Why Kwik Rewards App not working? and How to still earn points

The Kwik Rewards app not working for all of the customers since 8th October due to a Cyberattack and some internal service disruption.

As a Participant of the Kwik Trip reward program, you might have noticed that you are not receiving any reward after you purchase any item from them.

This is no mere coincidence, this is happening due to an ongoing server outage which other than their IT system also affected the reward program as well.

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Why is the Kwik Reward app not working?

the Kwik Rewards App not working

Here is the reason Why Kwik Reward not working for you today – 

Update: 17th October 2023:

KwikTrip has been down since last week and customers who are using its official mobile application for or trying to access the website are having some weird bugs and glitches.

Other than their Support systems, phones, email, and IT system, The reward program is affected as well.

To put it more simply, the Kwik Rewards app not working.

According to an official statement, this ongoing outage is happening due to Cyberattack which started on October 8th.

This Kwik Trip outage already lasted more than a week, and there is no indication that it is going to end any time soon.

Here is what update they provided on this issue –

Also in the another recent statement, John McHugh the vice president of external said – “For the systems that remain down, we anticipate that functionality will be restored in the coming days”

This is an ongoing service outage, and the company also confirmed that their internal system still has some issues.

While the server was down, which really affected the website and its reward program their retail and customer-facing systems were not impacted.

Here are a few things that customer should know about this incident –

  • The company has claimed that none of the customer’s data has been compromised or stolen in this incident. However, some customer are really frustrated by their lack of transparency on this matter.
  • The company advised all customers to keep a keen eye on their credit history and credit card transactions as a precaution.
  • Customers are also advised to not reveal any sensitive information to anyone, even someone who claims to be from Kwik Trip.
  • Even if the Kwik reward server is down for the time being, purchases made during this “Outage” will also be rewarded once their system is up and running.

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The Kwik Rewards app official application to manage the reward points that you have earned from Kwik Trip and Kwik Star.

Login in this easily as you just can just start by scanning your digital card by using the smartphone where you have installed this application.

Users who have installed this and has been actively participating in the reward program can also use exclusive coupons to get special discount which are applied to your purchase, once the transaction is completed.

Each time customers swipe their credit or debit card to make any purchase at any of their retail stores, they will earn the reward point.

When customers do accumulate enough reward points they will use them to get free food, merchandise, discounts on fuel, and digital punchcards.

But the Kwik rewards app not working or It stopped working due to some internal server outage, which affected all the customers.

While customers can make the purchase in the meantime, they are not receiving any reward points from them.

However, as a customer, you don’t have to worry, since the company said in its statement that any transactions made in downtime will be also tracked and rewarded once their server is online.

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