YouTube Modestbranding Not Working? – How to Fix issue in 2023

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YouTube Modestbranding Not Working error is a pretty common issue, and this is generally a result of conflict with other embedded parameters. If you are having this issue as well and are unable to hide the YouTube logo on the bottom right corner of the embedded video using this parameter, this article is for you.

This short guide contains pretty much everything from What is ModestBranding, How you can use it, why it’s not working, and a few simple troubleshooting steps to Fix Modestbranding Not Working.

What is ModestBranding Parameter?

YouTube Modestbrading is the feature that allows you to disable the YouTube logo from appearing in the control bar.

There was an easy way to do that just by setting the option value to 1, and you do that only the YouTube text label will be shown instead of the Icon of YouTube.

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This feature is part of YouTube’s IFrame Player API which allows an app or web application developer to embed Videos as they show fit in their application, software, or website that they are creating.

Generally, when you want to hide the YouTube Logo that appears on the bottom right corner of the embed screen you have to set modestbranding=1 in your iFrame and anyone you play that video will not see the YouTube logo.

For example here is a YouTube video that you want to embed on the webpage.

Once you head over to its YouTube page, at the bottom of the video just after the Dislike button, you will see the Share button.

Once you hit share you will see a list of different options such as share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Mix, WhatsApp, Blogger, and a few other platforms.

YouTube Share and Embed feature

But the first option that you will see there will be “Embed”.

When you hit the embed option you will get Iframe which you can place on any HTML-supported webpage to embed that particular video.

YouTube also provides us with a few other features (Which are called parameters) to customize the look and a few other aspects of that Iframe and embedded video.

For example, you can set the following parameters –

  • Autoplay – By setting the Parameter “autoplay=1” you can set that video to autoplay whenever the webpage is loaded.
  • Loop – Set “loop=1” to automatically loop that video indefinitely when it is ended.
  • Controls – By default Youtube will show play, pause, forward, and backward control on video. Setting “control=o” will hide these controls from embedded videos.

Just like these mentioned parameters, “Modestbranding” is also another YouTube embed player parameter.

How Can use YouTube Modestbranding Parameter?

When set “modestbranding=1”, it’ll simply hide the YouTube logo which appears on the embedded video.

Here is a simple example of entering this parameter –


If you want to add another parameter, just add “&” after it like this –


To put it into more simple words, you have to place the “?modestbranding=1” parameter after the video URL to make it work.

YouTube by default shows its logo, so if you want to show the YouTube logo there is no need to add this parameter in the embedded code.

Why ModestBranding not working?

Sometimes this parameter doesn’t hide the YouTube logo on the bottom side of the embedded video.

There are many reasons why Modestbranding isn’t working for you –

  1. Not all YouTube embed parameters works in harmony. There might be some conflict with another parameter you are using.
  2. There is a typo in your code which is affecting the final result.
  3. There might be an issue with the video that you are trying to load using iFrame.
  4. Changes in YouTube embed API (At the time of writing this post there was no such update).

How to Fix YouTube Modestbranding Not Working issue?

The simplest way to ensure that YouTube Modestbranding is working by simply to type and preview the end result before you make that changes on the live site.

That way you will ensure that this YoutTube embed parameter is working properly.

Make sure there is no Typo on the code

We all make mistakes, especially programmers when we make small typos it will result in much bigger issues.

Thankfully most of the code editors point out general typos.

Make sure that you have to write all YouTube Embed parameters correctly.

Make sure to follow all YouTube API guidelines if you have any confusion.

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Do not use Color Parameter

According to Google Developer API documentation, If you set the color option to specify color use in the Video progress bar this will disable the “modestbranding” option.

It means that you can’t use both of the options together. If you are using the Color parameter too in your iFrame, this might the reason YouTube Modestbranding Not Working.

Conflict with the showinfo parameter

According to hultqvist on Stack Overflow, If you have set “showinfo=0” along with “modestbranding=0” the YouTube logo will be shown more prominently.

So please do make sure if you are using “showinfo” parameter, use it like this –


Conflict with Control parameter

Similar to the “ShowInfo” parameter, Modest branding also does not get along well with “controls=0”.

“controls=0” means that you are directing YouTube to show all controls and it includes the logo as well.

To ensure this is not the case simply set “controls=1” which will hide YouTube controls from the bottom of the Embedded video and it’ll fix YouTube ModestBranding not working.

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