PUBG Mobile Korea 1.2.0 : Download KR version for Android & iOS

Do you want to know that How Download PUBG Korean Version on Android or iOS Mobile Phone? Here this post going to help you PUBG Mobile Korea Apk Download.

Player Unknown’s Battleground for Mobile which in short called PUBGM was the most popular mobile game at least in the Online multiplayer gaming section of Mobile phones.

However, it was banned by the Government of India in Mid 2020. So it means it was no longer available to Download for Indian users from the Google Play store.

Due to the restriction, the Indian version of this (If you installed other sources) is also becomes unplayable.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t play this game anymore.

You can of course.

But to do that you have to install the PUBG version which is developed for countries other than India.

For Example, you can Download the PUBG mobile China version which was always ahead in terms of Updates as Compare to the Indian version.

You can also install the PUBGM KR version of the course which was intended for Korean users.

And that what I am going to show you in this article.

What is PUBG Mobile Korea?

PUBG mobile Korea App

Known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating Battlefield the PUBG MOBILE (KR) is a version of PUBG mobile intended for Korean users only.

However here just like any other version of this game you can simply Sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Account.

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So it means, whether you have Korean nationality or Not if you Download this Apk from a third-party App Download site you can play it without any issue.

What to Expect?

This version is simply more prominent. If you play the Indian version, It will be a different experience but not very because you know that, it’s the Same Game.

In the update schedule, it is ahead of other versions. When you first Download this App it’ll be in the Korean language.

But worry not you can change the language after Login in to this App from the language setting options.

Here are a few features of this version that you are Going to like

  • The Crates, Stuff, Lucky spins and other is simply much more here.
  • You can easily get the free items in Crates.
  • More features, More weapons, and more skins.
  • Play with the players of other countries.

Download PUBG Korean version?

There are multiple sources from where you can Download this Adventure/Action multiplayer game on your mobile phone.

However here I am Going to show you How to Download this from the site called UpToDown.

The benefit of using UpToDown over the other is that you just have to download the single file. There is no need to Install Apk and OBB and then merge them using the file manager.

Here you just have to download the APK, Double tap to install, and Done.

After login, you can start playing like it was never banned.

Pubg Mobile Korean version apk and obb download

At the time of Updating this Post, version 1.2.0 was Available to Download and it was 1406.9MB XAPK needed to install for that.

Here is the process that you need to follow to Download PUBG mobile 1.2.0 Apk on your Android mobile phone.

    1. First, you need to Install the UptoDown App store using this link.
    2. Downloading the UpToDown App is not only recommended but it is required to XAPK file that you are going to Download
    3. On the top banner, you will see PUBG mobile Banner.
    4. If you not find then you can download the XAPK from here.
    5. Wait till the Game properly installs and after that, you are able to log in.

PUBG Korea iOS

You can Also Download PUBG Korea iOS on your Apple mobile device.

To do so simply follow this.

  1. First, open the App store on the Phone where you want to Download This Game.
  2. Go to your account and navigate to Country/Region >> Change Country or Region
  3. Set your country to Korea, Republic of.
  4. Now you will the terms and conditions page. Simple agree with them.
  5. Choose any city any type any address of that country there.
  6. Choose City Busan and use Postcode 600-011.
  7. Finally, tap on done, Close the App Store.
  8. Now open the App store again and search & install the Pubg game.

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Here is few of the most Asked Question about this Game.

How do I get the Korean version of PUBG?

Please refer to the Download for the Android section above.

Which is the Best version of PUBG?

There is a global version, There is a Chinese version and then there is the Korean version. The Chinese and Korean version is far ahead in updated so much better in terms of new features.

How do I Update PUBG to Korean?

In UptoDown App you will get a notification if the newer version will be released. Once it is you Can update the Game from there.

Is PUBG banned in India?

Yes PUBG mobile is banned in India in mid-2020. However, PUBG is planning to solve legal issues and Going to back comeback in India.

How do I get Korean PUBG on iOS?

You can simply by Changing your country and Address to Korea. Please refer to PUBG Korea for iOS section of this post for more info

When will PUBG launch in India Again?

Definitely, Teaser is released. The date is not announced, However by the look of it they are going to come back very soon.

Have any other Questions regarding this Game? you can mention it below in the Comment section.

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