How to Fix Dominos Tracker Not Working and Order not Found error

Before taking your first bite of that delicious pizza, you must wait—wait for the order to reach you. To make this agonising process easier for us to endure, Domino’s does provide a live tracker to monitor the live location of your order. However, lately, some customers have been complaining that their Dominos Tracker not working.

This guide addresses this issue, discussing the reasons why, as a customer, you might face errors like “Order not found” problem and suggesting troubleshooting processes you can follow to get your food delivery back on track.

Quick Fixes to try!

  • First ensure that your order is prepared, since the tracker will only start moving once the parcel is handed over to the delivery agent.
  • Refresh the tracking page.
  • Check for any ongoing technical glitches.
  • Contact the agent or customer support about why the is tracker not working.
  • Fix any issue with your GPS permission or Internet network.

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Why Domino’s Tracker showing order not Found error?

Order not Found error on Domino's tracker

From an overload of orders during peak hours to technical glitches on Domino’s servers, various reasons can lead to the Live Tracker not working or having order not found error. Here, are some of the most common and likely reasons –

Order Overload During rush hours

Order overload during rush hour is common.

If the tracker is moving extremely slowly this might be the reason.

In this case, it might be working but taking more than its usual time.

Technical Glitches

Technical glitches especially server down affect customers most.

If there is any technical glitch in the server, website, mobile app or even the third-party service on which the Domino’s app depends on tracker will not work properly.

Heavy Traffic, Rain or Snowfall

Most of the Domino delivery agents are adapted to navigating heavy traffic, Rain, or snowfall.

But sometimes nature does get the upper hand, no matter how skilled rider your delivery agent is.

When this happens, your order gets delayed.

The issue with the phone’s GPS or Network connection

Unstable network connection, and not having proper GPS permission are the other reasons that can disrupt tracking on your phone or computer.

As you know both proper location access and a good internet connection are a must.

Failing any of that will result in a broken tracking page.

How do we fix the Tracking issue with Dominos?

Fix Dominos Tracker not Working

Here are the step-by-step troubleshooting to Fix Domino Tracker not working –

Check that your order is ready to deliver

Ensure food is prepared and handed over to the delivery agent before following any other troubleshooting steps.

Depending on your order, and the time you have ordered, it could take a while for the cook to prepare your pizza.

Contact the Delivery agent

The Delivery agent, who is bringing you, your order knows more about (keeping the server down, server-side glitches aside).

So instead of waiting for Food Tracker to work you can contact them and ask where they are.

Also if you suspect the problem is due to some ongoing technical glitch you can contact customer support and demand more information.

Quick Refresh the App

Just close the Dominos app, clear all recent app windows and try to access the tracker page again.

If you are using it on your Computer’s web browser just hit F5 to refresh the page.

Check your network

Perhaps there could be an issue with your cellular or wireless network.

Other than using your GPS it also utilizes the network connection to fetch and provide the exact location of the delivery agent.

Check your network connection, and fix the Internet-related issue if that’s the case.

Check your GPS Service

Working GPS/Location access and permission are required for the food tracker to work.

Ensure GPS is working fine on your phone.

Furthermore, check in the app settings that Location/GPS permission is provided to the app or the website.

Clear Cache and Data

Tap on the app icon > app settings > storage > clear data and caches.

Once that is done you have to Log in to the app and check if the tracker start working again.

Try Different Browser or Device

Sometimes, the browser or the mobile device is the issue. Changing them might work sometimes.

However, rarely is the case when the mobile phone or browser is the reason why trouble using Dominos Tracker.

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What if my order number isn’t recognised?

You have to double-check the number for any typos. Something could occur from the server side as well, in that matter, contact customer support.

The tracker is stuck on “Order Placed”, What does that mean?

When this happens it usually indicates your order is still being prepared. Give it a few minutes and refresh the page.

Can I track my order through the Domino’s app?

Yes, Domino’s app offers real-time order tracking similar to the website which allows you to track your order in real time.

What if the tracker shows my order is delivered but I haven’t received it?

This is a serious issue. You have to contact Domino’s customer support immediately to report the discrepancy.

Why does the Tracker not recognise my order number?

Technical glitches are the most likely culprit if you are sure that you are entering the right order number.


Sure, the malfunction of Domino’s Pizza Tracker does dampen your mood when you are not able to track your order, but hey it barely results in a cancelled order, unless there is something goes bad.

Now you know what you should do when the Dominos Pizza Tracker stopped working for you.

You simply have to follow this troubleshooting and it’ll help you resolve not loading, crashing, tracker stuck, Order not found or any other error of similar nature.

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