Best Satellite Tracking App: Live, Real-time Free Satellites Finder Apps

Here in this post, We are going to talk about What is the Best Satellite tracking App for live satellite tracking and finding the satellites based on your location and more factors.

If you are an Astronomy enthusiast and interested in those Men made floating objects in space and want to know how to find/track them in the sky then you are on the right page, here I am going to share with you a list of Mobile Application that will be useful for you to Spot, Identify and keep track on Satellites that are in earth’s orbit.

Best Satellite Tracking App

Best Satellite Tracking App

Satellites are the Spacecrafts that are placed in orbit intentionally.

Those Satellites kind of satellites are man-made and used for various purposes, They differ from Natural Satellites like our Moon.

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Since the first Space mission to launch the first men-made satellite into the earth’s orbit, thousands upon thousands of satellites are released into space by more than 40 countries.

Starlink Satellites are the latest example of it.

However, here in this article, we are not going to talk about the Satellites but the Apps that help you to Find, Identify and Keep track of Satellites from your mobile phones.

These Satellite Tracking Apps are mobile Applications that based on various factors like the Satellites which are going to pass above your location.

Most of the Satellites Finder Apps that are mentioned here are free and available to download for both iOS and Android Smartphones.

So, Here is the List of Best Satellite Tracking Apps for Android & iOS-

Star Walk’s Satellite Tracker

This Mobile Application one of the most useful, highest rated mobile Applications that is the ultimate companion in your Stargazing adventures.

If you are looking for Mobile App that helps you identify the Satellites in the Sky and pinpoint their location then this is for you.

It’s not only a fully-featured Satellite viewer App but also one of the finest trackers to get precise predictions of when will the satellite will be pass above your location.

Upon installing and after providing the location access, You can allow it to determine your location.

Furthermore, you can see data for any other location by filling up the coordinates for that location.

It has a Fly With Satellite view feature, which presents you with an image of a Satellite over the earth. The location and speed are real.

The Downside of this Application is in the Free version you can only keep track of ISS (International Space Station).

If you want to track other Satellites, You have to Subscribe for a premium subscription.

ISS Detector App

Similar to the First Application that I shared here this one also requires the premium subscription to keep track of satellites other than ISS.

As its name suggests this Satellite Viewing App is super useful for Identify and keep track of the International Space Station and where it will pass on your location.

It has 3 different Premium extensions which can be unlocked by in-app purchase.

Here are the Pro Extensions are-

  • Comets & Planets: You can keep track of Comets when they come near the earth and become bright enough to see.
  • Radio Amateur Satellite: The premium version also includes access for AMSAT(Amateur Radio Satellites), easily tracks ham and weather satellites. The Transmitter information, real-time Doppler frequencies are also there.
  • Starlink and Famous Objects: You may read the Best Starlink Tracking App post, Using this extension you can keep track of those SpaceX Satellites. Other famous objects include Telescopes, Rocket bodies, Bright Satellites, and more.

Orbitrack App

Orbitrack App provides you information not only about 4000 Spacecrafts this Application also has rich graphics and highly detailed satellite models.

The Spacecraft that you can track are almost all of the active satellites, Military Satellites, Starlink, and international Space station.

It has Augmented reality mode, Using which and your device GPS & Motion sensors you can find satellites in the SKY.

Here are the few features that you will like in this Stargazing App-

  • Using the Augmented reality will help you identify the Man-Made Satellites in Sky live. It pinpoints the object in the sky.
  • Provides Description and further information about the satellites from within the App.
  • You can set an alert if you want Orbitrack to tell your when a Satellite passes above your location.
  • Includes the 3D models for Satellites, Show the view from up there.
  • The Data will be updated daily, It will also show you the information about the latest Spacecraft launching and so on.

NASA’s official App

Any kind of list of Space related mobile Applications can’t be completed without NASA’s Official mobile Application.

If you are an Astronomy enthusiast, Love to explore and learn more about the Great void that surrounds all and all celestial objects that are floating in it, there is no sane reason that you can’t have this application on your phone.

This Application not only provides you latest Space related news but also Latest Images, Videos, Space Mission information, and much more data.

You can also watch what’s happening up there, Inside the International Space Station using the NASA TV.

As for the Satellite Tracking, it provides you 2D and 3D maps, International Space stations, and other satellites orbiting the earth.

Heavens-Above App

Heavens-Above App is a Satellite Tracking App that comes with a simple user interface that allows you to check live Sky Charts, Nightly Events, Radio Satellites, and information about the International Space station.

It predicts the Satellites which going to pass above your location.

Not only the Man-made object, but this application also allows you to find the location of Comets like NEOWISE in the sky.

Tracksat Satellite Tracker

Tracksat Satellite Tracker is less popular as compared to other apps mentioned in this list but that doesn’t make it less useful.

TrackSat Satellite Trackers App enables users to track the satellites which are orbiting around the earth in real-time.

It will also predict their passes for your or a specific geolocation.

Using this Satellite finder App you can track the Most famous men Made satellites like International Space Station, Starlink, and Crew Dragon by SpaceX, and many others.

What is the best satellite Tracking app?

The Answer for What is the best satellite Tracking app depends on what you’re looking for in the Application and what you really want with it.

Here in this post, I posted Multiple Best Satellite finder Apps that not only allow you to find them but keep track of them.

I personally prefer Orbitrack which by using Augmented reality guides you about the objects floating in the Sky.

But if you are looking for a more simple user interface you can try Satellite Tracker by Star Walk which is an Amazing app but requires a premium subscription if you want to track any satellite other than ISS.

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What is Live Satellite Tracking

Live Satellite Tracking is tracking the Satellites so you will know when they will pass on your location.

A person can track Satellites for various reasons or just because it’s fun.

There are lots of Satellites that you view without needing extra equipment like a telescope, Internation Space station is a fine example of that.

There may be other reasons as well to know which Satellites are going to pass over to my location.

Like you may know about the Starlink Project which started by SpaceX.

They launch satellites into orbit to provide internet access directly and have plans to launch thousands more.

Currently only 60 of them are in the sky so you can access the internet only when they pass over your location.

Using Satellite Tracking App you can keep identifying the time when it is going to pass over your location.

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