How to use Chase Zelle: Set-Up, Transfer, Accept, & How QuickPay Works

Chase Quickpay with Zelle is one of the most convenient options to transfer money online. Here I am going to show you to How to Use Chase Zelle to transfer, accept & receive money, How Chase QuickPay works, and more.

How to use Chase Zelle?

How to use Chase Zelle Quickpay

Zelle just like the cash app is one of the easiest ways to transfer money to bank accounts and credit unions all across the United States.

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It is not only a convenient but fast and safe way to send money online right from your phone to anyone quickly.

This will transfer money directly to the bank account of the receiver from the sender’s bank account.

It is available in most internet banking applications, even if not you can download the Zelle app from the app store.

On the other hand, the Chase app is presented as one of the most reputed credit firms.

Chase QuickPay with Zelle was the former name of it and now it is simply known as Zelle.

How to set up chase QuickPay Zelle

If you are a new Zelle user, here is how you can activate your Zelle account-

  1. Download Zelle App or Head over to the official website (if you are using the website choose to get started from the main menu).
  2. Tap on enroll button.
  3. Register using your Visa or Mastercard which is linked to your U.S. Checking account.
  4. If you prefer you can register directly by login in using your checking account.

Now once you logged into your Zelle account you are ready to send and receive money online.

Note – Please do remember that register via the Net banking option is not available for all banks. If it is not you can always enroll using your debit card linked to your account.

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How to Transfer Money to another person

Once you enrolled in your account, You can accept, send or request money from any recipient.

You have the option to transfer money using nothing but a person’s email address or mobile number.

Zelle users also transfer money directly to the bank account.

To transfer money to another person, once you logged in to your account, enter the recipient’s email or mobile number.

If the person, whom you sent money hasn’t enrolled in Zelle they’ll receive notification to do so.

If they enrolled within 14 days, money will be credited to their account.

If they do not Register on Zelle within 14 days, money will be returned to you.

How to Accept payment on Chase Zelle?

You can request money from the users who installed this app on their mobile phones.

To request money just share your registered email or mobile number with the person.

Once you receive money, it’ll be automatically transferred to your linked bank account.

How to Use Zelle through chase App

Zelle has its own mobile application, available on Android and iOS app stores for free.

However, if already have the Chase app on your smartphone; you can access the Zelle right from it.

You can also access it from the official chase website –

Starting from December 9, you will no longer be able to use Zelle App but only from the cash app or website.

How to Activate Zelle on Chase?

To use Zelle QuickPay, you don’t need any extra steps if you already enrolled in it.

All of your Zelle contacts and payment history will be there in the Chase app.

All you need to do after login into your account is choose QuickPay with Zelle on the Chase mobile app.

For Chase.Com you have to select Pay bills & QuickPay with Zelle within the pay 7 transfer option.

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How does Chase Zelle work?

Chase Quickpay with Zelle, now knows as simply Zelle is a mobile app that allows you to send & receive money from almost anyone in the U.S.

Here the almost anyone means the Chase account holder or other supported banks customers.

It works something like that-

  • Enrollment – You register on Zelle using your Debit card or net banking account.
  • Start Using – Logged in using your eligible debit card or net banking account? now you can start using it to transfer and receiving money online.

So once you set up a Zelle account you can start sending and receiving money online.

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