Chipotle Rewards not Working? – Fix Points Missing & Other issues

Chipotle Rewards are automatically credited to your account after every qualifying purchase that you made from the app, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. That’s why here in this article we are going to explore the reasons behind this issue and troubleshooting steps to Fix Chipotle Rewards not working.

Why don’t my Chipotle rewards work?

Fix Chipotle Rewards not Working

Chipotle is a Mexican fast-food restaurant chain that offers amazing Mexican grills, and with the help of its official mobile application, you can also get it delivered right to your doorstep.

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Just like any other food service they also offer you a reward point, which will be credited to your account after each order.

These rewards points can be later cashed out to get free order online or from the restaurant.

In order to take part in this reward program you must first register an account either on the website – Chipotle.Com or on its mobile application which is available on Android and iOS Smartphones.

However, there is an issue that recently comes to light where Chipotle rewards not working for some of the customers.

While sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the exact root cause, here are a few reasons Why the Chipotle Rewards points are not showing up on your app –

It just takes a little bit of time for rewards to show up

Once you made a purchase, the rewards point for that purchase won’t show up on your account immediately.

Sometimes it will credit after only a few minutes and sometime it could anywhere between 24 to 48 hours for that point to show up in your account.

Your rewards points probably got expired

If you don’t see any points after not logging in for a while and it could be because your reward is getting expired.

According to the official terms – Rewards points expire after six months of account inactivity, like if there is no qualifying purchase has been in that six-month time.

Your last purchases are not eligible for a reward

Some of the food orders that you have made in their restaurants or on the mobile app aren’t eligible for the reward.

A customer can accumulate points through in-app orders, and in-person orders, not all purchases are qualifying.

A technical glitch in the Chipotle app

Technical issues such as Bug, Glitch, and Server down are common for any mobile application.

In case you are suddenly unable to see your use mobile application or just Chipotle Rewards just stopped working, this could be due to some technical reasons.

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How to Fix when Chipotle Rewards Not Working?

When Chipotle Rewards not are not working for your or simply not showing, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to fix this problem –

Check the terms and Conditions

If you haven’t received any reward for the last food order that you placed, you should check the terms and conditions of the reward program.

Not all purchases do qualify for the reward points.

In addition to gaining rewards, you also could not apply these reward points to buy any dish available on the menu.

You can cash these rewards points out for a variety of different rewards in the Rewards Exchange.

If you wish to see all of their terms you can check it on the official terms & condition page using this link.

Check for the expiry date

In the absence of any qualifying purchase in the last six months, your existing reward points do get expired.

If you have just recently logged back into this app after some time and are unable to see your rewards point, this might be the reason.

Force Restart the app

Most of the time, issues are temporary which can be easily fixed by closing and opening the app again.

If you are seeing some sort of error code or pages are simply not loading you can just close the app and restart it again.

Reset the mobile app

When merely closing and opening the app does not work you can try to reset the app by clearing the app cache & data.

Cleaning app data and cache will basically reset the app from zero and you can log back into your account.

Alternatively, especially if you are using iOS, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again.

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Contact Chipotle customer support

When you have tried each and every troubleshooting step mentioned in this article and none of them seemed to work, as a last resort you can try contacting Chipotle customer care to clarify why you are having the issue.

You can contact their customer care helpline number or drop an email to the support team.

Here is the contact information to get in touch with Chipotle support

  • App Support email:
  • Helpline number: 1-800-244-7685.


Why aren’t my Chipotle Rewards point showing up?

It could be due to a simple glitch in the app, server, or network-related issues. Try reloading the app and see that fixed rewards not showing an issue for you. Also sometime it might take between 24-48 hours for rewards points to show up.

How do I claim my Chipotle rewards?

If you are a member, the rewards point will automatically credit to your account when you order online. When you are ordering from the restaurant, just make sure to scan from your phone.

Why I am not Getting any rewards points

Make sure that you have signed up and ordered utilizing the mobile app. If you are placing an order in person, scan the app to earn rewards points.

Hopefully, this guide will help you identify why you are unable to see Chipotle Rewards and fix if the rewards point are not credited to your account.

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  1. Hey Sarvin, just wanted to update you that this is a CHIPOTLE issue, not an issue with IOS or the app. I have not been receiving my chipotle points for months now– the first time I contacted chipotle they were able to manually add my points. Two weeks ago it happened again but this time I received an email from Chipotle Customer Care which reads “Thank you for reaching out and for joining Chipotle Rewards. I am sorry if you have encountered some issues with your rewards. Unfortunately, we are temporarily experiencing an issue with our point of sale system due to an outage experienced by our service provider. At this time, Rewards points are being impacted and are unavailable for redemption or issuance. Thank you for understanding and have a great day!”. So Chipotle knows about this issue and has no plans to remedy the issue or report the truth that their rewards program is no longer working.


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