Zerodha Kite App: Review, Tutorial, Charges, F&O, Stocks & IPO [Guide]

Zerodha Kite App is an online Stock trading mobile App that allows you to invest or trade online. If you have Zerodha Account can use it to Buy Stocks, IPOs, F&O, and Commodity online. This article is dedicated review and tutorial which provides you a deeply detailed guide on How to open an account, How to use it for investing and How to fix not working error.

Zerodha Kite App Review: Kite App tutorial 2021


Zerodha is India’s most popular online stock broker available. There you can use this platform not only for stock trading but for commodity trading, Mutual funds, and for Future & Options as well.

The Charges that you have to pay for Trading, Delivery is nominal and you won’t even notice any difference.

The DP Charges when you are selling shares from your Demat account is just like any other which is 13.5 rupees with (+18% GST) per scrip.

The account opening process for the new users is also simple enough, The process is completely online.

According to the most of stock traders, Zerodha is India’s best platform for intraday trading.

Zerodha brought three App for its account holders-

  • Zerodha Kite for Stocks, Commodity, and F&O Tradings.
  • Coin App for the Mutual Funds Investments.
  • Zerodha Varsity is for Beginner investors who want to learn about the stock market.

Here in this article, we are Going to focus on Kite By Zerodha.

Stock trading Overview

Developed byZerodha
Rating4.1 Stars
DownloadsOver 5,000,000+
Download from Play store

The Kite App is the official Application for the Zerodha Account holders to initiate trade online from their Mobile Phone.

This Mobile Trading App is available to download on your Android smartphone, tablet, or your iOS iPhone, iPad from the official App stores.

It is available for free to download just like Groww App.

However, one thing that you have to keep in mind before installing this Application that this is for only those who already have a Verified Zerodha trading account.

Of course to login into this trading App you need your kite login ID and password which you will get only when your Zerodha account is opened, verified and completely functional.

Here are the features that this app offers you-

  • This Trading Platform is built with Brand new Technology yet the interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Console reports, Widgets are embedded in the app.
  • Offers you TradingView Charts that you can use for Technical Analysis of any stock right inside from this Application. You can perform Stock Analysis easily.
  • Marketwatch features allow you to watch and keep track of more than 250 selected using Watchlists.

Zerodha Kite App charges

Here are the Charges that Zerodha kite App Charges from the Traders-

  • Account Opening Charges – It will vary from 100 rs to 300 rupees. Depending on the segments that the user wants. This is a one-time fee and it’s non-refundable.
  • Equity Deliveries – Just like almost all the other Online traders it offers you free equity delivery on NSE and BSE.
  • Intraday and F&O Trades– The Charges for Intraday trades and F&O can be Flat rupees 20 or 0.03 of trade. Whichever is the lower amount will be charged on your Equity, Currency, and commodity trades.
  • Mutual Funds– All of the Direct Mutual Funds investments are completely free here. You don’t have to pay any commission or Charges on Mutual funds investments.

Zerodha Account Opening Process


Now when you know almost all things about the Zerodha Online Trading account the next step for you if you want to trade online is to Open Zerodha Trading Account.

This Demat+Trading Account Opening process is easy enough and what’s more, it’s completely online.

You just need your computer or mobile browser, all of the required documents, an active internet connection, and you are ready to start.

Here is the process that you need to Follow for the Zerodha Account opening-

  1. First head over to and hit that big blue Sign Up Now button.
  2. On the next page, it will ask for your mobile number. Enter your active mobile number there and click on the Continue button.
  3. You will receive the OTP code on the mobile number that you just entered.
  4. Choose the Product that you want to Use. It offers currently-
    • Equity – It for stocks.
    • F&O – Full form futurs and options.
    • Commodity – Golds, silvers, etc.
  5. Choose the product that you want to invest in, You have to Pay account opening fees according to it.
  6. Hit the Pay to Continue button. Complete the payment process as per your desired payment methods.
  7. Connect to Digilocker and sign in with your OTP. Allows the Digilocker access.
  8. Enter your Bank account and other required information.
  9. On the next page choose the right information regarding your employment, Tick on correct options, and hit the continue button.
  10. Now it’s time for your photo verification. To do it Note down the Code that shown on the screen on the Blank page, Hold it in your hand capture it with your Webcam.
  11. Keep handy your Digital copy of your documents, You have to upload those in the next step.
  12. Sign on the Blank White sheet and upload your signature as well.

