5Paisa App Review : Trade, Invest, How to fix Not Working Error & FAQ’s

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This post is an Honest 5paisa App review. This will not only provide you an overview and details of What this Android/iOS Mobile App to Offer but even a tutorial answering How to use this app for trade & Investing, How to Open Demat & Trading Account, Check your Application status, Transfer fund to your Bank account, How to fix not Working error and so on.

5Paisa App Review

5Paisa App Review : Trade, Invest, How to fix Not Working Error

5Paisa App is the official mobile application of one of the most popular Indian Brokers.

This offers Trade is low flat rates, the Account opening process is completely online and Documents that are required is minimal.

Not only trading accounts, but this App also offers its customers Advance research tools for free.

The free access to Advance research tools like Swing Trader, Smart Investor, Small case, Portfolio Analyser, and sensible investor is included with the right brokerage plans.

5Paisa App Overview Details

Developed by5paisa
Rating4.2 Stars
DownloadsOver 5,000,000+
Download from Play store

5paisa is just like Robinhood, Groww, Zerodha Kite App is Mobile Stock Trading Application that allows you to Buy/Sell, Invest and trade Share on BSE & NSE using your Mobile phone.

At the time of writing this piece of article, this Stock Trading App has downloaded over 5 million times and counting.

If you have an understanding of the Stock market, investment and trading you may know that why this App is used for.

Just like I mention, Here you can Trade in Equity.

It offers not only a way to trade in Stock market indexes but also on the MCX market which is for Commodities like Gold and Silver.

Here are the features that you will like-

  • This online trading App offers you an exciting and rewarding experience. You will not only be able to earn money online from Trading but also from Refer and Earn method.
  • It is all in one mobile platform where you will be able to invest not only in the Equity but also in Derivatives, Currencies, and Commodities.
  • Stock Price tracking will be provided to you in the dashboard in real-time. Not only the Charts you will be able to get quotes live from NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • You can build your own Multi-Asset Watchlist to keep track of the stocks that you are interested in without buying them.
  • It offers you alert functionality. You can set your own customized alerts to forget mobile notifications when the price of a particular share will be down.
  • You can link other Technical and fundamental analysis tools like Smart Investor, Swing trader, Sensibull, Small cases, Screeners to make your stock research easier.

Brokerage Charges

5Paisa.Com allows you to trade in any of the Stocks, Commodities, and Currency for Flat Rupees 20 only.

This is 0% brokerage, so you don’t have to pay a fixed percent on your trades.

The Flat 20 Rupees charges will apply for Any number of trades on any value any type and any segment.

For mutual funds this Charge is Zero. This App will not charge any kind of fees for investing in mutual funds.

Account opening is also free. You can Open your Free Demat & Trading Account online without any charge.

How to use 5paisa App

5paisa App is used for Trading in Stocks, F&O & Commodity.

Not only for Trading you can invest in Mutual Funds, Invest in Digital Gold.

At the time of writing this article, this App offers you three brokerage plans.

The first is the Power investor pack which will cost traders 499 rupees each month and the second is Ultra trader Pack which is 999 Rupees per month.

and the third is the basic pack.

The benefits and features are offered by those packs are different and you can choose them as per your investing needs.

Apply for Demat+Trading Account

Before begin initiating the trades or investment using the 5paisa Trading app you first have to open its Demat and trading account.

This offers you a free Demat + Trading account which you can open instantly if you have your Pan Card Number, Aadhar Card, Bank Account Number & IFSC codes with you.

Here is how you can apply for an online Demat Trading Account-

  1. Open 5Paisa on your Android/iOS mobile phone. You can follow this process on your Windows/Linux/Mac-based computer using the web browser and official site https://www.5paisa.com/demat-account.
  2. Once you there enter your Mobile number. Verify your mobile number by filling up the OTP code that will receive via SMS.
  3. Follow the eKYC process as directed. Upload all of the required documents and Take a selfie when it asked.
  4. Once the process is complete you have to wait till your Trading account gets approved.

Once your Demat Trading account got approved you can begin investing.

Check 5paisa Application status

It takes of Minimum of 24 hours on any given working day, It may take longer to get your Account to get approved if it’s a holiday.

If you enter all the information correctly then you don’t worry your account without a doubt will get approved.

However in any case when it will be approved the Account Application status along with details will be sent to you via mail and SMS.

However, if you can’t access the account even after the maximum time frame then in that kind of case you can contact customer support.

How to trade in 5paisa trading App?

Once your Trading Account is fully functional, You can start your online trading journey from this App.

On the right side of NIFTY and SENEX trackers, you will notice the search bar.

Using that search bar, traders can look up the stocks that they want to buy and sell.

Click on the stock on which you want to trade, Choose whether you want to buy it or sell it and initiate the trade.

Make sure that before beginning investing you have proper funds in your account you can also add money on the go.

here is the video from the All Money Mantra YouTube channel which goes into the more detailed tutorial on how to use this app.



How to withdraw money from 5paisa App?

You can easily withdraw money from 5paisa App to the linked bank account when you want.

If you withdraw money from your trading account to your bank account then you have to Navigate thru Menu >> Trade >> Funds and Click on Withdraw and Choose the Account where you want to transfer money.

How to Fix 5paisa App not working?

If you use this App and suddenly The 5paisa App not working in not working for you on your mobile phone, You may be not alone in that scenario.

  • The App is Crashing Continuously.
  • App Server Down.
  • Unable to log in, Can’t log in, Error accrued when login, Can’t log in today.
  • The screen is not Loading and more.

If you facing this kind of problem then it can be, on most of the occasion server related problem.

You can check on with them on the official Twitter page https://twitter.com/5paisa and check if they announced any scheduled maintenance.

If the server is not under maintenance, there is no server problem you can troubleshoot problem which only you are facing by clearing app cache and history.


Here is the few of the most asked question about this Stock Trading App

Is 5paisa App is Safe?

Similar to Groww Trading App, or any other Stock Trading Apps and Banking Application this uses the 256-bit SSL encryption which makes your data and transaction completely safe.

Is 5paisa is Approved with SEBI?

Yes, 5PAISA CAPITAL LIMITED is registered with SEBI and fully authorized to carry trades on NSE, BSE, MCX, and others.

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