Chime Boosts not working? – Fix Chime SpotMe Boost Down issue

Chime SpotMe Boosts is a service where a member can send temporary boosts to other members to increase their limit. You can send Boost to any member of your contact list. They in return also give you the same. However, Recently for lots of users, Chime Boosts not working is not working properly.

That’s why here in this troubleshooting guide we are going to address how to fix the Boost not working issue and how to identify when the Chime server is down.

Chime Boosts not Working Issue explained

Chime’s SpotMe Boots is one of the features offered by Chime to its users.

Under this feature, each month chime will give you Boosts that you can send to your acquaintances, associates, or friends.

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They also have the power to boost your back.

To use SpotMe Boosts you just have to open the app > Tap on Boost for this month > and Pick a contact to whom you want to send a $5 boost.

The person you are sending the boost must be a Chime member in order to retrieve the benefit.

If they are not a member, you can also send your referral link.

The person you will refer and you both will get a $100 bonus when they make a qualifying direct deposit of more than $200 within 45 days of enrolling.

This offer is available for eligible members only.

However, the person you are sending the boost doesn’t need to be eligible.

That’s it for the Chime SpotMe boosts, But some users are complaining that Chime Boost not working for their account.

If you are having issues while sending or checking boosts in your account this post is for you.

How to fix Chime SpotMe Boosts not working issues?

Here is how you can fix Chime Boosts not working errors- 

Confirm that you are Eligible

Only eligible users are able to use the SpotMe feature.

If you are eligible you will see both credit and available boosts to send in the account section.

Confirm the other person in on Chime

If another person to whom you are sending the boost is not available on Chime app, they will not receive the benefit.

Confirm they have an account on this app. 

Also, make sure that they use the same phone number to sign-up where you are sending boosts.

Check for available Boosts

There is a possibility that you have already exhausted your limit for credits this month.

Check available SpotMe Boosts and confirm this is not the issue.

Check for Server side issues

Sometimes there is no issue on your end but on the server side.

If Chime is down, going through some update or server maintenance, this or most of the other features would not work properly for you.

You can contact customer support to shade more light on this issue.

Is Chime Down Right Now?

When some of the features or the whole app is not working, the first thing you have to check is the Chime Server status.

Luckily, Chime.Com already has a status page where you can status of all the services and servers.

To check if Chime is down right now or not just visit –

Under the heading “Status of Chime’s Services,” you can check the status of SpotMe and other offered services.

You can also check the current status of Support, Mobile app, Website, Deposits, ATMs, Referrals, and others on the same page.

If there are no issues with any service whatsoever right now, you will see “All systems are currently available” under the “Status update” heading.

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Is Chime Boost having issues today?

By contacting customer support or checking Chime online status page you can confirm if Chime Boost is having any issues today.

Why is Chime Spot me Not working?

There are many different reasons why it might not work for you. Follow the troubleshooting guide above to identify the root cause of the issue and the steps needed to solve this problem.

Is Chime Under Maintenance right now?

By Checking your Chime Status page, you can confirm whether the website is currently under maintenance or not.

Why is Chime Card won’t reload?

There might be some issue with your card. Contact support to know more information about why it is not reloading

I hope this simple guide helps you identify and troubleshoot the “Chime Boosts not working” problem. By following this guide you can solve various different problems related to the SpotMe feature.

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