Yik Yak App not Working: Verification, Support & Error Sending

Is Yik Yak App not Working on your Android or iOS phone? If you are facing issues like Error Sending Yak please try again, not getting a verification code and looking for a way to contact customer support, this post is for you.

Yik Yak App not working

Yik Yak is an online social media website, and iOS and Android mobile application that allows you to with everyone (assuming they are also using this app) within 5 miles of your location.

This app works on the concept of anonymity.

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It acts as a local anonymous message board.

However how safe your anonymity is questionable.

Still, the concept of this social media app makes it interesting, and if you are kinda a person who loves to chat with strangers you have to look no further.

The people near your location, who are using Yik Yak are called your’ herd’.

And the message here is called ‘yak’. When you post a message it’s visible to your herd and anyone within your herd can join the conversation.

Here are some of the features that it offers you-

  • You will be only able to find people near your location within 5 miles radius.
  • It has tutorials in it to make you understand how this app really works.
  • Making a conversation is just easy as posting a comment.
  • It helps you to join a conversation without worrying about societal restrictions.

Error Sending Yak please try again

As we already discussed that Yak is the message that you send to fellow users who are using this app near your location.

After login into your account, you can send yak.

But this app first confirms your location with the help of your Network and Phone’s inbuild GPS location service.

If for some reason it is unable to pinpoint your location you will see an error like this.

Error Sending Yak please try again

Fortunately, by fixing the Location service on our phone we can easily fix this issue.

Here is what you can try-

  1. Make sure you provide Network, WiFi, Location, GPS, and other required permission during installation.
  2. If you are not sure try installing the app again and this time provides all the permissions.
  3. When the app asks for location permission tap on “allow” and choose “allow all the time”.
  4. Confirm that Internet, GPS & Location service is enabled when you use the app.
  5. For Android, this doesn’t work with approximate location permission (It requires precise location).
  6. To Enable precise location tap on the location icon > Google Location accuracy > Improve location accuracy and enable it there.

If you are still getting the same issue, this might be either bug in the app or a server glitch.

In any case, you have to contact Yik Yak support for further assistance.

Yik Yak not sending a verification code to me?

Some app users are having issues during the Login or Signup process where they have to verify their mobile number.

As you are all aware that you need to verify your mobile number during Signup and Login.

If don’t receive a verification code to verify yourself you simply can’t proceed to use this mobile app.

Here are a few common reasons, why Yik Yak not sending verification code to you and how can try to fix this –

  • Yik Yak offers its service in the selected region only. If you are not the targeted country it will not work for you.
  • Check for SMS balance. Is your number enough or the right recharge for sending text messages?
  • Check your network, there might be an issue with your cellular network, barring the message.
  • Make sure that you have provided the required permissions during the installation of this app.
  • Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again.
  • Your default SMS app might be causing the issue. Try setting a different default SMS app.
  • Yik Yak Server might be down right now. You can try it after some time.

If you tried everything and nothing seems to work, you can contact support anytime.

For any Complain or Assistance related to the app, you can drop an email at – support@yikyak.com.

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Yik Yak Customer Support

There is no dedicated customer support like toll-free numbers to contact.

But in case you need any assistance, support, or help you can contact the support team via email.

  • For problems related to the android app you can mail at – android@yikyak.com.
  • For General, Support you can mail at – support@yikyak.com.
  • If you had feedback/opinions or anything else to share you can mail them at – hello@yikyak.com.

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