Fix Chime Direct Deposit not Working? – Reasons & Troubleshooting

Is your Chime Direct Deposit not working? Are you experiencing delays or finding your payment stuck on a pending status, even after confirming that everything is correct?

If you’re unsure how to resolve this issue, don’t worry, dear readers. In this article, we will delve into the main reasons why your Chime Bank account deposit is giving you issues and provide troubleshooting steps to help you achieve an instant resolution to this problem.

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Chime Direct Deposit not working

You probably have heard about the recent Chime Server outage which affected a large number of customers who are using the app to deposit money in their account.

Not only the Direct deposit, the outage has affected other service as well but the majority of customer has reported issue with making money deposits.

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Server outages aren’t the only reason why you probably can’t make your Deposits.

This issue is common with Chime or any other similar app which provides you the facility to deposit money to your bank account by using the mobile application.

In this post, we will discuss the possible reasons behind the Chime Direct deposit not working and provide you with a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to resolve issues related to delayed, pending, or late deposits, as well as situations where your money is not being deposited into your Chime Bank account.

Why Chime Bank account Deposit not working or showing Pending?

Here are a few reasons why you are having issues while depositing money using the Chime app –

  • Chime Server outage: If the Chime server is down you will not be able to Deposit or transfer money.
  • The issue with deposit settings: There might be an issue with your Direct deposit settings. You might have entered incorrect details while setting up direct deposit.
  • The issue with the bank account: Your bank account might have been restricted or there could be issues with it.
  • Holidays and other factors: It’s usual that if there is a holiday your deposit might be delayed.

How to troubleshoot Chime Direct Deposit not working?

Here are step-by-step guides to Fix Chime Deposit not working issue –

Check the Chime Service status

Server outage is common, it does happen and when it happens there are lots of online services that will be affected.

Especially with Financial banking applications, which affect a large number of users.

Most of the time it’s hard to figure out when you are having issues due to Server down or any other reasons.

Fortunately, with Chime mobile banking app you can easily by heading over to –

There check that all systems are available, especially the Direct Deposit service status.

Confirm account information are correct

Confirming that all of the bank account information that you have entered there is correct is the first step toward fixing any mistake during the deposit.

Ensure that your Chime account number and routing number are correct in the deposit setting to avoid any further issues.

Ensure that you follow the proper process to make a deposit

Making a Chime Direct deposit is easy but sometime you might make some mistakes while either making a direct deposit or setting it up.

If you are not sure how to Set up the direct deposit you can watch this YouTube video –

Check with Employer

Sometimes issues could be from your employer’s end.

Just check with them and get the status code that will be shown to them.

Using that you can confirm that payment is released successfully by their end.

Keep Holidays and other factors in mind

If your problem is delayed, Pending, or any other similar issue, you have to keep Holidays and non-working days in mind.

When payment is sent during non-working days it will be late compared to working days.

Contact Chime Support

If you can’t seem to figure out and fix the issue by yourself or need any further information on the problem you can contact Chime customer support for more information.

There are many ways you can contact support for example, you can contact by phone to their customer service line at – 1-844-244-6363.

You can also send an email to –

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Compared to traditional mobile banking apps Chime makes it simple to withdraw, transfer, and Deposit money to your bank account.

But just like with your bank account, you can also face issues here after or while you deposit money such as – Delayed payment, payment stuck on pending, error during the process, and more.

In this article, we haven’t only talked about the reason behind these issues such as – server down, bank issues, scanning issues a few other factors but also provided you step-by-step solutions to fix the Chime Bank account deposit not working issue.

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