BECU App not working? – Banking, Authentication, and other Issues

There are a handful of users who have recently encountered BECU app not working errors, such as authentication, server connectivity, fingerprints, or password problems while trying to use the app.

Additionally, reports have surfaced about glitches, crashes, and freezing instances that disrupt the app’s functionality. That’s why here in this guide we are going to explore this issue in detail and How to troubleshoot these errors in a few simple steps.

Why is BECU not working? – Issue in detail

Fix BECU app not working

BECU is an online Banking and finance mobile application that allows you to initiate online transactions and manage your money right from your mobile phone.

This app not only helps you monitor your BECU but also helps you to combine and view your non-BECU financial accounts in one place.

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Users use this app to prepare their budget control their spending, and manage their income, and debts.

You and also use it to locate the nearest branch ATM or BECU near your location.

While this mobile application is truly useful it is not without some bugs.

There are some users who are having issues such as continuous crashing, Authentication errors during login, Fingerprint not working, Freezing, and a few similar issues.

How to Fix the BECU app not working?

While these issues are quite frustrating, Here are some easy troubleshooting steps you as a user can try to fix BECU app not working –

Solving issues with BECU banking servers

Server Down, Scheduled maintenance, or server-related glitches are the most common reasons why customers face issues when initiating online transactions.

You can check the current server status by heading over to this link.

They check if there is any ongoing issue with the server.

If there is a server issue, you to wait till they fix the problem.

Fix BECU App Authentication Failed

The “BECU Authentication Failed” error appears when the mobile app does have some issue identifying your password or fingerprint while you try to login into your account or set it up after installing it for the first time.

This could happen due to any reason including – Network error, server glitch, the issue with the biometric scanner among list of countless other reasons.

The good news here is that force closing the app and retrying again usually works.

Fix BECU Online Banking not working

The main purpose of this app is to manage your money right from your mobile phone.

And when you are unable to do online banking, this app fails at its primary purpose.

Usually, this doesn’t happen, often.

When it happens, you can check the BECU Server status and ensure that their server is not down right now.

If their server is not down or down for an extended period of time and you are unable to do any transaction you have to contact their customer support.

Troubleshoot Fingerprint or Biometric issues

When after trying multiple time this app doesn’t accept your fingerprint, then you follow these steps –

  1. First, uninstall the app from your phone and head over to settings.
  2. Head over to the Biometric or Fingerprint setting on your phone and reset it.
  3. Add Fingerprint again.
  4. Head over to the Google Play store or App Store and install BECU again on your phone.
  5. Set up the app and enable biometric login.

Following this usually fixes any authentication issues with biometric login.

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Glitches, Crashes, or Freezing on some specific devices

Other than known issues that can appear for almost any user, users using some specific devices like Nexus are facing crashing, and freezing while they try to load this on their smartphone.

This issue is linked to compatibility. When it happens try installing the app on another smartphone and see if you are not having the same issue there.

Sometimes, Uninstalling and reinstalling might fix the issues for some users.

Furthermore please make sure that you have updated your phone to the latest Android or iOS version available for your phone.

When after trying everything it doesn’t seem to work for you, you have to contact customer support.

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You can contact BECU customer care via email – or the helpline number – +1800-233-2328.

Further FAQs

How to Check BECU Online Banking Server Outage?

If you suspect a Server outage could be the reason that this app not working, you can head over to this link. There you will be able to see the real-time system status of all available services.

Why is mobile deposit not working for me?

While making a mobile deposit, you have to follow specific guidelines. Failing to adhere to any of them results is a failed mobile deposit.

Why Some of the transaction is not showing in the app?

Most of the transactions are updated in real-time. It might take some time for some “specific” transaction to show up. You can either wait or contact customer support for further information. You can also check the full list of transactions on the official website.

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