AIMS Portal Indian Railways Salary Pay Slip, Login & Registration

Here in this post, we are Going to talk about the AIMS Portal Indian railways Salary slip Download. We are going to review that how an Employee of the Indian railway Fills up an online registration form to Login in Portal.

So if you want to know how to do AIMS Portal Online registration, How to RESS Railway App Application form Download in PDF format, and anything about AIMS.IndianRailWays.Gov.In official portal then you are in the right place.

AIMS Portal Indian Railways

AIMS Portal Indian Railways

AIMS Portal Indian Railways is the official portal provided for the benefit of employees.

The Indian Railway employees by using the AIMS portal are able to Download their salary slip easily.

Currently, the Indian Railway offers two different ways to Download salary slips, check income tax information, provided funds, and other information which is related two their salary.

First is the Official portal which is designed for Employee Self service, available in Hindi and English language.

The second option is (Which by the way most convenient for most users) is to Download RESS App, available for Android Smartphone users and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

This portal and the mobile application is part of the Digital India move initiated by the Indian Government.

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Here The Full form of AIMS is the Accounting Information Management System. This refers to the online accounting system created for the Indian railway’s employees.

At the time of writing this article in Indian Railways, more than 13,08.000 employees are working and managing that higher amount of employees is no easy task but Indian railways are doing a fine job of it.

If you are one of the Indian Railways employees then this accounting portal and the RESS Mobile app is designed for you.

Employees here can manage and view their financial data like Monthly Payslips, PF funds Data, Income Tax information and Download them.

AIMS Portal Online Registration

AIMS Portal Online Registration

To use the Accounting Information Management system employees first need to finish AIMS Portal Online Registration.

Before proceeding to the online registration you have to provide consent to receiving SMS alerts from Indian railways.

To Activate SMS alerts on your Mobile number, as per TRAI guidelines you have SMS START on mobile number 09821736069.

*Standard data rates will apply

How to Apply online for Registration

You can Register on the AIMS portal online using your web browser.

If you want to apply online for registration then you have to follow this registration process-

  1. First, You need to Head over to the official portal –
  2. Once you are there on the official portal homepage, on the Righ side you will see the Link ‘Employee Self Service’.
  3. You have to click on that Employee Self-Service link to continue.
  4. The Login page will be presented to you. But you have to scroll down to see “New User Registration”.
  5. Click on that New User registration for Sign up.
  6. Enter your Employee Number, Your Mobile number, and your Date of birth.
  7. Finally hit the Submit button.
  8. The process to finish your Online Registration Application form.

AIMS Portal login

The Registered employees are able to Login into their accounts with the help of both the Ress Mobile Application and the official web app.

For the AIMS Portal login you have to-

  1. Head over to the AIMS login page by this link.
  2. Enter your Employee Number.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Hit the submit button.

Congratulation you logged in there successfully.

If by some chance you forget your password you can use Forget password link to reset your password.

AIMS Portal salary slip Download

AIMS Portal salary slip Download

AIMS Portal Indian railway salary slip can be downloaded from the Aims.IndianRailWays.Gov.In dashboard once the employee logged in to their account.

To Download the AIMS Portal salary slip you have to follow the steps as mentioned below-

  1. First log in using the employee number in your account on Aims.IndianRailWays.Gov.In.
  2. Find the option there which is labeled as Payslip.
  3. You can Check your Payslip for any particular month.
  4. Using your browser window you will be also able to Download your Payslip.

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So that’s everything about AIMS Portal Indian railways Login, Registration, and AIMS Portal salary slip Download.

If you have any other questions regarding the Aims.IndianRailWays.Gov.In portal you can mention them in the comment section.

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