Dunkin Donuts App Not Working? – Fix Payment, Connect & Pickup

Is Dunkin Donuts App Not Working in 2024 on your Android or iOS? and if you are facing Can’t Connect, Unable to receive Dunkin App online pickup order, or Having Different Error Codes but don’t know what they mean then you are on the right page.

Dunkin Donuts App Not Working 2024 : Fix All Error Codes

Dunkin App is a mobile application for customers who seek to buy Food online from Dunkin Donuts quick-service restaurants. Customers who order online via mobile app have a choice to grab their order by walk-in pickup, drive-thru and curbside pickup.

What’s more? You can order food from your nearest restaurant but instead of waiting in a long line, you can skip the wait and order food online instantly.

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As mentioned unlike the restaurant where you can order food and choose any of the Contactless pickup options of your choice – Carryout, Drive-thru, or Curbside pickup.

Here are a few other features that you will like in this App-

  • Contactless Delivery: In the age of social distancing, we prefer services that provide Contactless delivery.
  • Earn Perks & Rewards points: The customers who Join the DD perk will be able to earn the reward point each time they order something. Every 5 points are equivalent to $1 and each you cross 200 points, you will earn a free beverage.
  • Faster Checkout: Choose from any of the available payment methods and pay online easily and much faster. You can also pay at the Checkout counter using this app by scanning the QR code there.
  • Special Offers: Personalized special promotional offers will provide to your time by time. To Access the promotional Alerts you may require to provide location access.
  • Make your Menu: Order food and mark them as your favorites. You can save your own menu, So instead of choosing every food every time, you can order the whole menu.

That’s all the features that it provides, But because of some reason sometimes this Fast Food delivery App may not work for you.

You may be Facing an unknown bug that forces you out of this app, you may be unable to connect, can’t place an order, or something not loading.

Whatever the Dunkin Errors you are having, here in this Troubleshoot how to Article we are going to address them and try to fix them.

Dunkin App Can’t Connect

This is Server related error that occurs every time there is something wrong with the server or the request that you are trying to submit.

This kind of error will take anywhere between a few minutes to hours to resolute and most of the time it will be fixed automatically.

The first thing you can do while you are having this error is to make sure that the problem is not with your Device or internet connection.

Try Login to the Website if you are using App.

If the problem is only in one device and only in-app then you can try clearing out cache and history and login into your account again.

Dunkin Donuts Order Online Pickup

Customers can place the order online using this App, On-The-Go even before they visit the store.

If you are in hurry or simply don’t want to wait in a long line then just order from the online menu and place your order.

The delivery is completely contactless and the customer has a choice to choose between pickup methods.

Once your order is confirmed and the Food is ready you can pick it up by visiting the store, Drive-thru, or curbside.

If you placed an order successfully, but the order isn’t reached, the problem isn’t specific to App.

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In any case, if your order is canceled you will be notified in this App.

Location Access is required to use this function.

The customer has to select the location from where they want to collect their parcel.

Dunkin’ Customer Care Numbers

If you have any Complain/Questions/Feedback/Queries regarding Dunkin App or the service they provide you can contact customer care.

Here is the Dunkin Customer Support information for you-

  • Customer Care Email – customerservice@dunkinbrands.com.
  • Customer Support Telephone – 800-8595339 (Available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST).
  • Official Twitter Handle – @dunkindonuts.

Other FAQs

Is the Dunkin Donuts site down right now?

When the Dunkindonuts.com site is down you are unable to load this website in both apps and in the browser. If the app is not working right now, This might be the issue. If you suspect a server outage you can contact app support via email to get more information about it.

How do I fix my Dunkin app not working error?

Following the troubleshooting guide, you can troubleshoot most of the issues with the app.

Why can’t I reload my Dunkin Donuts card?

It might be a temporary issue with your card, server, or the app itself. In any case to fix the problem you can try deleting and re-upload the credit or debit card in your account.

How can you scan the QR code on Dunkin cups?

If you have the Dunkin app installed on your mobile phone, you can use that to scan the QR code located on the cup to pay online.

How can I contact the app customer service?

If you have any issues with this app, you can contact the app support team via email at – customerservice@dunkinbrands.com.

What does it mean when the app says it’s under maintenance?

It means that the server where the app stores all its data is going under some maintenance. Every website goes under maintenance from time to time. Usually, after maintenance, it will live within 1 to 2 hours.

Why is Dunkin Donuts’ payment not working right now?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact issue if you are unable to pay online. This could be either with your Card or with the app. If you face payment issues constantly or payment is deducted but does not reflect you have to contact customer support.

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