Follow the direction and complete your account opening process.

You will receive the verification mail once your account will be approved.

You will also get your Kite User ID and Password reset link to set your password and pin to use Kite.

This User ID and password now can be used in Kite App or Kite Dashboard in a web browser.

How to use Zerodha Kite App for trade & investments?

Zerodha Kite App offers you a simple user interface to do Intraday trading, Trading in F&O, Investment in stocks right from your mobile phone.

It’s very simple to Add the stocks that you want to buy right to your watchlist and keep track of their prices increase and decrease.

It has a Portfolio page that allows you to see all of your holdings and Positions on one screen.

Using this you can Buy shares, Sale the shares that you purchase, make the buying or selling position in the intraday.

Just like the web version the mobile Application also offers traders to set stop loss, Target, and more on the Buying/Selling screen.

How to buy shares

To Buy shares in Kite you first have to login into the App using your User ID and Password.

In the search bard search for the share, Choose the share that you want to buy from the result.

Now at the bottom of your screen, you will see the card for the share Containing Buy and sale button.

You will be also able to check the Technical and fundamental detail of that particular share, right from that card.

Click on Buy Button to Buy Share.

Now the Buy share page will open Choose the Index NSE or BSE on Top, Choose Quantity, Choose product, Order type, and once you satisfied Swipe to buy.

If you taking delivery of a share, It will take T+2 Days to reflect that stock in your holdings.

Till then it will be shown in the Positions tab on your Portfolio page.

How to sell shares

Selling Share is a bit different especially if the share is already in your Holdings.

To Share the Share which is already in your Demat account you have to navigate to the Portfolio page, Click on the share that you want to sell, and hit the Exit button.

Choose the Quantity that you want to sell, the price you want to sell (Optional), and swipe to sell button.

If your share successfully sold the amount will be credited to your Funds.

How to set stop loss

Both the Kite App and the Web App offers you the functionality of a different kind of Buy and sell Order.

in brief, you can use-

  • Market Order – Sell or Buy on current market price.
  • Limit Order – Set the price on which to sell or buy stock.
  • LS (Stop Loss)- Set the stop loss with the Limit order.
  • SLM (Stop loss Market order) – Sell/buy on market price but with Stop loss.

So if you want to set the Stop loss in Zerodha Kite you have to either use LS or SLM while placing a sell or buy order.

How to Buy IPOs?

If you want to Apply for IPO using this Trading Application right from your mobile phone, you have to follow this process-

  1. First, open the App and head over to your Account Page.
  2. Just in the end below the Console option, You will see the Link labeled as “IPO”.
  3. Click on that IPO Link.
  4. A new Page will be open on your browser screen. Login in to your Zerodha Account if you are not already in your browser.
  5. An IPO Page will be open for you.
  6. All of the Current and Past IPO will be listed there.
  7. Click on the Bid button to Bid for that Particular IPO.
  8. You will be able to pay using a UPI account.

That how you Apply for IPO using Zerodha.

How to perform Intraday trading

As I mentioned earlier the Kite is perfect for Intraday traders.

If you know the fundamentals of day trading then you will be able to use this App efficiently for Intraday trading.

However, if you are dealing in a large number of shares on a daily basis in intraday it’s better to use the web version instead of the mobile App.

On the buying/selling screen, you will notice that under the product section there is two option CNC and MIS.

The CNC Stands for Cash and Carry while the MIS stands for Margin Intraday Square Off.

You need to Choose MIS instead of CNC if you want to perform Intraday trading.

How to Fix Zerodha Kite App not working

Usually, this App works fine without any issue on most of the Devices but sometimes for some users, one or two glitches appear where this App just not working.

However, the Fix of the Error will very well depend on the Problem that you are facing most of them can be solved by this troubleshooting guide.

Follow this guide-

  1. Exit the App, Tap on the Kite App Icon, and navigate to App storage.
  2. Clean the Cache, and clear the data.
  3. Restart your Phone.
  4. Open the App and log in using your ID and password.

If the App not working problem is still not fixed you can Call Zerodha Customer care on customer care mobile number 080 4718 1888.

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