Thursday Night Football Not Working? – A Guide to Fix the Streaming Issues

Here we are going to discuss troubleshooting steps to fix Thursday Night Football not working issue so you can get back to enjoying your sports match.

Thursday night Football which in short also known as TNF is a term used for Football events broadcast by the NFL on Thursday evenings.

Viewers can enjoy these shows on their mobile phones, Tablets, TVs, Smart TVs, Laptops, and other streaming platforms from the NFL website or the official NFL mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

There are some matches and events which is free for viewers, however, to enjoy every available feature offered by NFL Redzone you have to subscribe to the NFL+ Subscription.

These apps have money issues and it’s not quite uncommon that during a live event, the NFL app may be stopped working.

In fact, in the past few articles on CnbDaily, we have already covered issues such as – NFL Redzone not working and Sunday night football not working issue in quite detail.

But these issues are not limited to Sunday or Monday night football events.

Recently many of the viewers were having problems during streaming Thursday night football events.

If you are having a bit of the same difficulty or Thursday night Football not working for you as well, this article is for you.

How to Fix Thursday Night Football Not Working

Fix Thursday Night Football not working

When referred to “Thursday night football not working”, it referred to issues during live streaming of these events.

Most of the time viewers have no problem watching these events on their cable television and it most of the time only affects the users who are watching these matches from their mobile phone, tablet, or Smart TV.

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So, here in this troubleshooting guide as well, we are going to focus on the streaming issues as well.

To fix The Thursday Night Football streaming issues here are the troubleshooting steps you need to follow –

Refresh the App or Website

Sometimes fixing a problem would require a simple step such as – refreshing the stream webpage or mobile app.

For phone close the streaming app and try to reload the stream.

If after multiple attempts, you are having the same problem you can move on to the next step.

Fix issues related to your Internet Network

To stream any high-quality video content, especially live stream you need a strong, uninterrupted internet connection.

Make sure that you are getting good internet speed and there is no issue with your network.

You can’t watch Thursday night Football matches if your internet is not working properly.

Check for NFL Server outage

Streams are available on the official website and mobile applications such as NFL Redzone.

These streams are retrieved from the same place.

Usually most of the time there is no server outage, but sometimes especially when there is a big sports event going on NFL server might face an outage due to a large number of users trying to access their website.

When you face any issue during streaming continuously, first check if there is an ongoing server issue going on right now.

Server outages can’t be fixed by users but you can report it to developers.

Fix any further interruptions

Some third-party extensions like adblockers, cookie blockers, and privacy add-ons might affect the stream if you are watching the match on your Laptop or computer.

Other than extentions using VPN can also interrupt the streaming of football matches since the NFL does place georestiction on viewership.

Try removing any browser extensions that are causing conflict with live streaming.

Contact Support to report Bigger Issues

Support options depend on the platform where you are watching for example if you are trying to stream on the NFL app or website you have to contact customer support.

It is different for the users who are streaming NFL matches on Amazon Prime Video or other options.

If you are an NFL subscriber you can contact NFL customer support from the app by Menu>>Customer Support>>Send Feedback.

Live chat and FAQs can be accessed from the official support pages -

You can also send an email to them at

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Further FAQs

Why Can’t I watch Thursday Night Football?

Other than streaming errors or issues connected to the app you might not be able to watch it due to regional broadcasting restrictions, subscription requirements, or blackout rules.

Why is Amazon Prime TNF not working?

Issues with the Amazon Prime app or issues with network connection are usually responsible if you are not able to watch TNF on the Prime Video app.

Why I am getting TNF Game freezing and Audio Issues?

If you are not hearing audio properly and visuals are freezing constantly, this indicates an issue with the server. It generally happens when a large number of viewers trying to access the stream.


Thursday Night Football not working error is a rare error that transpires either due to some issues with the platform itself where you are watching matches or some problem with your device.

In either case, most of the time these problems can be easily fixed by following this easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide.

There are some exceptions to this, of course, these problems could last longer and really hamper your viewing experience for the Thursday evening.

If that happens you need to reach customer support and they will help you further.

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