Chase App Not working? Unable to Connect, Features Temporarily Limited

Is Chase App is not Working on your Phone? Are you facing We are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase or Your Chase app features Temporarily Limited then you are in the right place.

Chase Mobile App Not Working

Time is changing rapidly, and in today’s time heading over to the bank just to initiate transactions is hardly necessary.

Thanks to Online Banking apps you can transfer money, review your transactions and do almost all other banking-related tasks right from your mobile phone.

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Nowadays, every major bank has its own Online Banking App.

If you are Chase Customer, You have to Download Chase mobile App for that purpose.

Chase App is Available free to download for Android on the Google Play store and for iOS on the iOS App Store.

Here is the list of all features that Chase provides you in this mobile app-

  • Users can view the account balance of their Checking, Savings, Credit card account, or J.P. Morgan Investment activities on their mobile phones.
  • You can make Payment in real-time or Schedule payment online. You also have the choice to edit or cancel scheduled payments anytime.
  • Using Zelle customers can send and receive money instantly.
  • Easily manage your Investment with J.P. Morgan and get commission-free trades on Stocks, options, ETF’s, Mutual funds, and more.
  • Not only Online banking service, if you want to withdraw cash, using this app you can also find the nearest Chase branches or ATM in your area.
  • It has a feature that allows you to speak with the Chase Customer Service executive if you have any Complain or problems.

Chase app features Temporarily Limited

Chase Account offers a wide range of Online Banking features and investment options for its customers.

Depending on your account type or your eligibility you will be not able to use certain features.

Just as mentioned on this App Publishing page, Some features on this App is available for eligible customers/account only.

If you try to use those features you will get an alert something like “Chase app features Temporarily Limited”.

However, if you are sure that you are eligible to use those features then you can contact customer care for Clarification.

However, there are cases where people who don’t have a JPMorgan Chase Bank account but receiving this kind of message.

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If you do not have an account with JPMorgan Chase Bank and receive this kind of text then simply ignore it, it is most likely spam.

If you do have an account but receive this kind of text without doing any inquiry then you should contact customer service.

We are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase

There are some users who face errors like We are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase.

If you are one of them and can’t use this App because of this error then you can fix it by following the steps mentioned below-

  1. Make sure that this problem is related to your phone or their web server. To do this try logging in using their mobile/website.
  2. If you also can’t log in there as well it may be either server related issue that is temporary and can be expected to fix soon.
  3. Check their Twitter handle @ChaseSupport if they announce any Maintenance or Ackonoledge server-related issue.
  4. If not then Clear the cache and history of your Chase app and restart your phone.
  5. Try login into your account again, if the problem still persists you can contact the customer care number.

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Chase Customer Service

Chase Customer Service can be accessed directly by using its mobile application.

You can either connect with your local branch if you have a specific request related to your account.

Customers can also contact the telephone banker.

Here is the contact information-

  • Chase Customer Service Number – 1-800-935-9935.
  • Contact Accessibility Services – 1-855-644-4561.
  • Contact on Twitter – @ChaseSupport
  • Online Banking Technical support –
    • For US – 1-877-242-7372.
    • Outside US – 1-713-262-3300.

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