Wawa app not working? – Fix ME001, VE002, Sign-in issues

Frustrated with the Wawa app not working on your phone? are crashes, glitches, and cryptic error codes like ME001 and VE002 is your frequent companion while using this application?

if so, worry not dear readers, In this troubleshooting guide we dives into the common culprits behind these issues and equips you with troubleshooting steps to get back to using this online food ordering app in no time.

Introduction to Wawa app

Wawa is an online food ordering mobile application which offers you the convenience to order food online right from your mobile phone.

Similar to the Starbucks app, This app is designed to make your next visit easier.

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Since you already booked your order from your phone, you will have no need to wait in a long queue till they prepare your order.

You can easily pick the time when you will visit the store to pick up your order and grab your order.

Furthermore, they also accept online payment and offer you rewards for ordering from the mobile app.

Recently for some users Wawa app not working as expected.

If you having some issues while using this online food ordering app then this post helps you to identify and fix various issues.

Why is my Wawa app not working?

Wawa App not working

Here are a few reasons why the Wawa app not working for you right now-

  • Server Down
  • Bug in the App
  • Device or network-related issues

While you can fix issues that are related to your device or network you can’t fix the problem which is caused by bugs/glitches in the app.

Here are some known issues with this app-

  • According to numerous reviews posted by users, this app is slow and clunky and takes time to load pages.
  • App automatically logs you out sometime.
  • The user interface is glitchy, and sometimes barely works.
  • Blank pages, not loading, and some other performance issues.

These issues can’t be fixed by the user since they are known issues faced by a large majority of users.

How to fix Wawa app not working errors

You will see Wawa VE002, ME001, or similar error codes while trying to use this app.

Not all users face these errors but these error codes appear for enough users to be one of the most faced bugs in this app.

Here are a few things you can try to get rid of these errors-

  1. If you using either WiFi or VPN, disable it and try using this app from the cellular network.
  2. Make sure you provide all the permission this app asked for.
  3. Check and confirm that location service is enabled.
  4. Force close and reboot your mobile phone.
  5. If the issue still persists, try clearing out the app cache and data.
  6. You can also try reinstalling Wawa if none of the above steps works.

Troubleshoot Can’t Sign into the Wawa app

In order to use services that are offered by Wawa you first need to login into your account.

Sometimes users are unable to login into their own accounts.

This could be due to wrong login credentials, some kind of server error, or an account-related issue.

In case of a login issue, the first thing you have to do is try resetting your password.

If you are sure you have the right password and there is no server outage going on right now, you can contact customer support for more information.

How to check the Wawa app down right now

When the app server is down, you can’t access most of the services it offers.

Server problems also usually cause login issues, trouble loading pages, blank pages or simply error messages like ME0001 or VE002.

If a large number of Wawa users getting the same kind of problem for a short period of time, usually this is the case.

If you suspect that there is a server issue going on or that the Wawa server is down right now you can confirm it by contacting the support helpline number.

You can also get in touch with the team on the official Twitter handle – @Wawa to confirm the current server status.

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Wawa app Customer Support

Wawa app users can contact customer support if they are having any sort of issue with this app, order, or any other service offered by them.

Here is the contact information to contact support-

  • App support email – wawacr@wawa.com.
  • Official Contact page – https://www.wawa.com/contact/
  • Call customer service – at 800-444-9292.
  • Official Twitter page – @Wawa.

Other FAQs

How do I unlock my Wawa Account?

If your Wawa account is locked, you will not be able to login into your account. If you wish you unlock the account which is blocked, you have to customer support for that.

Why is my Wawa account is locked?

Wawa might lock your account for reasons like violating terms of policy and a few other reasons. When your account is locked they will send you a notification via email.

Why does Wawa app just not work for me?

There might be some issue with your account or the device. Try login in with another device. If you are not logged in with your account, it could be due to your account might be blocked or there being some server-side issue going on right now.

What’s the reason the Wawa app not working for gas?

There are various different reasons why the app might not work for you. Follow the troubleshooting guide mentioned above to fix the problem.


So once you master all these troubleshooting steps, you can say goodbye to Wawa app technical issues such as – app not functioning, stuck on loading screen, crashing on iPhone, Can’t sign in and any other further malfunction.

Whether your reward isn’t updating, order not processing or payment not going through, consider this simple trouble shooting guide your one stop solution for all Wawa app not working errors.

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