Truecaller Premium: How to Buy, Through Paytm, Worth & Get Free

Here in this post, We are going to Talk about How to Buy Truecaller Premium Through Paytm, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, PhonePe, Google Pay & Netbanking. How to get it for free, and is the Gold & Pro version really worth it.

All About Truecaller Premium

How to Buy Truecaller Premium Through Paytm, PhonePe, UPI

Truecaller App is a Caller identification tool that not only helps you identify calls from unknown numbers but provides you a way to block Robocallers, Fraudsters, and Telemarketers based on different factors.

This Mobile Application is out there available for both the Google Play Store and the iOS App store.

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It provides you with World Class Blocking and Spam detection service on your Smartphone.

The Truecaller Free version is powerful on its own.

Benefits or Features of Truecaller Paid Version

If you are willing to pay a few bucks you will get premium features like-

  • You will be able to see who checks your Truecaller profile.
  • You can browse profiles in Incognito mode. It means even if you check someone’s profile they will not able to know about you.
  • The Ads will be removed completely.
  • Provide users with a powerful blocking feature. Advance calls and SMS blocking are based on various factors.
  • Call recording, This feature is not available in OS 9 or above.
  • More Advance features as they come in the future.

Is Truecaller Premium Worth it?: Price in India

It all depends on your perspective, needs and how calls you receive.

If you are someone who receives lot’s of Calls, and SMS and identifying the senders is truly important to you then it really worth it.

In India, it cost only 449 Rupees/Year (At the time of writing) and after a Discount, it’ll be much less.

How to Buy Truecaller Premium

There are 2 types of Pro version is available for you- the First is Premium and the Second is Gold.

The Premium is comparatively much lower than the Gold plan.

And I also recommend you Buy a Premium subscription instead.

Gold plan for those people who have lots of money and don’t know what to do with it.

Even on the GOLD Subscription page, they stated that Gold is just like premium but with a dash of gold.

If you want to Subscribe Truecaller Premium Plan, Here is how to do it-

  1. Once you open the App, the First step is to make sure that you created your profile.
  2. Open the App, On the Bottom Navigation panel tap on Premium Icon.
  3. Click on your preferred Term like 3 months or 1 year.
  4. Now Tap on getting a Special offer.
  5. You will get a special offer and your charges will be reduced if you go for the annual plan.
  6. You have to pay via the Google Play store. There you can pay using Google Play Balance, Credit Card, or UPI account.

Buy Truecaller Premium through Paytm, UPI, PhonePe & Google Pay

If you prefer to Pay using Your PhonePe, Google Pay, Bhim UPI, or Paytm Account; it is a little tedious but you can do it

Here is the process-

  1. Open Your PhonePe, Google Pay, Bhim UPI, or Paytm App.
  2. There find the option to Buy Google Play Voucher.
  3. Buy the Voucher which is equivalent to or more than the fees that you want to pay for the Subscription.
  4. Buy the Play Store voucher.
  5. You will receive the code via SMS on your registered mobile number.
  6. Copy the code that you receive via SMS.
  7. Go to the Google Play store, click on your profile icon, and choose Payment and subscriptions.
  8. Click on Redeem Gift Code, Enter the code and the Balance will be added to your account.

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Now Open the Truecaller app, Choose premium, Choose a suitable plan and Pay using your Google Play store balance.

How To Get Truecaller Premium for Free

You can’t actually.

If you need this service and you don’t want to pay and can’t pay then there is a free version for you.

The free version is also amazing and it offers you lots of amazing features.

Even if you need of premium version 30 Rupees per month is comparatively much cheaper than any other Digital service offering.

If someone offered you, a Premium version for Free or Cracked gold Apk, Please stay away from such claims.

Chances are, they may be infected with malware.

So in simple words, if you want a pro version, it’s better to buy the premium subscription.

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