ICICI iMobile App not working? – Fix all net banking issues 2024

Is the ICICI iMobile app not working on your Phone? ICICI’s official mobile banking app might act strange sometimes due to issues such as app not opening, it being stuck on loading, an error during payment, or crashing while checking your bank account statements.

And these are only a few of the most common issues.

Fortunately, errors such as these happen only sometimes.

Whichever iMobile error you are facing right now, this step-by-step troubleshooting guide will help you solve that problem.

Why ICICI iMobile App not working

Fix iMobile App not working errors

iMobile is the official mobile application for ICICI Bank customer to manage their bank account, credit card, Debit card, and most of the other banking services in one place.

Unlike most of the other Indian banks who just provide a mobile banking application just because they do so, ICICI did a better job of it.

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Don’t get me wrong it’s better compared to other banks’ official banking apps but it is no way near perfect.

It has its own set of issues, bugs, glitches, and some occasional errors.

Which sometimes seems to be very hard to fix, but you can fix these errors easily on your own.

That’s why, here in this article, we are going to talk About the iMobile app not working errors.

And how to troubleshoot these errors on your own.

How to Fix iMobile App not working errors

Most of the time, when you are having an iMobile not working issue, it could be solved by following this general troubleshooting guide –

Step 1- Identify the root cause

Just like fixing any other problem, the first step is always about finding what exactly the problem is.

Pay attention to the error code or when the iMobile starts acting strangely.

This might give you some idea, of what is happening.

Step 2 – Check for Server issues

ICICI bank server might be down right now.

Check for server-related problems. This could be the case.

If so you have to wait till the problem is fixed.

It could be also due to a version mismatch.

It happens when there is a new version available and you are still using an older version of the app.

Update the app as soon as possible.

Step 3 – Fix Phone related issues

Not all problem happens because your app is outdated or had a weird bug.

Sometimes, the problem can be fixed simply by clearing up all the recent app.

This could also happen due to not having enough available RAM.

If your phone is the culprit, close all the apps and simply reboot it.

That might fix most of the temporary issues.

Fixing Other Common iMobile errors

Apart from the inconvenience of the ICICI iMobile mobile app not working at crucial of moments, there are several other common issues that customers often encounter.

Here are more detailed information on those issues, what troubleshooting steps can be followed to fix each of these errors –

Online Payment not working on the iMobile App

iMobile being an online banking app is largely used for Payment.

Whether it’s Paying others online, accessing your Credit card, or debit card, Pay Later, BHIM UPI, or any other available options; its primary purpose is online payment.

But sometimes things happen, and you might be unable to make Payment.

For example, recently I had an issue where I couldn’t use Pay Later for online mobile recharge.

I was able to use the account balance but not the account balance.

I tried 2 or 3 times more and 3rd time I had no issue.

If you are unable to Pay online, Check your account balance, Recharge, or anything else force closing the app and trying again will do the trick.

At least sometimes it’ll work.

But if the problem is a little bit big like money deducted from your account and it doesn’t go where you want it to be.

If you are not able to use Online Payment or any other feature for the last few days, it’s better to contact ICICI Customer Care.

Fixing The iMobile App stuck on loading Screen

When you open this app, the first screen that greets you is the login page.

These users need to enter the 4-digit login pin that they have set during registration.

Customers can also use a Fingerprint scanner on their phone to Unlock their fingerprint if they had enabled biometric login previously.

Regardless of the login methods users, sometimes users might have an issue getting past the login screen.

To put this more simply, it might seem stuck there during loading.

While this might happen sometimes, there is nothing to worry about.

This problem happens either due to a heavy server load or some sort of server-related problem.

Fortunately, most of the time it would go away on its own, you just have to wait for a few hours.

iMobile app mobile verification not working

Here are some of the reasons why SMS verification is not working for you and what you can do to fix authentication issues –

No SMS Balance

In the process of verifying your mobile number, iMobile will send an authentication message from your number.

Of course, if it sends a message, standard SMS charges will be applied to you.

If there is an SMS pack or one of those Unlimited packs is activated on your number this will be no issue.

But if there is not enough SMS balance, this will fail and verification will not work.

Permission Issues

Another problem might be related to the permission.

To Verify your mobile number or Send and receive SMS it will require permission to read/send a message.

You can provide permission either by reinstalling or allowing all the permissions this app asks.

Problem with Network

You won’t be able to receive or send a message for verification if there is no network.

Check if there is an ongoing network issue with your network provider or if you are in an area where network signals are very low.

Problem with the Banking Server

Sometimes banking servers also go under maintenance.

This could be also due to some sort of server-related problem.

Wait till it’s fixed and then proceed for verification, if that happens.

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ICICI Mobile App fingerprint not working

Other than logging in with your PIN on this banking app you can also opt-in for the Biometric login option.

If you have a phone with a Fingerprint sensor, you can use that scanner to log in to use Internet banking services.

But problems arise when Fingerprint login doesn’t seem to work or in some cases does not work properly.

Here are a few fixes that you can try when Fingerprint login is not working –

  1. Make sure that you hold your fingerprint the same way you registered it the first time.
  2. Close all the other recent apps, this should free up the memory if low memory is freezing up the phone.
  3. Check and confirm that the issue is not with your Fingerprint scanner.
  4. You can try resetting Biometric and registering your fingerprint on your phone again.
  5. If nothing works you can try to log in with your Login pin and wait till the problem is fixed.

What to do if the iMobile App is Blocked?

There are some instances where ICICI might block your phone from accessing this app and its content.

For example, you can’t use this app with a USB cable connected to your PC with File sharing mode on.

Another is this app does not work on a rooted mobile phone.

It could also happen if you try to log in to many times and this app locks you out.

If the issue is due to the reason which you can fix it, just fix it like disconnecting the USB from your phone (if that’s the case).

But sometimes it is not in our hands, that time we have to contact customer support and explain our situation.

You can also visit your ICICI Bank branch to get help from your account manager.

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Why is the iMobile App not working Today?

A sudden Crash, error connecting to the server, Blank pages, or any other error in a similar fashion indicates that the problem is with the banking server.

Is there any issue with ICICI Bank Today?

The issue with the Banking server or online service status can be checked by visiting the official website or contacting them on Twitter at – @ICICIBank.

What to do if the iMobile App is Blocked?

The first thing that you have to do is why this app is blocked. Once you identify the reason, try to reach customer support. The support executive will be able to shed more light on this topic.

Why is the iMobile App not working with my WiFi Network?

It could be an issue with your WiFi network, such as slow or inconsistent speed. If only this app not working due to Wi-Fi It might be a temporary issue. Another reason might be blacklisted IP, however, the chances of that happening are almost zero to none.

Does the iMobile banking app work with Rooted mobile phones?

No, It’s common for online banking and Payment applications to not provide their services on a rooted phone. Rooted or jailbreak phones pose a security risk, and that is why iMobile also does not support them.

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