How to Fix Starbucks App not Working Error – Solve Rewards and other Issues

Craving a Venti Caramel Macchiato but the Starbucks app not working, Keeps crashing or throwing some other cryptic that you are unable to decipher. You’re not the only one. Millions of users daily face this kind of glitches which makes it challenging for them to place their coffee orders through the app seamlessly.

But fret not fellow coffee lovers, This guide is here to assist you in troubleshooting those pesky, annoying bugs and glitches swiftly, ensuring you can get back to enjoying your coffee order without unnecessary hindrances

What Exactly is the Issue?

How to Fix starbucks app not working

Starbucks App is the more convenient way to order your coffee ahead of pickup right from your mobile phone.

It is the official Starbucks mobile application that not only allows you to order online but your order would be ready when you come to pick it up.

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But it also allows you to pay online or in-store as per your choice.

For the customers, Starbucks is also offering a reward program where you can unlock exclusive benefits.

Those Stars that you earn on your purchase can be redeemed in form of free drinks, food, and other menu items.

Using this app customers can send the Digital Starbucks Card to loved ones who love good coffee.

The Digital card can be redeemed by email or using the Starbucks app itself.

It also helps you to find the nearest store in your location.

Why is Starbucks is glitching out on my phone?

The Starbucks app is for ordering food and drinks.

If the app is not working for you, it could be any reason, some of them are:

  • Server-related error.
  • OS compatibility issue.
  • Network-related issue.
  • Problem-related to your phone’s storage.
  • Recent updates cause issues for you.
  • Wrong password or username in case of login issue.

So the root cause of the not working issue is directly related to the error you are getting.

Just check the error code or error message shown on the screen and you can fix the problem according to it.

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Fixing the mobile order not working problem

The main purpose of the Starbucks app is to facilitate customers to book their orders online.

If you are unable to order by this app it could only mean, one of these three things:

  • There is some server-related issue.
  • Your internet connection might not work properly.
  • You may be using an older version of the Starbucks app.

If you are using the older version you can always update to the latest one.

Check your internet connection and make sure that the problem is not related to your network.

However, in case this is server-related error chances are you are not alone.

You can check on Twitter, or any social media site to know other users are having the same issue.

Server-related issues are not permanent.

You just have to wait for a little if that’s the case.

The Starbucks app throwing error after the update

For some users, the Starbucks app is not working properly after the last update.

It could be due to corrupted app data, in which case you can clear the app data and cache and could fix the issue for.

However, sometimes the problem could be in-app itself.

If the bug appears only in the latest version, you can wait for developers to drop another update where they fix the issue.

or you can downgrade the app and download the older version where the app is working fine without any issue.

Starbucks Giving me something went wrong error

This is a common but only temporary error that you can face any time including login, ordering something, or just browsing.

As the error, itself suggests the exact cause of it unknown.

What you can do if you have this error is wait for some time and try again later.

Starbucks Partner App not working

Starbucks partner app is for those who have Partner cards rather than customers.

These Starbucks partner users can Download the app from the Starbucks partner app.

If this app is not working for you it may be because you are using the older version of it.

You can download the latest version from the Partner hub or can use the web portal instead of the mobile application.

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Other Starbucks app problems

Why is my Starbucks app is not working on iPhone or Android?

If the app is not working for you you can try following the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue for you.

Why I can’t download the Starbucks app?

The Starbucks app is not available in all countries. If the app is not listed on the app store you can’t download or use this application.

How can I order ahead using the Starbucks mobile app?

Log in and open the app. You also have to enable a location service, to locate a store in your location. Tap on the order icon and you can order ahead food and drinks.

How much time does it take for my Starbucks mobile order to be ready?

The estimated time will be shown on your phone after you place the order. The usual time is given in the app is around 3 to 5 minutes.

What exactly is mobile order & Pay?

Mobile order and pay is the facility that allows you to order ahead and pay for that without waiting in a long queue till your order gets ready.

How can I join the Starbucks reward program?

Using your Starbucks account you can join the program directly by visiting the site: or by the official mobile app itself.

How can I send Starbucks Card using the Starbucks mobile app?

Open up Starbucks app > Press Gift tab on bottom navigation panel > Choose card > Choose design > fill out details. After that in tap on Choose from contacts or manually fill out name and Email address once you are ready tap on the checkout button.

By following this straightforward troubleshooting guide, you cannot only remedy common errors like mobile order failures, uncredited rewards, and online payment failures, but also potentially prevent them in the future.

This is especially helpful when your mornings depend on a hassle-free coffee run and long lines are the last thing you need.

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  1. This app has not been working for me for some time. I deleted the app, I looked for the most recent “upgrade”, still nothing. My network, internet, and phone are fine- I have all the updates, etc. . I have even asked the folks at my local SBX and they also said others were having issues too. I also cannot save my favorite drinks- I get that error- Sorry, an error has occurred. I have to go online to order my drinks. It is a headache. I wish it would work like it is supposed to. Even ordering online trying to add a favorite- it gives the same error (“sorry an error has occurred”). It is annoying but making it through. I do like my local SBX’s- so that is why I keep coming back. It also gets stuck constantly as soon as I hit Order, it is stuck for like 3-5 minutes. That is too long especially if you are on the go.

    I hope they get a patch or something sooner or later.

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