VZ Protect App for Verizon Device Protection, Home & Security – Is Worth it?

This post is about VZ protect App Download which is part of Verizon Total Mobile Protection. Here we are going to talk about that Should you Use Verizon Security and Privacy App? Is VZ Protect home really worth it? and How to cancel this protection plan.

VZ Protect App Download, Review & More

VZ Protect App Download

Verizon is an online security firm that not only offers technical support but provides your Device protection, security for your digital lifestyle.

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Under its protection plans, this company offers you the following benefits-

  • Privacy & Security: Secure your privacy.
  • Wi-FI Security Protection: Protect your WiFi network, So criminals can’t spy on you.
  • Unknown Number Identification: Similar to Truecaller, where you will be able to identify unknown callers and the nature of calls. Here also you can identify unknown numbers.
  • Identity Theft Monitoring: Identity Theft is no joke. Hackers, Criminals target someone to obtain their personal, and financial information to commit fraud. This security plan will monitor that your digital identity is not stolen.
  • Device protection & Replacement: The device protection ensures that you will receive coverage in case your device is lost, stolen, or damaged.

VZ is the McAfee-Based mobile application for your Android and iOS Smartphones.

It’s a sort of Antivirus mobile application that you can use to ensure that your mobile phone and all of the data that you have there is safe.

It can not only detect Malware, Malicious website, Software, and infected Files but also allows you to locate your phone, lock it, or remotely wipe the data.

Apart from this Application Verizon Consumer Group launches dozens of other mobile applications.

All of them are available on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App store customers.

Download VZ Protect App

You can Download the My Verizon App from Google Play Store and iOS App store to Access Device Protection, Security, and other offered service.

This mobile application is an all-in-one solution for your Verizon services.

Using this App you will not only able to view your plans, and check information, but also get customer support online.

What is Verizon Total Mobile Protection

Verizon Total Mobile Protection is the device protection plan for your smartphone.

The Total Mobile protection plan not only covers Damage but also loss, theft, and Post-warranty defects.

Smartphone users who bought brand-new phones are eligible for this protection plan.

For a few selected Smartphones, they provide Same-Day device replacements and setup.

The Device Protection plan offers you not only battery replacement but also Fast Cracked screen repair where you will $29/Claim.

The Single-line Total mobile protection plan costs you $15/month for tier 1 smartphones and Watches.

For tier 2 smartphones and watches the cost is $12/month.

How to Enroll in Verizon mobile protection?

So in case if you purchased a new mobile phone, you can enroll on this plan in multiple ways.

You can either register using the website or the My Verizon App.

To register using your mobile phone, follow the steps below-

  1. First Head over to the App store on your phone and Download the My Verizon App.
  2. Scroll until you find the Device protection section.
  3. There click on Learn More.
  4. Tap on Enroll button and choose Total mobile protection.
  5. Follow the prompts and choose the device protection plan that you want.

How to cancel Verizon Protect?

If you no longer wish to continue paying for your subscription and no longer require this service, You can follow up these steps to cancel Verizon project plan-

  1. On the official website – Verizon.Com, Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Add-ons and Apps page in My Verizon Site or App.
  3. Now from there, you can Cancel the protection plan.

Please note down that if you cancel this plan your current device will not be eligible for another device protection plan unless it fulfills all of the Eligibility criteria.

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Should I Use Verizon Security and Privacy App?

The Digital Secure App provides security for not only your Desktop, Laptop but also for your mobile device.

This is another feature that is offered by Verizon, which you can activate from the Add-on section.

Here are the features added by Security and privacy app-

  • It will provide you with Security & PRivacy alerts and suggestions.
  • Protect your personal information using a VPN from Public WiFi networks.
  • You can take control of Identity theft protection which monitors the internet for your Identity.
  • Alert you about Dangerous Websites and Downloads.

This Add-on is free for the first month and afterward, it will charge you either $5 or $10 per month.

Most of the features that it will provide are already available in other Online security and antivirus software.

So if you are looking for a secure Computer there are already better and cheap alternative out there compare to VZ Protect App.

Is VZ Protect home worth it?

For the price of $25/Month, you will be able to get Premium Tech Support, Digital security features, and extended warranty support which covers most of the home entertainment and smart home products.

This plan not only covers products like Television but also other products like Home office products, Wearables, and smart home products.

Customers can file an unlimited number of claims during the 12-month time frame.

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However, a single claim amount can’t be more than $2,0000 and the total claim should not cross $5,000 within a year.

This plan includes coverage for the following-

  • Factory Defects in Products like Material or Workmanship defects.
  • Unintentional Accidental damage like a power surge.
  • Normal Wear and Tear for wearables.

Depending on the case they will either repair or replace the product.

The necessity of device protection is very well dependent on individuals.

So if you think you will need the device protection for your home go for it otherwise you can ignore it.

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