Chick-Fil-A App not working Today 2024: Is it Down, Fix Errors

There are many different Chick-fil-A App not working Errors are going on right now – like code 500, code 422, and We are having trouble serving you.

Furthermore for some users app stopped working after the last update.

In this guide we will go through all the steps which help you identify the root cause and troubleshoot these issues.

What is the Chick-fil-A mobile app?

How to fix Chick-Fil-A App not working Today

Chick-fil-A is one of the largest Fast food restaurant chains in America which was founded on the year 1946.

At the time of writing this post, they have more than 2,672 restaurants in the United States and Canada.

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Chick-fil-A App is the official mobile app of this Fast Food Chain for Customers to place orders online by phone.

Here is the list of features that this App offers you-

  • Order from your phone: Instead of waiting for your food to prepare you can place your advance. You can choose your pick-up method so your food will be delivered directly to you when you arrive.
  • Earn Rewards Points: Instead of paying cash if you pay using this App by scanning a QR code, You will reward points. Those reward points are later on were redeemed to order food using this App.
  • Customized Menu for You: This App will remember what you order in the past and what you really order repeatedly. Based on that data it will customize the food menu for you.

How to Fix Chick-fil-A App not working in 2024

Chick-fil-A App not working error may be caused by any number of issues, for example, there may be a bug, the app may be not compatible with your phone, the issue with your network connection, the Issue in the server, and so on.

And before troubleshooting the issue, we must identify the reason behind the Error we are facing.

A few errors can be fixed easily by You others can not.

For example, if the issue with your phone, or internet speed you can easily fix it by following this troubleshooting guide-

Force restart and reboot

If Chick Fil is acting weird, not loading or taking too much time to load you can refresh the app by simply closing and re-opening it.

This will release temporary caches which might fix some minor problems.

Ensure Server and Network connectivity

Most of the issues with this online food ordering app does happen either due to server down or connectivity issues with your network.

Before proceeding any further just ensure there is no bigger issue going on.

Clear Cache and app data

Tap and hold on the Chick fil app icon, choose settings and navigate to storage.

There you’ll see the options for clear app cache and clear app data.

Hit both these options one by one. One app data and cache is cleaned you can login again in the app.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app

When Clearing app cache and data from the app setting does nothing you can try uninstalling and installing the app again.

Tap and hold the app icon, and choose uninstall. Once that is done head over to the Google Play Store or app store and install the app again.

If even after following those steps your Error is not fixed, it is most likely a server-related issue.

In that condition, you can Either Contact customer Support or Wait till the issue is resolved by developers.

Fix We are having trouble serving you: Error 500 & 422

Sometimes some users face this error when it says “Sorry we’re having trouble serving you”.

This usually occurs when the App can’t place your order online.

Also due to recent COVID-19 Safety precautions and restrictions lots of users experiencing delays or their order getting canceled with this error message.

For some customers like you who are getting Error Codes 422 and 500 this problem could be server-related.

If you are having this kind of error continuously, It’s best to just wait or Contact customer care.

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Solve “Chick-fil-A App not working” after the update

App Stopped working after a recent update or having an issue using a certain feature after the update is nothing new.

There are lots of Examples on the Google Play Store and iOS App store where the App is working fine after installing a recent update it stopped working.

Weather App is completely stopped working or you are unable to stop working if the problem arises due to recent version rollback to the previous version is the ideal solution for you.

Just Identify the current version of App that you are using and roll it back to the previous version.

Another thing you can do is just sit back and wait till they release the Bug-free version on the App store.

How to contact Chick-fil-A Customer Support

You can Contact Chick-fil-A Customer Support if you have any problem related to your Orders, Transactions, Technical & Account Support.

You can also contact me not only if you have any Complaints or Query but also if you have any feedback to offer.

Here are Customer Care Details-

  • Official Twitter Handle – @ChickfilA
  • App Developer Email –
  • Customer Care Number – 1-866-232-2040.
  • Online Support Page – Visit Support page.

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