Trulia App Not Working Today? – Fix Crashing, Loading, login, & Server Error

For some of us recently Trulia app not working as a user you may have also encountered some issues like the app crashing, slow loading times, login errors, and server issues lately. This post is about Why you are facing these errors and what steps can be taken to fix these bugs and problems.

Trulia App Not Working Today?

Trulia app not working

Trulia is the Real Estate listing mobile app that helps you to search for your next home to buy or rent.

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You can also list your property there to attract buyers or tenants.

Here is the list of features that the Trulia Real Estate App offers you:

  • Your neighborhood by the criteria such as the crime rate, schools, amenities, and commute.
  • Provides you with a tour of the neighborhood with real photos and drone footage.
  • You can learn about the local stories, and how people feel living in that particular area.
  • Offers you more than 30 filters to choose the perfect destination.
  • All of the home listings are detailed. You will not only be able to buy Good looking house but also be comfortable and safe.
  • Offer you an Affordability Calculator to calculate the full cost of living there.

As of the time of writing this post, this application already crossed over 10,000,000+ Google play stores alone.

However, Some users are experiencing not working, loading, crashing, and network, or server issues while accessing this app.

If you are experiencing Trulia App not working error on your Android or iOS device, and want to know how to fix this you are in the right place.

Why is the My Trulia App not Working Today?

If you are thinking Why is My Trulia App not Working Today, It Could due to any of the following reasons:

  • Server-related Issue: This kind of issue affects almost all of the users. If a large number of users have the same issue, It’s a server issue. You can contact the app developer.
  • Bug/Glitch: Glitches are normal and they might appear on any application. You might have issued a time, try again.
  • Invalid Login Information: If you are having trouble login into your account, it could be due to wrong login credentials.
  • Corrupted app data: If you are having this issue you can always clear the app cache and data to reset the app fresh as new.

How to Fix Trulia App not working?

Here is what you can do to Fix Trulia App not working error:

Check the Error Code:

Error code while you encounter the error says almost everything about the error. Just check the error message or the code appearing on the screen.

Trouble Connecting network:

The Trulia app needs an active internet connection.

If you are having network-related issues, check your network connection.

Not working after the Update:

If the error is appearing after updating to the latest version of Trulia, it is possible that there is a bug in the recent version.

In case the problem is caused by a Bug/Glitch which affects the majority of users it is a chance developer already working toward the fix.

Server Down or Under Maintenance:

Every company goes under maintenance. You can check on the official website or Twitter account if there is Any server-related issue going on right now.

Reset Trulia App:

Just in case the issue is appearing only on your phone you can try resetting the Trulia app

Just tap & hold the Trulia App icon and click on the app info option.

Once you are setting clear cache and data to reset the app.

Reboot your phone and Login again into the app.

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Can’t log in to Trulia App

Can’t log in to your Trulia account. You might be entering the wrong password or username.

Confirm your login credentials by login in on the official website, you can also reset your password in case you forgot it.

Nothing works, What to do now?

If none of the steps mentioned above works for you, you can try contacting the app developers either by mail or with customer support.

You can drop a mail anytime at their email address: or head over to the official Trulia Support page.

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