head over to

If you want to contact support, you will find the “Contact us” button at the bottom of that website.

You can also email the support team at –

The player support option is also available in the game itself.

You can access the game support from the Gear icon > settings > player support and follow on-screen prompts.

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What does energy mean in Marvel Snap Game?

Snap is a card game and energy mean is simply the cost of using those cards. If you have enough energy you can use the cards if not you can’t.

How can I submit a report against another player?

If you think any other player is in violation of game policies you can report them. Under their portrait in the game tap on the report and choose ‘I need to talk to someone.

Why is the marvel Snap Game not working for me?

There are many reasons, this app is not working for you. Compatibility, Network, and Server are a few reasons.

Why is this game keep getting disconnected?

As mentioned, this game requires a constant Internet connection. If the network is slow or having an issue you will see an error like this.

Why do my decks disappear from the Deck Edit UI?

If decks disappear from Desk Edit UI you can try switching scenes during gameplay. This most of the time fix Deck in desk edit UI.

How to fix my avatar or card not showing up after unlocking it?

Once you unlock an Avatar or card, sometime it will take a little bit of time to load it from servers. You can try closing the app and open again if takes too much time.

Why is my game getting stuck?

Low RAM, storage, or slow network might freeze the game during gameplay and would cause Marvel Snap not working issues.

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