ANZ Card not working? – Fix Blocked Debit or ATM Card Errors

Has your transaction been declined recently? Is your Debit card facing constant rejection from a specific website? Or maybe the ATM throws cryptic errors instead of dispensing cash? any ANZ card not working error causes real frustration especially if you are in urgent need of cash.

But worry not dear reader, because this post not only provides you reasons why it might be not working but also equips you with actionable troubleshooting steps that you need to follow for the most common ANZ Debit card errors.

Why is the ANZ Bank Card not working?

So your ANZ Credit Card or ANZ Debit card not Working? there could be any reasons for the play.

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Here are some of the most common reasons –

  • Card not activated: Ensure you’ve activated your card through the ANZ app or website, or the bank may not have processed it yet.
  • Blocked card: Contact ANZ to check if your card has been blocked for security reasons or suspicious activity.
  • Expired/damaged card: Check the expiry date on your card and look for any visible damage that could hinder its functionality.
  • PIN/Date/CVV errors: Double-check that you’re entering the correct PIN, date, and CVV code each time you use your card.
  • Card restrictions: ANZ may have placed temporary restrictions on your card for various reasons.
  • External Factors: Sometimes, the problem may not lie with your card but with the website, card reader, or ATM itself.

How to Fix ANZ Card not Working?

How to Fix ANZ Card not working

ANZ, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, issues a diverse range of credit and debit cards to their customers.

But for various reasons, they might be stopped working or get blocked by the bank.

No matter which issues or errors you are getting all of the ANZ card not working issues are fixable, and here is the troubleshooting guide to resolve these issues –

General troubleshooting for common issues

Here are the general troubleshooting steps you can follow when your ANZ Bank ATM or Debit card is not working –

  • Make sure the Card is active: If your debit card is new make sure that it is activated.
  • Fix the issue with the Website: many online merchants or websites might not accept the card you are using. This happens, you have to use an alternate payment in this case.
  • Check for any restrictions: Your bank account, especially the debit card section. Ensure there is no restriction or block placed on the Card in question.
  • Try using another ATM: If you are unable to retrieve cash from the ATM, try withdrawing from another ATM, chances are this issue could be due to the ATM not functioning correctly.

Fixing Specific Issues with your Card

In addition to following general troubleshooting for common issues, there are also a few issues that require specific troubleshooting steps.

Here are some of those errors:-

  • Card Not Supported: This means Bank or website, doesn’t accept this card. Use another payment method.
  • Declined 01: Card has been invalidated. You have to use another payment method and contact your bank.
  • Declined 12: Transaction not allowed on your card. This means your card is blocked for some reason.
  • Declined 30: Incorrect CVV. Retry with the correct code.
  • Declined 51: The Bank has declined your transaction. Use another payment method and contact your bank.
  • Declined 52: Wrong account type linked to the card. You have confirmed that the right account is linked to your ANZ debit card.
  • Declined 54: Your ATM or Debit Card is expired. You have to apply for a replacement card.
  • Declined 55: It means you have entered the incorrect PIN. You have to Re-enter the correct PIN.
  • Declined 75: This appears when you do enter an incorrect PIN 3 times. When this happens bank do block the card, and you have to unblock it to continue.
  • No Answer/Response: Retry transaction. If it fails, refer to the Quick Reference Guide or contact customer support.
  • Number Busy: Check for other lines in use. Retry transaction. If it fails, refer to the Quick Reference Guide or contact ANZ Merchant Services Support.
  • System Error 13: Transaction exceeds refund limit. You have to contact Merchant Services Support.
  • System Error 061: Exceeded daily/weekly limit or drawing on uncleared funds. Try a smaller amount, otherwise, use another payment method.
  • System Error 91/96: Transaction unsuccessful. Retry and contact Merchant Services Support if it fails again.
  • Terminal Displaying “AUTH?”: For transactions exceeding the EFB limit, call the authorization center and enter the authorization number.

Ask for further support

In some cases, for example, when your Debit or Credit card is blocked by the ANZ bank itself, you have to contact them for explanations.

Banks do block an ATM card or place restrictions on your account for many different reasons, sometimes they do it without providing any detailed explanation for their action.

In any case, where there is no option available to unblock the card for you in either its net banking app or official website, you must contact their customer support.

You can get their customer support helpline number, and customer care email address from this page –

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So in this article, we have dived deep into the most common culprits who are responsible for your unresponsible debit card.

Furthermore, we not only unveil the reason but also the actionable troubleshooting steps to take care of each of these card-related problem.

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