YouTube Vanced not Working? – Reasons, Solutions, & Alternatives

Is YouTube Vanced app not working on your Phone? Is it suddenly stopped working and you are seeing errors like – unable to load this content, following content is not available, app shutting down, crashing or some other random issues? In this post I am going to address why Vanced stopped working on your, is there any way you can fix this app and some alternatives which you can try?

YouTube Vanced issues explained

Fix YouTube Vanced not working

As you already know that YouTube is the most popular platform to share and Watch Video content online, be that from your Phone, PC, Laptop, Smart TV, or any other device connected to the Internet.

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For mobile phones, they offer a YouTube mobile application which nowadays comes pre-installed on almost all Smartphones.

In fact, you will have trouble finding phones which don’t have YouTube installed on them.

But here we are not going to talk about YouTube, but another application that had becomes an alternative to the official YouTube app in a very short time, and that app is – YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced offers premium features such as – Ad-free experience, Background play, Force HDR playback, Override max resolution, and Picture in Picture mode.

Some of these features which Vanced provides are only available for YouTube premium subscribers only.

Hence the users who don’t want to add while watching videos can either subscribe to YouTube Premium or Download Vanced (which is free).

But recently YouTube Vanced stopped working for a large majority of users and even for those who it’s working they are having some issues such as –

  • Getting errors like the following content is not available.
  • Unable to load videos, posts, shorts, or any other kind of content.
  • The app is crashing continuously and freeing the app cache & app data does nothing.
  • Having problems connecting to Google servers.
  • Unable to log in to the YouTube account or the app keeps logging you out.

We are going to review why suddenly you start getting these issues and how can you fix these Vanced not working issues.

Why YouTube Vanced app not Working?

If you have Vanced installed on your phone, you might be facing some of the worst technical glitches that an Android app can have.

And there is actually a reason behind it.

And that reason is – That YouTube Vanced was shut down in the year 2022.

It was shut down because of a cease-and-desist letter from Google, forcing the developer to stop the development and distribution of the app.

That means they were no longer able to distribute or even develop this.

However, even tho it was shut down, it doesn’t mean that users can’t use the app on their phones. 

End users who have Vanced installed on their phones were able to use this app without any issues, the only thing they can’t do is update the app.

Since updates are no longer possible, it was predicted in the near future, there will be lots of bugs or issues who still decided to continue using this app.

Can you Fix Vanced App not working issues?

Vanced was a copy of the YouTube app, and YouTube is consistently working on developing new features, removing some old features, and updating the app to improve user experience.

Since Vanced developers are no longer updating the app, these features can’t be added to the app, and as a result, few things in this app can be seen broken to you.

That’s the main reason why you are having these kinds of issues in the first place.

Furthermore, you can’t even fix these issues since it’s impossible for you (as an app user) to fix all those bugs by yourself.

So what option you have left?

So Google forces YouTube Vanced to shut down ‘due to legal reasons’ and you are no longer updating this app.

Due to that, there are numerous bugs, issues, and glitches introduced to users which can’t be fixed.

But it doesn’t mean you have no option left.

If you want to continue accessing YoutTube without ads as a same way before, you have two options –

  • Subscribe for YouTube Premium – YouTube Premium is a subscription which does allow you to stream videos without ads. You can also get a few other features which is not available for free users.
  • Get the Revanced app – Vanded developer before shutting down the project shared its sourced code on GitHub. Revanced is the continuation of the same project after the discontinuation by the official team.

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Further FAQs

Why YouTube Vanced stopped working?

It stopped working because it was shut down by developers. Since this app was no longer maintained, there was no one to fix issues in this mobile application.

How to Fix Vanced not working errors?

Since updates are no longer possible, Bugs and glitches in this app can’t be fixed. You can switch to another alternative.

Why Vanced is discontinued?

Developers had received a legal notice which forced them to shut down this app.

Can you get banned from YouTube using Vanced?

Probably, Using the Vanced app is not legal and it doesn’t align with their terms of service. If YouTube wants, they can terminate your account just for using this app.

Why I am seeing “Following content is not available” while streaming?

If you are unable to stream a particular content, this could be due to geographic restrictions. Make sure the video is available in your country and try again.

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