iFruit App not Working? – Fix Login, Crashing, Startup Error

Is iFruit App not working on your Android, iPhone, or Windows PC? Is it crashing continuously while you trying to launch? here in this post, I am going to guide you how How to get the iFruit App to Work.

What’s actually going on with iFruit App?

iFruit App not Working

Despite being installed more than 10,000,000 times on the Android App store alone, the app on almost every platform has lots of frustrating bugs, like freezing mid-session when customizing a car. Other issues include:

  • The application is not working properly.
  • The app crashes frequently, on startup or when I try to launch it.
  • Unable to connect to the server.
  • LS Customs is not working properly.
  • and other various issues, such as orders not saving correctly and difficulty training the dog.

Large number of these error can be blamed on the lack of update that this app recieved.


Rockstar Games has officially discontinued the iFruit app due to ongoing bugs and compatibility issues.

This means the app is no longer supported, even if you still have it installed.

While some features are no longer accessible, You can still customize your license plates through Rockstar’s website: https://www.rockstargames.com/gta-online/license-plates.

iFruit app not working Android & iOS [Guide]

Here is the YouTube Video from Hakiii explaining that how you can fix iFruit App not working-

This is a companion app, which directly connected to your Rockstar Social Club account.

Just make sure that you have login into the app using the same account and do the following-

  1. Go to any 10-Car Garage in GTA 5.
  2. Fill it up with 9 Elegy Car and then buy any 10th car.
  3. Drive each of those cars out of the garage and drive them back in the same garage.
  4. Wait for at least 5 minutes in-game.
  5. Quit the game completely and open the iFruit app on your phone.
  6. Open Los Santos Custom.

Hopefully, now will now not crash while launching LS Custom.

iFruit App not working on PC

On 9th September 2019, Rockstar dropped support for iFruit Windows phone, Windows Store, and PlayStation Vita applications.

So if you were using the app on any of that mentioned platforms you will no longer be able to interact with GTAV by using those platforms.

It is available to download on your PC from Rockstar’s website. If the LS custom crashing or iFruit App not Working then you can fix it by following the steps that I mentioned in the previous heading.

iFruit App not Connecting issue

If you are facing a login issue, here is how you can reset your account-

  1. When you try to login into the app, and you see the sign-in failed due to money failed login attempt, you just have to reset re-activate your account.
  2. Head over to social club website – https://socialclub.rockstargames.com.
  3. There click on the Sign-in button.
  4. Enter your login credentials there. If you forget your Social Club password then you click on forgot the password to retrieve it.
  5. Once you logged in to your account, Re-activate your account.
  6. Now try to login again in to the iFruit App.

iFruit app crashing on startup

For the mobile phones, the iFruit was last updated on 2nd December 2019.

Since then lots of things have been changed.

So it makes sense that this app will not work as expected on the latest Android and iOS updates.

If you are trying out this app recently, chances are it will Los Santos customs will crash will you try to launch it.

So if you want to make it work, it will be better if you install it on an older phone.

It’ll work most of the time on the older devices which are released before 2019.

If it crashes after login then you can fix but it if it won’t even start to login then it will not work with your device.

It is even better to Download iFruit on your PC.

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iFruit App not launching

The most common reason for crashing is device incompatibility.

To make matter worse since the time this application released this has not got lots of bug fixes and updates.

Even the last time the app was updated for mobile phones was almost three years ago.

Due to that, the new users have a 50:50 chance that this may or maybe not work on their phone.

You can try installing it on your device, if it works then good, if not there is nothing you can do.

Unless it worked for you in the past.

If you are sure that it was working on your device previously but recently has stopped working then you can follow the steps below to fix it-

  1. If you are on the Android/iOS Phone, Tap and hold the app icon.
  2. Click on the set while the app setting option appears.
  3. Now choose storage settings.
  4. You will see options to clear the cache and data.
  5. Clear the App cache and data.
  6. Restart your phone.
  7. Open iFruit App again and try to log in again.

What’s Exactly is iFruit app?

iFruit is a mobile and desktop application that can be installed on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and PlayStation Vita.

It’s a companion app, which is supposed to use along with Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Despite being a companion for GTA 5, this app contains LS Customs and other games which you can play on your device after its installation.

The Los Santos Customs app which is the part of iFruit Application allows GTA players to modify their character’s vehicles.

Using LS Custom players can add different colors of tire smoke, change the color of the vehicle, and much more.

Final Note:

In December 2022, Rockstar finally removed the iFruit app from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

With the app’s official removal, it’s clear that Rockstar will not be addressing its long-standing bugs and compatibility issues.

Instead they created a custom webpage that allows GTA Online players to customize their vehicles.

You can acess that web page by heading over to – https://www.rockstargames.com/gta-online/license-plates.

If you still have the iFruit app installed on your phone, tablet, or laptop, it’s time to say goodbye.

The app is no longer functional, and keeping it installed offers no benefit.

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