ChatGPT Login Button Not Working? – 4 Different methods to Fix

Fix ChatGPT Login Button not working issue

In this article at CnbDaily, we are going to discuss different methods that you can follow when your ChatGPT Login Button not working. Before doing anything, login is an essential step toward using the OpenAi chat feature. When you are unable to login into GPT3, you are simply not able to use the features offered.

That’s why here in this article, we are going to discuss multiple different methods and troubleshooting steps that you can follow when you are unable to login into ChatGPT.

How to Fix ChatGPT Login Button not working issue

Video Guide on Fixing ChatGPT login issue

In its Brief time of existence on the Internet, the ChatGPT caused a huge storm on the Internet.

Not only people are talking about this is going to replace programmers, content writers even internet giant Google.

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While the complete impact of ChatGPT in the Tech industry still remains to be seen, the ChatGPT users who have already signup and just trying to use this multipurpose Ai are having a little bit of difficulty.

ChatGPT does not always work properly and in some cases, it will show you a message like “ChatGPT is at its capacity right now” barring you from accessing the Chat feature.

One of these common issues is the “ChatGPT Login Button not working”.

While you can try to work out other issues of OpenAI, it is really frustrating for people like you and me when they can’t even log in on this platform.

Fortunately, there are a series of steps that you can follow to Fix the ChatGPT Login Button not working error –

Refresh the Web page

The first thing that you can try when the Chat GPT Login button does not work is to refresh that web page (This fix works 90% of the time, BTW).

On the top of your web browser, you will see a refresh icon, just hit that refresh icon and try to log in again to your account.

You can also hit CNTRL+R on Chrome or Firefox to refresh the webpage.

Use Right Login Method

ChatGPT does provide you few different ways to register for a new account.

However, once you have Signed-up for an account you have to log in using the same login method each time.

For example, You have signed up on ChatGPT using the Google login method. Each time when you try to log in you have to Login using your Google account.

Other login methods include email and password, Microsoft account, and mobile number.

Check for ChatGPT Status

The servers of ChatGPT are not always up and sometimes you will see a message like “ChatGPT at its capacity right now”.

Unfortunately, they do not provide exact errors each time.

Sometimes you might be not able to login into your OpenAI account and this could be also due to server-related issue.

When you can’t use the Login button due to a server issue, you have to wait till the server issue is resolved and try again.

Ensure cookies are enabled

Some people on the Internet love their privacy and why shouldn’t they when almost every other site is after their data?

Due to this disabling cookies, fingerprinting, and enabling some third-party browsing extensions to protect their privacy.

Unfortunately, some websites do rely on Third-party and first-party cookies to work correctly.

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Since they rely on cookies they do not bode well with this functionality disabled.

The website ChatGPT also does depend on cookies in order to log in or for the Signup button to work.

If your browser cookies are disabled, please head over to its setting and enable browser cookies again.

If you have some other third-party extension that blocks login, tracking, or some similar thing; Ensure to whitelist in order to login without any issues.

So in Conclusion

To put all this in short – the ChatGPT login button not working issue can happen to anyone and at any time. When it does happen you can easily fix the issue by Refreshing the login page. However, sometimes it might not work and you might have to follow other steps such as ensuring to use the right login method, enabling cookies, and checking the Open AI server status.

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  1. Thanks for this helpful guide! I was struggling with the same issue, but your step-by-step instructions saved the day. Refreshing the page and clearing my browser cache did the trick for me

  2. Yo, this post was a lifesaver! That login button was driving me nuts.That login button was driving me nuts. Finally got ChatGPT working again. Method 3 worked like a charm for me


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