MyQ App not working: Fix Garage Door, login, Update & Server Errors

Is MyQ App not working on your Phone? Are you having strange issues like being Unable to login, can’t connect to the server, not opening the garage door, authentication, or network error? if so, this article is for you.

How to Fix MyQ App not working?

MyQ App not working

MyQ mobile app is a Smart Garage & Access Control application.

This application allows users to Open/Close/Check the status of their Garage or Commercial doors, Home lighting from any place with nothing but just a mobile phone.

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This application is available for the smartphones like Android and iPhone and you can even it with Smartwatches.

The myQ Smartwatch allows you to control the garage doors with myQ technology.

However, for some users, the MyQ app is not working.

.. And if you are having difficulty accessing a particular feature or option you are on the right page.

Here you learn how to fix any MyQ, not working issues.

MyQ App not connecting to server

If MyQ App not connecting to server error appearing on your Smartphone, this could be one of the following reasons:

  • Problem with your network: There may be some problem with your internet connection.
  • MyQ server may be unreachable: It is possible that MyQ server have unexpcted error or going thruw maintainace.
  • You are using older version: If your are using older version of app, please update to the latest one.

MyQ App not Logging in

Are you Unable to Login into MyQ App?

The majority of the time unable to log in is caused by the wrong password or user name.

But if you are sure that that’s not with your case, Here is the troubleshooting guide that you can follow:

  1. First, Make sure you are connected to the network, getting proper speed and have latest version of MyQ app installed on your phone.
  2. Confirm that the problem isn’t coused by Server outage. If large number of users have same problem, that the case. You only have to wait if that the reason.
  3. If you are the only one who is having Login error evertime you try to login first try login on the official website.
  4. If can’t login there problem is with your Login credintials or account. If you can login that means problems is with the app.
  5. Try Clearing out app cache and data, Reboot your phone and login again.

But After trying everything, it does not seem to work then you to contact MyQ Customer support and register a complaint.

MyQ app not working after update

Sometimes updates cause compatibility issues with some devices and introduce you to new bugs.

It means sometimes for the users for whom the application is working fine is now acting strangely.

If that’s the case you can either wait for another update to drop where the developer fixes the issue or roll back to the previous version.

You can install the previous version on some of the APK websites but beware to use only trusted ones.

MyQ app not opening garage door

As per the official Chamberlaingroup website here is the list of reasons why your MyQ app not opening garrage door and what you can do to fix those errors:

Door Senser could be in Monitor mode

If this is the reason you can’t open the garage door the app will display “Monitor Door only” for the dorr.

To fix this simply log in to the myQ from your connected device > Choose Brand of your garage motor > Tap on found it now you can pair the garage door opener.

Mobile device is not connected to the internet

Check that your mobile phone is connected to the active internet.

Sometimes your phone is connected to the internet but the speed may be too slow.

Check if this is the case with the network connection.

Hub and Sensor are out of Sync

Sometimes Close errors appear while you trying to operate your garage door with this app.

If you are continuously having issues, it is recommended to use a control panel on the wall or remote control to open and close door.

Once you open and closed more than two times try again with the app.

Hub is too close to the Motor unit

Interference may appear if the hub is installed too close to the motor unit.

It could cause an issue for you.

If this is true in your case just unplug the hub and move at least 4 to 6 feet from the motorhead.

Reposition the hub and now check if you are able to open the garage door.

Issue with the Door Sensor

If there is an issue with the signal getting to the hub it might not open the Garage door with the app.

So Check your Door sensor like it is not installed upside down and it should be no further than 30 feet from the hub.

Hub is not connected to the myQ server

Of course, if your WiFi hub is not connected to myQ server, this app simply won’t respond to your command.

So check the Wi-Fi hub as well as other devices to see if it is properly connected.

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How to fix MyQ showing “There was an error connecting to the server please check your connection and try again”?

This error appears in case of the absence of internet, Poor speed, or any other issue with your network connection. Check your Internet and try again.

How to Fix MyQ App authentication error 40104?

First off make sure that you are entering the right password. Apart from login issues in the majority of cases, this error is related to Server and network connection.

Why are MyQ app notifications are not working on my phone?

You can check your app notifications by tapping and holding the app icon > app info > manage notifications. From there you can enable or disable notifications alerts.

How to check if my garage door MyQ enabled or not?

Once you successfully set it up you can check this inside the app as the status.

Where is learn button on chamberlain Myq?

You can find the learn button above the antenna wire that hangs from the motorhead. It could be also under the light cover. Here is the video that helps you find learn button.

How to Open garage door with MyQ App?

Once you set up successfully you can open your Garage door with this app. You can check detailed guide on the How-to Geek website.

How to Reset MyQ App?

You can reset the app data by tapping and holding an app icon and deleting the app cache and history. However, do remember if you do that you also have to log in again to your account.

What to do if can’t get MyQ to work after trying everything?

If you try every troubleshooting step mentioned in this post and the app still seems not to work, the best course of action would be to contact MyQ Customer support.

How can I Contact MyQ Customer Service?

You can contact MyQ customer support by either live chat on the official website, Support email on:, or phone on (800) 528-5880.

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